college girl but a freak on the weekends

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2 weeks ago

learning how to be more patient w/ myself & others. and have been looking for ways to take better care of my body. you must completely love yourself in your current form and future form to be able to love and be loved. i want growth. i want to look back in a year and feel pride. cutting off negative choices and energies is hard. i’m tired of my routine and am happy to try and change for my better health.

2 weeks ago

happy thanksgiving!!! lets not forget the hundreds of lives colonizers took while stealing sacred land!! 🖤🖤🖤

Oct 2019

bare faced baby 👼🏼

Sep 2019

hottest nerd i know is me 👩🏽‍💻

Sep 2019

friendly reminder that women are not ur competition and that if u think i have any negative emotions towards you, you are not correct. an argument or disagreement will never put me against women. any girl claiming i hate them or believing so is absolutely wrong and needs to stop priding themselves in the thought of being disliked or envied. nothing but good luck and a happy life from me to you, baby!! 🦋🦋🦋

Sep 2019

angel energy ✨

Aug 2019

If you’re anti-feminism then you’re literally a fucking dumbass. To say that your voice or rights aren’t worth the efforts is not only saddening but disgusting. My children will not grow up to be silenced by a man or restricted to dumb gender roles that sexualize women and idolize men. To be anti-feminism is to be anti-women. Women are worth so much but don’t care to listen. Why?

Apr 2019

forever iconic.