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2 weeks ago

Not the cleanest but 🤷

2 weeks ago

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while but guess what! I have some new merch for you guys just in time for the holidays! Order now and receive 15% off of everything in the store until December 26th! Stay tuned for more goodies and contests in the near future! LINK IN BIO! Happy Black Friday shoppin~

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Sep 2019

Heading to Boston to start off the @scribbleshowdown tour! Here's a send with an ugly fall. See ya! 🎥 @chikarabbit

Sep 2019

The beginning took me like 2 hrs to figure out 😩 and that last move was scary af, I almost gave up.

Aug 2019

Hey Everyone! I will be sponsoring and participating in this year's ANCOP walk in downtown Toronto on August 18th, 2019. I have been participating and supporting ANCOP for the past couple of years and THIS year you will have the chance to JOIN ME in this walk and be a part of TEAM DOMICS! I will also have a booth selling merch as well so feel free to come by! To register/donate for the walk, click the link on my bio! Thank you in advanced for your generosity!

Jul 2019

I'll be at ConBravo this weekend(jul26-28 ) in Hamilton, Ontario! Swipe through the photos to see my schedule for the convention. Otherwise I'll likely just be wandering around. See you there!

Jul 2019

Happy 3 years @chikarabbit 😘 Thank you for your unconditional support and loving care. I think we might need to push to 5 before people stop thinking we're siblings.

Jul 2019

Vidcon's almost over but doesn't mean the fun's done! If you're in the California Anaheim area, come by our Scribble Showdown show tonight with @theodd1sout , @rubberninja @jaiden_animations , and our host @egofaptor . Still got a few tickets left, check the link in my bio for how to join us! Also my cardboard friend here will be out in the lobby if you wanna take pics :D

Jul 2019

YO if you're at Anime Expo tomorrow (Friday ) I'm having a chill meetup at the @bibisamaapparel booth at #2837 from 1-2pm! People will get a chance to win some BiBi merch through a raffle. SEE YA!

Jun 2019

⬆️ 🎥 @chikarabbit

Jun 2019

Hey all! Our first Scribble Showdown was a huge success, so now we're gonna do more across the US! Link to tickets are in my bio. Hope to see you at one of these!

Jun 2019

I hate dynos but my nakamas believed in me. 🎥 @chikarabbit

May 2019

Meet & Greet lottery signups are open for Vidcon 2019! Please check out my story and swipe up to redirect you to the registration page (only community and industry badge holders qualify ). Be sure to rank me first if you'd like to increase your chances! Deadline is June 6. Good Laaack!

Apr 2019

Happy Easter! It also just so happens that one year ago today we opened a boardgame cafe in Mississauga, Ontario. It's been a wild experience so far and I thank the team and everyone with their support in helping us grow. And in celebration, @gggamingcafe will be $5 admission this whole week (until the 26 ). We hope for your continued support, and look forward to another year of fun and games! ✌️🎉

Apr 2019

As a kid I always panicked when I had to poop in public washrooms because they didn't have tabos and it didn't feel right just using toilet paper. Also new video on my channel!

Mar 2019

Honestly have had trouble staying physically active ever since I was out of school. And so I started climbing back in Nov of last year and have been pretty consistent with it since. I think I'll be posting more of my progress as I go, hope y'all don't mind :D 🎥 @croquecannelle

Mar 2019

When you play elimination and it ends up being no holds, volumes only 😰👌 @up_the_bloc

Mar 2019

YO! I will be in LA in April to do Scribble Showdown, a live show where I and some fellow animators go head to head(stylus to stylus ) in some drawing challenges in front of an audience. You can join us and watch in person at The Ace Theatre in LA on Friday, April 26th. Click the link in my bio for tickets! Thank you to @realgoodtouring for organizing this event.

Sep 2018

I'll be doing a talk at York University this Saturday (Sept 29 ) for TFCU Talks! Free entry. Free food. Limited seats. First 100 get swag bags! Check my story for the RSVP link. I'll be talking about life as a YouTuber and the path I took to get to where I am today. Hope to see you there! Thanks to @tfcuofficial for inviting me :D

Aug 2018

Such a treat running into these guys at VidCon. @calebcity_ 's skit references are honestly part of my friends and my daily vocab.

Jul 2018

Happy 2 years @chikarabbit ! I had trouble smiling for a pic cuz i have a cold (who gets a cold in the summer? ) so that's me trying my best. 😚😘 Thank you for taking care of me and giving me all your support 💃🕺

Jun 2018

Always meeting new people at VidCon. Thanks so much to @phillydefranco for having me on the bookclub discussion. @scb_ben @jonkerlin @brianaduncan you guys are awesome. ✌️

Jun 2018

Hello friends (and maybe some enemies? ) I'll be doing a livestream on my Facebook page on Sunday, June 17 at 8pm EST. Hope you can come by and hang out. I'll most likely just be chillin, playing games, and talking to you guys. And then I'm off to California the next morning for Vid Con and Anime Expo :^ )