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Personal Assistant to Stella Luna, Sienna May and Eli Christopher.

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@yanismarshall I miss youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️

2 weeks ago

I ❤️NY @onefinestay photo credit @hellmannsam

2 weeks ago

Supermodels...love a rooftop and some wind and I love supermodels so...we good!! @meaningfulbeauty 💫💫💫 I know I know ....the hand...but retouching every moment is so weak 🙌🏼

last month

VOLUNTEERS TO RESCUE ANIMALS NEEDED ASAP Posted @withrepost@brianbowensmith Trailers needed. If you own a trailer please go to Simi Valley and help There are lots of Animals that need to be evacuated #911

last month

Last but not least !!!!.....THIS ray of sunshine @laurabrown99 who uses the platform she has been given at @instylemagazine to celebrate all women... (and a few men ) and has pointed a different lens on what makes women beautiful powerful and inspiring. Thank you gorgeous for thinking completely outside the box and bringing a super refreshing and much needed fun vibe to the fashion mag world. You are a breath of fresh air. Grateful to be in your orbit. 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫❤️

last month

Now I’m going to carry on about THIS ONE! Who is beyond inspiring @cturlington and her incredible org @everymomcounts whose mission is to help women access quality healthcare and support during pregnancy and childbirth. The US now ranks 55 th in the world for maternal mortality despite being ranked 1st in money spent on maternity care. There is a link in my bio if you’d let to check out or donate to this most amazing work that Christy has dedicated her life to. #reallifesuperheroes @instylemagazine thanks for honoring her ❤️

last month

Had the best time at the @instylemagazine awards presenting the US WOMENS WORLD CHAMPION SOCCER TEAM with the Badass Women Award. This team made up of 23 players broke all kinds of records with the broadcasts of their games as well as the merchandise sales. They inspire women and girls all over the world with their work ethic, fighting spirit and all around positivity. Honored to have met you ladies, thanks for a super fun night! @alexmorgan13 @alikrieger @carlilloyd @kelleyohara @ashlynharris24

last month

If you love interior design my friend @esteestanley has a gorgeous book out #incomfortandstyle when you buy this book her profits go to @Baby2Baby to help families in need ❤️ @the1hotel

last month

When there were movie stars and movies....and women who had confidence that didn’t come from Botox 😂😂😜😜❤️

Sep 2019

This is what keeping it real looks like... this is what no fear looks like... this is what patriotism looks like... #theoneandonlybobbyd ❤️

Sep 2019

Soooo Season 16 premiere drops this Thursday !!!! I’m not directing any episodes of Greys this year because I’m very busy ...like very busy ...doing things .....at home 😂😂😂 bahhhhhhhhhh

Sep 2019

@gretathunberg THANK YOU so much for your passion and your endless commitment to our earth. We are so lucky to have you . Everyone please repost this.... Please let’s be as loud as #gretathegreat she needs our support

Sep 2019

Sweet 16....but seriously...WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? We love you guys!! Thanks for all the support. E

Sep 2019

My heart is heavy for the beautiful people in the Bahamas...The colors of the Bahamian flag represent the vibrant blue colors of the water ..the bright sunshine ..and the strength of the Bahamian people. Anyone who knows me knows the Bahamas and it’s beautiful people have a special place in my whole family’s heart. We visit each year because their joy and appreciation for life is infectious. The Ivery family is praying and grieving with you and sending so much love your way. If anyone would like to donate to relief efforts there is a link in my bio. #oneeleutherafoundation 🇧🇸

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

So excited to show this to my girls @naomiosaka @cocogauff you are awesome!!! #littlegirlsarewatching

Aug 2019

Another one for my baby @yanismarshall I love you to the moon and back... you inspire so many people through dance... thank God you didn’t listen to the bullies... @the_savionglover also has made an enormous contribution to the world of dance... #realmendance ❤️

Aug 2019

Carrie Bradshaw loved men who dance right? @yanismarshall 😜❤️

Aug 2019

Could not LOVE you more @therealdebbieallen spoken like The trailblazing queen that you are. The compassionate people in this world thank you...applaud you and thank God for you.... your ride or die ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @yanismarshall @ladanceproject #danceboysdance

Aug 2019

This guy....When I say LOVE I mean LOVE... @douglasfriedman ❤️❤️❤️ #scorpiosloveleos

Aug 2019

So a few months back I went to my local go to snack place... @joansonthird and asked them if they had thought about reducing the amount of plastic packaging they use....they promised me they would look into it seriously...and just like that a simple pleasant conversation turns into real change. They have changed most of their to-go packaging and done away with the need for straws with different corn syrup based sip style lids. Think of the impact we could make. ...If we all just made a tiny commitment to try to be part of a change. Thank you Joan! and thank you to @lonelywhale @adriangrenier you inspire me ❤️ #bethechange

Aug 2019

Another sun sets on a planet filled with people who take our existence for granted and spew anger and hate as easy as they breath the air... I choose love and gratitude... all of this ..........is a gift ❤️

Aug 2019

Happy Leo season....a lot of my favorite people are Leo’s there is so much beauty in your strength 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Jul 2019

He mine ❤️ clearly I have too much free time on my hands 😜 @stla_official @sergiotacchini_official @chrisjivery @juneambrose photocredit music is on point 🖤