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4 weeks ago

Miss this to much ☀️☀️

last month

I might not be perfect but I am who I am and I can’t change that 🌺

Sep 2019

Love a late night photo shoot😂also excuse my fatness😂

Sep 2019

Literally love Emma when she says I have the same face in all my photos 😂

Aug 2019

Love this 😊x

Aug 2019

Basic bitches 😂 also Keira was there but she was legit on the floor 😂

Jul 2019

Actually tried 😂

Jul 2019

Love these photos from when I was younger 😂

Jul 2019

Actually love my hair like this : )

Mar 2019

Love my sister so much and wish I could spend more time with her but this was only one of the many photos we took. Thank you Amy for being there for me when I’ve need you xx😁

Nov 2018

Thought I would post this 😊🙂

Oct 2018

Tried to take one nice photo 😂😊

Sep 2018

I don’t know if u can notice it within these phots but when I look back to the first and the last photo I realise how much weigh I had lost and I am finally starting to see hope at the end of my journey. But still not quite there yet but I’m trying. I only lost the amount that I have because when people put me down I always pick myself up and push myself to lose more and more each day. So if your being judged for being the way u are just ignore it and move on 😊

Aug 2018

☀️ After what happened yesterday I’m still not going to let people put me down so don’t be someone who judges people by the way they look the saying big is beautiful 🌻🏊🏻‍♀️

Jul 2018

These guys are the best friends i have ever had I’m so lucky to have had a chance to go to Barcelona with them 😁