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18 hours ago

Beach vibez 🌊☀️

3 weeks ago

Had to share this one again! Had so much fun jamming and making heat with @timothyallways @mvsagua @tadasounds and my crew @kvr .9 and @mercedithhh Thanks so much for having us out and can’t wait for the next one🔥🙌

3 weeks ago

Being on stage feels like home every time

last month

A few weeks ago, an editor for Voyage LA Magazine reached out to me and told me they were interested in having me featured for an article in their Inspiring Stories series. And I thought to myself, I’m just a dude who loves to create and play music I don’t think my story would be inspiring enough. Then I thought about the road that has lead me to where I am today which was filled with a lot of self-doubt, battles with depression, anxiety and my long time battle with addiction. It took a lot for me to commit and open up about these things since I am a very private person, but If my story can help even just one person, I will tell it over and over again. So I took the plunge and talked briefly about my journey. And here it is now. I want to thank my family and friends who have stuck with me through my worst moments and continue to support me each and every day. I also want to thank everyone that I have met in the past year who came up to us after a show and showed us love and the people who took the time and listened to our music. I can’t tell y’all how much that means to me!! I’m also proud to say that I’ll be a year sober on Halloween. A lot of good things have happened in that short amount of time and I look forward to seeing what the following years bring. Thanks for any time y’all take in reading the article. And also thanks to my boy @kvr .9 for making it happen!! I truly appreciate it. Love, Jay Boogie! Link in bio!!

last month

About 6 months ago, @kvr .9 and I began a small project which we called @szupernova_ and since then, we have released our first EP, started our collective called GodsChild, began doing shows from the desert to LA, and began production on two music videos. It’s been a humbling, exciting, and rewarding journey to start and now we’re on our way to the big city of LA to make our dreams come true!! Hard work really does pay off and it all starts with you!! Excited to see what the future holds, but for now I’d like to share a few behind the scenes images from our two music videos due out here soon. Much love and thanks to our director/producer/makeup artist/stylist/overall badass @kimandglitter , best PA and our brother @zachary_crain , the best fucken crew we could’ve asked for in @jasonxanon , @joshua .a.vazquez, @adamthesaint , the big brother @kroma_kennels_rigo , and the fabulous and talented @thequeenisis_ who’s solo EP is due out soon as well!! And everyone who helped us out in any way shape or form! We have the best team and I can’t thank them enough for all their support and hard work!! 💙🙏 Much love and stay tuned!!

May 2019

The great Duke Ellington

Apr 2019

Yellow Days was sick!! Very soulful. Definitely recommend their music!

Aug 2018

New video. “Abstraction.” Link to Video in bio. More music coming in the next few weeks stay tuned. #nativeinstruments #maschine #instrumental #abstract #newmusic #indiemusic #hiphop #lofihiphop #abstract #summer2018 #staytuned

Jul 2018

New video up. Credit to Carlo_Cortezz for putting it together. “Nameless” EP coming soon!! Link in bio #nativeinstruments #newmusic #lofi #hiphop #instrumental #maschine

May 2018

Credit goes to Carlo_Cortezz for putting it together. Stay tuned for more

May 2018

Check out my boy Kvr’s EP Insert Coin(s ) with Alx Complex which dropped today! It is 🔥🔥🔥. If you’re in the Joshua Tree area, check him out with my boy Carlo_Cortezz. They’ll be performing tonight. We need to start working on our project soon Kev! But in the meantime let’s enjoy this one 🎶🎶 #goodvibes #insertcoins #newmusic #hiphop #joshuatree #may18th

May 2018

First post! Something I’ve been working on for a bit. Putting finishing touches. Will be out soon! Stay tuned for more music #nativeinstruments #maschine #loveofmusic