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11 hours ago

I’m on my second Wild West book in the past month, and this one is awesome. @stevenrinella recommended it to me, and good lord is it intense. “Son Of The Morning Star” by Evan S. Connell. I can’t recommend it enough.


In the hallway last night at the @comericatheatre in Phoenix admiring the artwork and getting ready to get busy.


Old school gem getting through at the gym! @wyclefjean

2 days ago

Phoenix, we’re here! 1 show tonight and 2 shows tomorrow at the @comericatheatre http://joerogan.com

3 days ago

I always enjoy walking around @thecomedystore before the show starts. I’ve been coming to this amazing place for 25 years and it’s still really fucking exciting.

3 days ago

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3 days ago

Phoenix! I’m at the @comericatheatre for 3 shows this weekend with @tonyhinchcliffe and @notalimac ! http://joerogan.com

3 days ago

Vegans, you’re gonna LOVE this one! @lightningwilks , one of the producers of “the game changers” came on to challenge some of the criticism that Chris Kresser presented about the movie, and to say he did well would be a tremendous understatement. James knocked it our of the park, and defended himself and the film quite spectacularly. So much so that I’m actually considering taking the original breakdown of the film offline. This podcast will be up today at noon PT.

4 days ago

Elk, morel mushrooms and jalapeños, sliced up with a dope knife by @mikejonesknifeandtool

4 days ago

Phoenix! I’m coming in hot! http://JoeRogan.com

5 days ago

TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER I’m been informed by the great and powerful @jdwitherspoon that this wonderful piece of art was created by by @svenstoffels . One day our children will watch this cartoon, and they, like you and I, will have no idea what the fuck is going on. Bravo to you, kind sir.

1 weeks ago

I just rewatched “Best Of Enemies”, a documentary about the television debates in 1968 between William F Buckley and Gore Vidal. It’s a really interesting documentary, but what’s most disturbing about it is that over 50 years later the same themes echo in our public discussions today; a nation divided, each side accusing the other of horrific misjudgment and of destroying the fabric of our democracy. It’s disturbing how much these themes still persist, but the film is outstanding and very entertaining.

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

Congratulations to my brother @johnwayneparr for winning his retirement fight! He told me while training for this fight that he needs a hip replacement. I’m hopping stem cells from @nhriordan down in Panama can fix him up, but if not it shows the toll on the body a lifetime of combat sports have taken on this great warrior. He will absolutely go down in the books as a legend, and a multiple time world champion, and on top of that one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. It’s an honor and a privilege to call him a friend. Enjoy your retirement, champ!

2 weeks ago

Yo, Phoenix! We’ll see you next weekend at the @comericatheatre ! Some tickets are available for the late show Saturday http://joerogan.com Shoutout to @themcvader for the dope poster.

2 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving! #Repost @snatchinsnacks with @Rep0stApp • • • • • • • 🦃 HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM @joerogan @bertkreischer and @snatchinsnacks 🦃 #snatchinsnacks

2 weeks ago

Powerful Black Friday sale at http://higherprimate.com everything is 25% off, JRE Yeti mugs, hats, t shirts, Fanny packs and more! Thursday November 28 to Monday December 2 use code powerful25 at checkout

2 weeks ago

I know I tell a lot of people they should start their own podcast, and I KNOW some people find it annoying, but I also know that some people are born for this shit, and my brother @donnellrawlings is at the TOP of that list. One of the most hilarious and talkative motherfuckers that’s ever lived, and FINALLY he’s got his own show! Praise Odin! Download that shit right away, SON! #Repost @donnellrawlings with @Rep0stApp • • • • • • • The Donnell Rawlings Show with @kateqfunny available on Apple Podcast and Spotify now! Episode 2 dropping this week!

2 weeks ago

Fun times with @jockowillink @tulsigabbard and @marshallmaerogan !

2 weeks ago

The great and powerful @tulsigabbard and @jockowillink together at last! Rejoice!

2 weeks ago

Phoenix! All shows are basically sold out except for Saturday December 7th at 10pm. Tickets at http://joerogan.com

3 weeks ago

I mean, seriously... who the fuck has EVER punched harder than @bronzebomber ? Couldn’t be a nicer guy, too. Just amazing.

3 weeks ago

My god what a puncher! @bronzebomber might be the biggest heavyweight puncher in the history of the sport. Beautifully set up, perfect execution and otherworldly power. What a great time for the heavyweight division.

3 weeks ago

I’m so fucking pumped for this fight tonight! Wilder is arguably the most exciting heavyweight KO artist ever with an insane record of 40 KO’s in 41 wins. That is just fucking bonkers, and Ortiz is a tremendously skilled boxer who gave Wilder a ton of problems in the first fight. The heavyweight division has so much top level talent right now, and this is a huge fight.