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BUY LOCAL local boys stick together so proud of my friend bladesmith @rpm_neil from the big island reveals the weapons he made for SEE season 2 is going to be insane.

2 days ago

@bookofalchemy I’m so thankful for the bloodlines ring you made for me. I’m very proud to call u a friend and really enjoy the world u have created please check out his work. Aloha j

2 days ago

I am so stoked and proud of my brother @mrgunnerfoxx Check out The world he has created The Factory Opening 2020 Harbored within the humble holdings of Hollywood California to the New Birth of the Brick & Boiler East Coast Factory..I have spent the past two Decades carefully crafting and curating custom pieces for the some of the most talented, influential, and inspiring people that I have been privileged enough to call friends. This journey has brought me here.. To the beginning of a New Decade. A Collection of all that is..and of all that will be... There is a story that needs to be told... and it is time to tell it.

3 days ago

who is BABA looking for? the time has come. season finale. enjoy. mahalo for the support can’t wait to show you what @on_the_roam made for season 1. coming soon. aloha j

4 days ago

tomorrow is the finale. if u haven’t watched SEE. binge it today so your ready. it’s gonna be a great one don’t fuck with BABA VOSS 😜😜😳😤😤aloha j

5 days ago

SEE SEASON 1 finale this friday. who is stoked? i’m so proud to be apart of this show. all my aloha to the crew and cast who made this amazing show. i hope u enjoy. @seeofficial @appletvplus aloha BV

5 days ago

@prattprattpratt BRO you know my children and I are madly in love with you and I love everything you do. I’m sorry this was received so badly today I didn’t mean for that to happen. I’m just very passionate about this single use plastic epidemic. the plastic water bottles have to stop i hope u make a reusable water bottle for amazon so we all can purchase. You’re an inspiration to many I’m one of them. I’ll send you a case of MANANALU. All my Aloha, Da Momoa’s

2 weeks ago

going on stage and yelling love love LOVE with my baby boy and pantera. aka @philiphanselmo and the illegals my mind was blown FUCKIN BLOWN. i was living out my childhood dreams. i am so thankful for those moments shared with dear friends and my babies. it’s crazy to think of slayer and anthrax and metallica as ohana but they are love u guys. and to finally meet les claypool was legendary PRIMUS. RHCP AND RAGE was what i grew up on skateboarding and DROGO wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t @panteraofficial love ya phil. i’ve trained and bleed and fought my way to where i am. listening to these legends mahalo nui for your music and endless inspiration. slayers last show on tour. what a fucking night. love you @garyholt_official @tomarayaofficial paul and kerry @slayerbandofficial mahalo for having da momoas. babies i hope you remember these moments with your papa forever back to work. aloha j

2 weeks ago

when i was told i was going to be one of the men of the year i was shocked and surprised but hopefully its because i’m busting my ass trying to stop single use plastics and kicking up dust trying to stop a telescope getting built on our sacred mountain in hawaii. regardless. i look up to a lot of different people and if i have any impact on anyone like they do one me. then it’s to be an activist to do right with our voices follow our hearts. spread aloha. ohana is everything and have a beautiful time on this planet. i got a lot of work to do. we all do all my aloha. so stoked to be GQ Australia’s Man of the Year, thanks to @mojeanaria for presenting my award on the night. i couldn’t be there being it was thanksgiving and i was so thankful to be home with my ohana. Photographs by @Jesse_lizotte interview by @christensenmike and the issue is on newsstands from Dec 2 and on Apple News+ internationally. aloha j. i got one month left to rub this into my wife 🤣🤣🤣she’s still not buying it

3 weeks ago

today was good day. it’s no surprise. you know i fucking love @metallica so when @billabong just made this epic line. i called my boy @sticksanddirt down under and said here’s my card get me everything. i’m so pumped to see every album released. here’s the black album. next ???? sorry i’m a fan boy at heart. speaking of fanboy @panteraofficial and @slayerbandofficial last show coming. im so pumped. @jfierson @jakegerba and my boy Rama getting ready for night shoots @netflix #sweetgirl aloha j

3 weeks ago

i love blending my passions and sharing them with you honored to bring you my @on_the_roam x @soill REI exclusive collection performance, beauty and built to get dirty aloha j 🤙🏾 #pinkonpinklookGOOD

3 weeks ago

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽Aloha j

3 weeks ago

look what’s coming. VAGABOND BAGS COMING SOON going to auction of the first 12. out of 100. it takes two days to make. handmade everything. they are big. i’ll post more soon. if your real serious help me figure away to auction these off i’m new at this shit. just want to make cool stuff. great work brad. @Bradinvan2000 . aloha j

3 weeks ago

the only home we know is the soil beneath us but we are growing more and recycling less there is too much at stake to continue without change everyday should be #AmericaRecyclesDay or our children will never #SEE our planet like this aloha j

3 weeks ago

i’m so stoked to be filming with all these badasses this winter. thank god i was raised in iowa. so i can handle the cold. #prairiestrong can’t wait to show u what we make. the legends the myths, when @on_the_roam unites with... “The Frozen Few” @thefrozenfewofficial Aloha J. Produced by @t .r.o.g._official & @yeoleghost DIRECTOR, DP @odeumfilms .tv 1st AD- @therobertthomasproject EDITOR - @chrissyrabe VFX-GRADE - @pistolstudios MIX-   @decibelny RACE GEAR- @sushi_thefreewheeler @freewheelers_and_company #trog    #Thefrozenfew    #thecrazyeights #oilerscarandmotorcycleclub #deathriders @harleydavidson @hdmuseum

4 weeks ago

so thankful close call in topanga. super scoopers save the day. mahalo nui loa LA city and county fire fighters @losangelesfiredepartment . we love you. aloha j

4 weeks ago

Watch this Now! Maybe the greatest cinematography and editing done by @da_bray check out bass sessions with @jakegerba and the great Jason Momoa #beepboop #beardenvy #covergirl #harleytwins #TwoPinkPaisleysLookGood #fleaFans

4 weeks ago

i had an absolute ball on the kelly clarkson show with @realalfrewoodward mahalo for having me @kellyclarkson what an amazing experience talking about the preservation of earth’s oceans i’ve been working very hard to bring the world a new option mananalu water is infinitely recyclable and sustainably sourced single use plastics need to stop now aloha aquaman 🤙🏾 @4ocean #mananaluwater #breakawayfromplastic

4 weeks ago

working for and with my best friends very thankful. mahalo @jfierson @captainriff @paakai97 JEN STEVE my whole stunt team JV @kim_fardy @ryantarran @jermskillz @tadao310 @mendoza_jw @netflix @isabelamerced @adriaarjona @manu_rulfo RAMA. ALOHA J

4 weeks ago

day 1 sweet girl. this has been along road. and today is the day my best friend my hermano. my best. we did it hermano making art our way with a dream team. so proud of u RIFF @captainriff my day on the with @50el_nick @yeoleghost van @stockezy @_ohhhsnap . mahalo @jfierson @netflix @paakai97 and da pride n roam #442 . aloha j

5 weeks ago

STEELERS NATION @steelers is blowing my mind i’m in love with pittsburgh what a town mahalo to all the amazing people who make it feel like home. aloha j

5 weeks ago

ON THE ROAM x @harleydavidson the journey comes to an end in the salt flats of utah it’s been a dream come true to direct this series with my friends and family i’m blessed to have the opportunity to share my world with you i love the road it shaped me into who i am today never stop roaming aloha j BIG MAHALOS to @harleydavidson @love_cycles @i .am.aurelius @captainriff @da_bray @jasonericlaciste @betterinthewind @jenlowney @ktruethat @calilla @maineikinimaka @wretched_hive @pangeaspeed @xventuretrailers @monamabel @dormanmd @s_p_o_n_g_e shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa music by one of my favorite bands in the world THE DEAD WEATHER “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles )” by #TheDeadWeather from the album #DodgeAndBurn @ThirdManRecords @amosshart @officialjackwhitelive @machine0 #JackLawrence

5 weeks ago

swipe to see Adventure 3 of 4. love seeing all the couples out there riding wether it’s together or side by side it’s a beautiful way to share the world on a @harleydavidson for me nothing cracks my heart wide open like getting on the road with my wife i love the feeling of my queen holding me tight from the back this one is for the lovers FREE TO ROAM. BIG MAHALOS to @harleydavidson @captainriff @love_cycles @i .am.aurelius @da_bray @jasonericlaciste @betterinthewind @jenlowney @ktruethat @calilla @maineikinimaka @xventuretrailers @monamabel @dormanmd @s_p_o_n_g_e shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa music by @colterwall song is SLEEPING ON THE BLACKTOP from the album IMAGINARY APPALACHIA amazing album. all of them really aloha j

5 weeks ago

SEE episode 4 out now on @appletvplus @seeofficial who’s dumb idea was it to get off the boat in january in canada? MINE. dumbass. i hope you like it. the only reason me and @kim_fardy are alive is because of @billabong @sticksanddirt mahalos for the wetsuits homies aloha j