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@marsgirll photos and videos

5 days ago

radiant. taken nov.26.19

3 weeks ago

happy birthday Mikaelah!! thank you so much for always being there to laugh with. thank you for being a crackhead. love you and your Scorpio energy. containing four ethereal photos of Mikaelah.

last month

hylton homecoming. 2019. taken oct.19.19

last month

dawn. taken oct.11.19 me: doesn’t post for almost two months.

Sep 2019

girls who are made of summer. girls who could devour the sun. taken aug.29.19

Aug 2019

new. taken aug.29.19

Aug 2019

happy birthday Elliot!! thank you so much for always being there for me. you’ve seen me through everything, the good and the bad. you’ve seen me transform and I’ve seen you. you honestly made seventh grade and school so much better. thank you for everything. and even though I don’t say it much, I love you. containing five dapper photos of Elliot. p.s. it’s funny how you were mean to me at first and now we’re best friends. #gap

Jul 2019

happy birthday Awaneh! thank you for always being there for me. thank you for staying with me through the storm. thank you for being my best friend, truly. know that I love you even when I shade you and poke fun at you, and even when you’re being intentionally annoying. love you forever my wigless mousy boi 💙💖💗 containing six divine photos of @apple ._.water and four memes that show my affection.

Apr 2019

happy birthday Kanak, thank you so much for being there so me and for being my friend. Love you so much, (even though you’re annoying sometimes ).