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4 hours ago

Subtle holiday greetings to you.


LA Zoo lights with @milapajamas

1 weeks ago

Happy holidays, guys! My #EmbraceYourWeird merch is still available for your gifting pleasure over at @shopstands ! They make perfect(ly weird ) stocking stuffers, and even better, everything benefits @namicommunicate !

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Just another Saturday before Christmas time!

3 weeks ago

Bye DC!! Hello @galaxyconlouisville ! See some of you all weekend!!!

3 weeks ago

At the Smithsonian American History Museum, came around the corner and saw my outfit on display and burst into tears. What an honor! Thanks to so many people: Sarah Trost for designing the outfit, @gregaronowitz for designing the staff, the Guild cast, @KimEvey my producing partner for the show, Jed Whedon for writing the song with me and directing the music Video, and especially to all you fans! I recorded this song in @misterkarate ’s closet, staring at his socks! So crazy to be in the museums collection forever! Go see it on display for the next six months!

4 weeks ago

Many thanks to @newegg for giving me the parts for my new gaming rig! And to @powergpu for being a great builder! This thing is sooo fast I’m in love! Come see me stream on twitch.tv/Feliciaday! Specs for rig: Newegg.io/Felicia

last month

Happy #NationalRedheadDay two days ago!

last month

Hey guys, my #EmbraceYourWeird tees and hoodies are almost sold out! Grab one to SNUGGLE in! Not only are they a reminder that your creative energies are never wasted, they also benefit @namicommunicate ! Link in my bio!

last month

Thrilled to get a copy of @misha and family’s new cookbook, which is out TODAY! As a mom of a picky toddler I literally can’t wait to try out some of these recipes. The book is charming and packed with advice that’s good for the body and the family. Proceeds also go to charity, so please pick this up! Moms and Dads won’t regret it! Also the pictures of Misha are so prettttyyyyy ; )

last month

Weekend was great.

last month

Happy Halloween!!!! Phoned it in with a wig and a holiday shirt this year!

last month

New @vttsofficial this week! Season 2 is leveling up the crew with amazing guest stars like @pftompkins ! Logline: When a Nothing ship appears on their radar, the crew suspect there may be a traitor on board. Thankfully, the infamous intergalactic detective Inspector LeStrauss is ready to come to their aide! Get it wherever you get FREE podcasts!

last month

Final week to shop my #EmbraceYourWeird merch! (My personal faves are these anxiety dice and keychains to help you do battle against panic, whether you need to PROTECT yourself, DUMP your feelings, or play CHICKEN with your anxiety! ) Everything benefits @namicommunicate , so no matter what, you'll be embracing your weird and doing some good! Link in my bio!

last month

Old School Headshot Look.

last month

I love this quote sooo much! Bring #EmbraceYourWeird mantras with you wherever you go with comfy hoodies, tees, and bags. Check out my whole merch collection at the link in my bio!

last month

Hey guys, if you're looking for more ways to #embraceyourweird , check out my official merch store! It's full of limited edition dice, tees, pins & more that all benefit @namicommunicate !! (PS: I hear these pins are almost sold out ). Link in my bio!

last month

Read about how the FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetics and arsenic and other things are routinely found in beauty products. Went and replaced my staples and feel like it was a good trade! Next step: comb my hair!

last month

Last book signing post! Come by this Saturday in LA for a great convo with my friend Wil Wheaton. It will be a fun way to end the madness lol! Feliciadaybook.com for ticket info!

last month

Hanging with @jonahray at #LAComicon today!!!

last month

Couldn’t resist a photo shoot in this soothing room.

last month

PEOPLE! Based on feedback around my book, I’m so excited to debut the #EmbraceYourWeird collection!! It’s filled with tangible offerings that tie into my book & benefit @namicommunicate . Because mental health support is IMPORTANT. CHECK IT OUT OVER AT @shopstands , Weirdos! <3

Oct 2019

Guys guys! Just found out “Embrace Your Weird” was a New York Times and USA Today best seller! Thank you for supporting this book. Its message is so important to me and I hope helps lots of people. Here’s to truly loving who you are and letting it out into the world through creativity!!!! Yay! 🎊🔥🎉🎉🎉