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just like the CPR dummy in season 5, episode 14 of the office... stayin alive

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6 days ago

rip lazy eye... you will not be missed 🤓🧐

3 weeks ago

fallando el cheque de vibra

4 weeks ago

oh worm

last month

i’m dumb, but at least i’m not stupid !✨

last month

the second pic be like 😮

last month


Sep 2019

to the man who’s still stalking my instagram: if ur reading this get off of my instagram and get a life, seriously, stalking a 16 year old boy who cut you out of his life for being abusive won’t look good on top of the other 5 DCF reports that have been filed within the past year. just a thought! ps, i like my teeth crooked and i broke my retainer on purpose, have fun paying $150 a month for nothing ; )

Sep 2019

two years ago today was one of the best days of my life, but the more you’ve grown, the better my days have gotten, and i can’t wait to spend the rest of them with you. happy birthday to my babey gorl🥳🥳🥳, i love you so much 💗💗💕💖💗💓💞💓💗💕

Sep 2019

as a wise woman named susan peckitt once said, “cap the pen while you’re thinking, or else it’ll dry up.”

Aug 2019

my bbff (best baby friend forever ) 💗

Aug 2019

i’m not a saint, but do i have to be?

Aug 2019

better think of something good to say 🥀

Jul 2019

prolly shoulda played un poco loco on the kazoo... i’ll do it next time 🙄

Jun 2019

this week has driven me a little crazy... so count it as a blessing, that i’m only un poco loco!

Jun 2019

dog dayz (but not really )

May 2019

the days seem to go by with the blink of an eye... so i’m gonna keep my eyes wide open for a while. no me gusta el verano, es muy deprimente y solitario.

May 2019

not as ugly on the outside, but still pretty ugly on the inside ☺️

May 2019

✨i hate warm weather✨

May 2019

no me gusta mi vida, no es divertido ni bueno. tambien no me gusta la leche, es muy horrible. gracias for coming to my tedtalk.

May 2019

this week has been full of bothering my friends with 31 tiny egg men wearing sombreros... with a hint of teacher appreciation. i guess you could say ive gone un poco loco 🤪

May 2019

sin ti mis días son largos y se sienten tan amargos, me ahogo en un lago de mis lágrimas, ¿qué hago?

Apr 2019

jack’s borthday be like 🥳🥳🥳 can’t believe you’ve existed for 6 years now, time flies when you’re having fun i guess 😊🤪 happy day of birth jack !

Apr 2019

it’s national siblings day, i have more siblings than this but they’re irrelevant. so here’s Evie 💗

Apr 2019

im the bad guy ...duh 😈