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3 days ago

Coco Chanel says a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. I chopped 8 inches and dyed it so I’m pretty sure I’m about to start my own revolution 💃🏽 😝 #freshchop #finallydidit

1 weeks ago

Monday morning reminder to love one another 🌸

2 weeks ago

Cheers to the hostess with the mostest!! #ad Momma taught me everything and I know 🥰 so grateful to have her and the rest of the fam here to celebrate the first thanksgiving in our new house. As you know, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday ever because it’s all about spending quality time with family in gratitude over delicious food 😋 We are pairing our massive dinner with a yummy Zero Sugar cocktail using only the best @smirnoffus 🥂 Sharing this perfect (and super easy ) recipe on my stories for all you other hostesses with the mostesses

3 weeks ago

amazing how one day someone walks into your life, and you can’t imagine how you ever lived without them 🌻🌻 #besties #giveusasquadname

3 weeks ago

Oh, ya know, just testing the new cookie recipe out for Santa a little early this year 😝🍪 I also couldn’t wait to get my annual Christmas pj’s from @aerie so I went ahead and checked those off my list early too 😬 I WANT TO ENJOY THESE THINGS FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE YOUR GIRL IS TREATING HERSELF...haha! I’ve literally bought my Christmas pj set from @aerie for the last 3 years so I am jumping up and down at the fact that this year I’m an #AeriePartner because I love the brand and everything they champion so so much! Their stuff is the actual softest, coziest, make you wanna snuggle-est so I highly suggest you show yourself some love with an early little gift too 🎁 #MyAerie

4 weeks ago

🌸 this week someone I’d just met said “you light up a room!” and it seriously made my whole day. I got to thinking about how much more impactful it is to uplift others with compliments that have nothing to do with appearance—something I can definitely do better at. SO here are some ideas if you want to join me this week in sharing encouragement that’s more than skin deep💡 “you’re such a good listener” “you inspire me to be a better person” “your passion is contagious” “you are a great leader” “i love getting advice from you” “you have the best laugh” “knowing you makes my life better” and I’m sure you can think of many more based on the way each person you know adds to your life and this world!

4 weeks ago

SO EXCITED in the Johns home right now cause one person in this photo has a new song out today that made it on the NEW MUSIC FRIDAY CHRISTIAN CHART!!! (hint: it ain’t me! ) this song is so raw and honest and heartfelt and different from anything he’s ever released. @cody wrote it from a place of personal truth and we are hoping that this song will bring you hope and peace. It’s also just freaking lovely to listen to. LINK IS IN MY BIO go stream it & add it to your playlists (it helps the song reach more people so much! ) Thank you for your love and support we love you guys!

4 weeks ago

I would like to dedicate “hot & cold” by Katy Perry to someone very near and dear to my heart...FALL. 100 degrees in LA one day, 50 the next—she’s yes and she’s no and I can’t with her mood swings anymore. I guess I’ll be in cute summer dresses til she gets it together 😏

5 weeks ago

Okay my family has quite a few things that they troll me about but at the top is the fact that I take forever to drink my coffee. I will carry it with me all day. I may or may not reheat it 6 times before I finish it. I smile just like this and say...I like to really enjoy the best things in life for as long as possible 😉 LET ME LIVE.

last month

November is THE coziest month 🍁 because we can finally rock sweaters in LA without sweatin’ (this sweater from #thredUpatMacys will be on repeat ) and also the month that I can finally start talking about Thanksgiving (it’s my FAVORITE holiday, which I know is very shocking to some but I’m obsessed and I look forward to it all year 😂 )! I’m soo happy we can shop thredUp’s huge, ever-changing selection in @macys stores now! Got this whole pre-loved look and so many others to keep me cozy this season for a steal 😍😍😍 #thredUpatMacys #ad

last month

new kids on the block 🤙🏽 sooo happy we finally found a house and I’m so excited to show you guys! We’ve been unpacking and organizing for DAYS. I THINK I MAY HAVE GONE CRAZY. Did you see those label-maker stories!? 😂 it feels amazing to have an actual outfit and some makeup on and get out of the (very cute ) house for meetings today 💛

last month

Objects in mirror are more jet lagged than they appear 🤪 Hopped off the plane at LAX, took a little snooze then came straight to set...just how I like it💫

last month

made it back to LA with a heart full of joy and a head full of some special memories. traveling with this guy is my favorite thing. thanks Iceland we love ya forever ❄️

last month

You my #1 with a lemonade (and large fry )

last month

a blue dream come true

last month

Got you a souvenir. Might not make it home from Iceland but it’s the thought that counts, right? 😜❄️ THIS place. Diamond beach. Easily one of most stunning places I’ve ever seen in my entire life—I made @cody stay until we were both numb from head to toe because I just wanted to really soak in how extraordinary it was ( I may have also cried about it. Not gonna tell you though. ) We kept getting close to the bigger glaciers with the waves crashing over them and then running away from the freezing water—as you can see in the video 🥶🤣

last month

nothing but love for my neigh-sayers 🐴 🤪 last pic is me asking “HOW R U EVEN REAL, PERFECT ICELANDIC HORSE!?” they really have this special magical presence—I can’t even explain it! Iceland is a dreammmm

last month

We made it to Iceland!! It’s cold as flip here and I’m not gonna lie...I thought I made a huge mistake on this vacay choice when I was almost blown away by the freezing cold wind steppin’ off that plane (this girl ain’t made for the cold & it’s 100% the coldest place I’ve ever been! ) Once we got to town, I could NOT stop smiling because it’s so gorgeous here—worth freezing my buns off 😍 I also bought ear muffs because I’m ridiculous 🤷🏽‍♀️ our epic road trip starts tomorrow and I can’t wait!!

last month

Time—he’s a tricky fella, right? We watch the time in our wrists and our home screens; making sure we arrive when we’re supposed to. We try but to waste time so we can get all of the things done. We plan on time, we reflect on time, and we cherish time. Time often dictates our day. It’s a limited resource that drives how we do things and when we do them. It’s valuable beyond any other worldly measure, and although we know that, we have a way of letting it slip by without second thought. But some things, few things, in this life are timeless. Cody is one of them. His contagious smile, talent, loyalty, and character—these gifts can’t be defined by age. If they could time himself would say this man is only getting better. He’s a classic—a portrait of everything a man should be and reliable as your favorite old pair of blue jeans. He’s 30 today and he’s just getting started ❤️ Happiest bday, LOML 📸 by our bestie @jonvolk

last month

Cheers to you, Mexico! Had the best time with the girls—I’m swinging on back to LA to meet with my @cody and we are off to Norway and Iceland!! Please send recommendations in the comments of the best coffee, food, and special things to do! We will be in Oslo and then the South coast of Iceland 🇮🇸 🥶 SO EXCITEDDDDD

last month

Was gonna write something ~artsy~ like “soaking it in” but honestly I was thinking about getting some tacos 🌮

last month

Qué calor 🔥

last month

they seee us rollllinnnnn...they hatinnnn. lol jk

last month

Mexico is so so beautiful! Had the best time adventuring with the girls to this cenote today. Would you jump in with me? 😏