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2 days ago

My sister from another mister

4 weeks ago

Congrats Dreamers!! They cant get rid of us yet!!!

last month

Yesterday I attended one of the protests in Santa Monica. Feeling the energy of fellow humans demanding to be acknowledged, heard and respected was OVERWHELMINGLY impactful. Even though I will never be able to fully understand the struggles of black people in our society, I am proud to stand with the black lives matter movement and want to do my part by donating $50,000 to organizations that help the movement. There are SOOO MANY different ways a person can get involved and help. If you don’t have the means to donate, you can send out a tweet, talk to a friend, or just lend a listening ear to someone that needs to be heard. Stay safe out there!! #blacklivesmatter

May 2020

Cant wait to see you when quarantine is over, but for now our zoom calls will have to do

May 2020

TWO YEARS IN A ROW. Oh my god. Love u guys thank you thank you thank you!! ❤️

May 2020

Everyone say hello to our new roommate Ilya!!! My plan to move everyone out of my hometown is coming together perfectly hahaha

Apr 2020

i love my job

Apr 2020

Happy 4/20/20 😇

Apr 2020

Missing my nap buddy 🥺

Apr 2020

9 years later and still just as awkward hahah

Apr 2020

Natalie decided to foster a puppy so i had the pleasure of naming her. Everyone say hello to Iron Man

Mar 2020

I would like to thank everyone that believed in me but more importantly thank the ones who doubted me!!!! (ignore the feathers in my hair lol )

Mar 2020

If this isn’t going crazy during quarantine then i don’t know what is

Mar 2020

Kevin ordered these dogs to eat me after this photo. Hahah go watch the new What The Fit episode!! Link in my bio

Mar 2020

Since I’ve been helping Natalie shave her back, she helped me shave my face. Thank god we have the Double Razor Share pack from @dollarshaveclub so we never have to share a razor #ad

Mar 2020

Im glowing!

Mar 2020

Beauty and the beast (sorry for calling you a beast madison lol )

Feb 2020

My favorite photoshoots are the ones where i can lay down. Thank you Paper Magazine ☺️

Feb 2020

Natalie offered to pay for lunch then proceeded to use my credit card hahah

Feb 2020

‪My friend has been late night texting my assistant so I printed his texts out and put them on a billboard

Feb 2020

These are disgusting HAHAHAH. No more photo booths for us

Feb 2020

New year new profile pic!!

Jan 2020

Absolute dream. I’m crying. Thank you guys and thank you @fallontonight for taking my late night virginity 😊

Jan 2020

If you’ve ever wondered what my dreams look like