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last month

flew to Bali to shoot another cover for @dmusemagazine couple months after with the #superwoman @jenniferbachdim • Photographer #julianlatif Styling @carolinemeliala Talent @jenniferbachdim Make Up @tombryantanaka Location @nusaduabeachhotelandspa Wardrobe @priyooktaviano

Oct 2019

the following month cover for d-muse with @putrimarino , not sure why we laugh that hard but it’s all good and dandy. ••• Photographer #julianlatif Styling @carolinemeliala Make Up @kikylutan Hair @dputrimakeup Location @fsjakarta Dress @dior

Oct 2019

first digital cover last year throwing back with @yoshi_sudarso ••• Photographer #julianlatif Styling @carolinemeliala Knitwear @gucci Make Up @kikylutan

Sep 2019

dan team @karinwijaya makasih sekali lagi di kasih kesempatan buat nge styling team #tulus di #konsermonokromtulus ; banyak sekali belajar dan bisa berjumpa dengan banyak orang orang baru by 📸 @davylinggar

Sep 2019

seneng sekali bisa mengabadikan momen seru di #konsermonokromtulus bulan juni lalu

Sep 2019

terkagum sekali dengan hasil karya @papermoonpuppet di #konsermonokromtulus kemarin, keren SEKALI !!! Kalo 🎼🎶 @tulusm nya jangan di tanya lagi 🎵

Jul 2019

thanks gang for the best ‘CASHBACK’

Jul 2019

Terima kasih nichol atas ke ‘artsy’ an fotonya @jefrinichol

Jul 2019

been away for 9 months, here I am still well and alive. Last week was my birthday so I think it’s necessary for me to do a #birthdaypost 2019 LETS GO, it’s gonna be a crazy year for me..... again 🤘🏼

Nov 2018

pissed cause got a lot of sand stuck in his ear, but loving this view. 🏜

Oct 2018

, mas @edi_hijau and baby 🌱. Hopefully this little plant will thrives and contribute mas edi forest restoration. Such an inspiration man ohhh an a little side note about him.... he lived by himself in this forest who he restored give and take about 100 acres. HE IS GOALS PEEPS, no wonder the natures love you so so much. TERIMA KASIH BANYAK MAS EDI KEREN SEKALI !!!

Oct 2018

landed in sumatra, thank you so much for the warm welcome Imbo. Can’t wait to go camping with @wwf_id @elephantflyingsquad and educate myself with the whole mahout team, about the life of all the wild elephants and the🌳. Terima kasih #goldenramatours yang udh nganter saya #berbagitanpabatas semoga nanti kedepanya menjadi teman perjalanan saya. BTW so HAPPY IM BACK.....again on instagram; So happy y’all still sticking around on here ahhhhhhh can’t wait to post more pics of my adventures and hopefully *wink my work on this account 🏄🏼 #wwf #hopeforlife

Oct 2018

is leaving the states !!! Can’t wait to go back to work again. It’s been a fun long holiday in LA, thanks again friends for the hospitality especially @alexanderperry he’s the best 🧤hopefully end of the year I’ll be back 🤞🏻

Sep 2018

such a bad gazing off face

Sep 2018

might post more of his work. Gonna change it up a bit 😎

Sep 2018

and @lukekorns skateboard smoothly gliding across the city of angels all night long 🔫

Aug 2018

and @margarita

Aug 2018

exploring some hidden gems at silver lake, y’all life is good and dandy out here in Los Angeles 🧜🏻‍♂️

Aug 2018

riding away from his responsibility #mood

Aug 2018

sun kissed california 🌞

Aug 2018

Leaving LA and he’s real sad about it but he score some custom @kidsofimmigrants hoodies and he loved it so so much 🧤🧤🧤

Aug 2018


Aug 2018

still celebrating his birthday 🎁

Aug 2018

just finished developing and scanning his film pics back at his birthday. Great appreciation for all the friends who made my birthday feels like home. Y’all are the homies. PARTY ON 👌🏼🎁🔫