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2 weeks ago

I failed no nut November everyone. Comment below if you failed, and give me the specifics. Also the link to the full video of this is in my biopsy. My friends trying to help me: @darcyjhalliday @blakeyoufilthycow

4 weeks ago

Go watch the new video. It gets weird. Link in my biodegradable bio

Aug 2019

How many Gillette’s did you eat today? New vid is live and in descripto-box

May 2019

Name a better trailer - link in bio

May 2019

Hey fam, just spilt my guts in this new video. The link to it is in my bio

Apr 2019

Thanks to some guy that made me an anime intro. If anyone could translate the text for me that would be greatly appreciated. It could say that I am a giant penis lord for all I know. The link to his full vid is in my biographical entry Kind regards, Penis Lord

Feb 2019

This absolute banger is on Spotify. And the link is in the bio

Feb 2019

Make up tutorial video now up - link in bio (I’m not joking, go watch it )

Feb 2019

Praise the VB lords with @johneeyhoek Directed by @__benlyons__

Jan 2019

It’s my birthday and it would make my day if you checked out my music on Spotify (link in the bio ) and there’s heaps more to come. And also what a year of making friends and filming ❤️

Dec 2018

New Christmas video is now live, and the link to it is in my bio! Join me and my alien friend Bonk, as we save Christmas. Make sure you have a bucket nearby when you watch it (you have been warned )

Nov 2018

New video link in the bio. If you like cutting edge technology and offensive humour, this is the one for you. #bullworker

Nov 2018

Do you want motivation? Well then check out my 4 year body transformation! It’s simply inspiring! (The link is in my bio ) also send your condolences to the wonderful @samantha .lauren.performer (the girl in the photos )

Jul 2018

The hike to Glymur waterfall wasn’t the easiest. I saw many pull out at the start because you have to cross a treacherous heavy flowing river (I almost took a dive, but the Icelandic gods must have been watching over me ). Shout outs to the guy in London who sold me these waterproof hiking boots out of his shop/home

Jul 2018

Adjusting myself in nature. Fun fact: the rails are there to stop you from boiling to death. Wish I’d thought to bring some spaghetti to cook #learnfrommymistakes

Jul 2018


May 2018

Just eating a Serbian Pancake with @natarienoraras

Apr 2018

Mom let me dress myself today

Apr 2018

Happy spewsday (for tomorrow ) the full video of this masterpiece can be found in my desirescription

Apr 2018

I never thought I’d ever write a children’s book, as it was never a dream of mine. But I’m glad it happened. If you’d like to see the entire video (trust me, you do ) the video link is sitting nicely in my biographical entry. Special thanks to my big brother (he’s a big boy ) @neiltriffett for making this happen, go check out his work. Your novelist and aesthetic goddess, The Last Natural xo

Mar 2018

Ok now I’ve got your attention. Let’s talk about the voice acting in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I can’t help but feel it has completely destroyed an element of the game that I loved. I think the limitations of earlier consoles was a blessing in disguise as this gave Nintendo the chance to develop a beautiful way to show dialogue. Like the time when you’re first leaving Kokori forest and Saria is waiting on the bridge just as you’re sneaking off. The music is silent and all you hear is this dull notification sound which immediate sets the scene. There’s a silence to it, but this silence means so much. When I studied acting I was taught not to fear silence as every silence has meaning; it couldn’t be more true in the emotion it sets in this scene. When Saria’s standing on the bridge and you’re hit with silence and a text box, something amazing happens: your brain figures out the subtext without even the slightest exposition from vocal tone. And this is just one example of many in the series. It was pretty disappointing to hear some cliche anime voices thrown obnoxiously on to my favourite series. When the true beauty of this series was always letting the player interpret the emotion. #zelda #thelastnatural

Mar 2018

All the things in this world I can lift, but I can’t seem to lift this broken heart

Mar 2018

If everyone could go to @harleelouise and wish her a happy birthday it would mean a lot to me. Thanks @harleelouise for being such an great friend, I hope you have an amazing day. Also if you want to see the vlog that this is from, the videoscription link is in my biodegradable (bio )