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2 days ago

For over a year now, I’ve been talking about how @manscaped Perfect Package, keeps my package perfect 24/7 😉. With the holidays approaching, Manscaped is the perfect holiday wishlist idea for all my guys who are looking to keep their package in tip-top shape 😉. Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping + 2 FREE GIFTS @manscaped  with code “BENJ20” at Manscaped.com!

4 weeks ago

Don’t let this picture distract you from the fact that Thanos threw his daughter off of a cliff just to ice out his wrist 📸 @briandaoo

last month

I’m Nightwing.

last month

A few weeks ago, I was journaling and taking inventory on the “moments that brought me immense joy” over the past few months. And the most surprising thing of all was that none of the things I listed required money, materialistic items, or over the top experiences. I could recreate every one of those moments without money or with $100 or less. All of those moments came from relationships, experiences, and the free time to create them. Even though my lifestyle has elevated over the past few years and I have more and more opportunities to pile on materialistic items and extravagant experiences into my life, they ultimately have not contributed to my happiness in any significant way. It’s way too easy to get caught up in status-seeking and consumerism, and I’m no exception this. But I find, the more I try to remove those things from my life, the happier and simpler my life becomes.

Oct 2019

She got a mans but I’m her Daddy

Sep 2019

With all the time I spend shirtless by the pool, or shirtless at the gym, @AXE Deodorant Wipes keep me fresh and ready-to-go no matter what the shirtless occasion is. And with 24-hour odor protection, they’re the perfect post-sweat reset #AXEPartner #FreshnessToGo

Sep 2019

Being happy for no reasons is a superpower. Whenever I feel most spiritually aligned with myself is when I find I’m able to feel happy for seemingly no reason. For a long time, my happiness was dependent on external factors like success, wealth, and status. Yet as all of those increased, my happiness actually declined severely. Eventually leading to a very low point in my life. Anytime you place your happiness on external factors, you are no longer in the driver’s seat. You’re leaving the fate of your happiness to the mob. With that, scroll to enjoy these outtakes of my cheesey smile while we were testing the camera settings 🤡

Sep 2019

Often times, the solution to our problems is to do less. Cut out more and simplify life. Modern society brings problems of abundance more often than scarcity.

Aug 2019

🔴 What she sees when she enters my dungeon 🔴

Aug 2019

My nickname is Ranch, bc I be dressin’... (caption submitted by a subscriber )

Jul 2019

I only surf in sparkling water 🏄

Jul 2019

Recently been pondering on the idea of minimizing the amount of noise in my life in order to reach a deeper sense of clarity with which to tackle my business and personal goals. A very heavy source of noise in my life has been social media (surprise, surprise ). Balancing my consumption proves to be difficult since I make my living and run my businesses off of these platforms. Consuming less and fostering a deeper sense of quiet in my life has been the biggest obstacle so far since my move to Los Angeles. In my experience, the constant noise in the form of phone notifications, social media, and the news very rarely produces anything productive and more often creates a constant low-grade sense of anxiety and scatter-mindedness. Both of which I can use way less of in my life.

Jul 2019

Comment a funny caption for this and I’ll shout out the best one.

Jul 2019

Back swing kick is very rusty but luckily still works - that TKD Black Belt is still working 🙂🥋🦶 #bottlecapchallenge

Jun 2019

Jun 2019

It’s not easy being a Virgin when you look this good.

Jun 2019

Catch me outfit repeating in this all summer long. Yes, I’m a huge proponent of outfit repeating. Why would you own any pieces that you don’t want to wear all the time? If you don’t like rewearing pieces then let’s debate below 😈.... Tap for outfit details 🏄🏄🏄

Jun 2019

Saint Laurent in the summer. - - - - Outfit Details: Jacket: @ysl Shirt: @allsaints Jeans: @zara Boots: @ysl

May 2019

Just posted a new video on my entire morning routine on my personal YouTube channel. Swipe up in my story to check out the full video ; )

May 2019

Happy to be back on the East Coast and putting a pause on travel for the next month or so to lock into full immersion mode. Travel provides me with the inspiration and network needed to come up with unique ideas but eventually, it’s time to hunker down and get to work ; )

May 2019

Just got back after an incredible weekend in Austin, Texas with @connormurphyofficial and @badboywolfy (this picture was taken in LA tho... lol confusing I know ). Excited to be putting a pause on travel for the next month and really hunkering down to work on a new project. Feeling incredibly grateful that I’m fortunate enough to exercise this amount of freedom and control in my life. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that life is finite. And having the ability to do the things you want, when you want, and with the people you want, has been the most meaningful experience of my life.

May 2019

Wet ‘n wild Manscaping day with my water proof Lawn Mower 2.0. I’d show you the results if I could 😉 - - @manscaped ’s Perfect Package 2.0 is the most comprehensive grooming kit I’ve ever used. It comes with everything you could ever need to make sure you’re fresh and Manscaped from head to toe. Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with code BENJ20 at Manscaped.com! #ad #ManscapedPartner

May 2019

@alexcosta got some behind the scenes footage of this photo being taken. You can check it out on my story ☺️

Apr 2019

Grateful to be alive. If you woke up with a beating heart this morning, then you should be too. Let’s not take the week ahead for granted 🚫🧢