@roeglo Roe Glo 🤮

Crazy and wild ❗️ 9.2k ? 🔥 C I N C I N N A T I 💥 S U B S C R I B E 🤯❗️

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2 days ago

You the one I want I ain’t faking it, you don’t know what these hoes done to me 🌻Happy birthday princess it’s yo day but you know I always make the world revolve around you any day sexy 😘

4 days ago

I promise to keep that smile right on that pretty lil face WCW 💗

3 weeks ago

And I thought all girls were the same 🌻

3 weeks ago

If yo girl not happy to see you, you should probably be single ❣️

last month

You be looking allll good 💞 I just be looking at you 🥰

last month

Might let you break my heart so I can write a song about it 💔

Nov 2018

Right nigga to link with, wrong nigga to fuck with ❤️

Aug 2018

The drip 💧 get the 😻 Anyway 🖕🏾