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ACAB, 1312 #blacklivesmatter

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2 days ago

Say it with me. NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. I stand with those who are being controlled and marginalised in a hope that we can achieve racial equality. The U.K may be slightly better than the U.S but our police force are not innocent of murdering black people and POC. I’m not pandering to any audience I’m simply saying I stand with you. Stay safe. Speak up. Use your platform to spread information. Blessed be ❤️ #blacklivesmatter #BLM #humanrights #acab

3 weeks ago

William Shakespeare, “Henry V” “You have witchcraft in your lips” 🌘🌾Blessed Be🌾🌘

last month

Quarantine is doing wonders for my self confidence haha 🔮 #staysafe #stayhome

last month

I look so sunburnt haha, thankfully just blush 🍑 My last post before I dye my hair lavender 😅 #stayhome #staysafe

Mar 2020

Time for a Quarantine glow up: - Bedroom pilates. - Whatever-the-shop-has-left-fruit smoothie - and being bored out of my mind #witchcraft #lovespells #pink

Mar 2020

Art angels🧝🏻‍♀️🌸 Dunno why I was sticking my tongue out so much lol 🌸- and sorry about the mess 🌸

Oct 2019

Italy was stunning 🌿

Oct 2019

🍄 "Looking pale, feeling chic" 🍄 #koigirl

Jun 2019

Having a photoshoot by yourself is normal, right? Not feelin' too great after A & E but still alive and wearing some boho shit. 🌾🌾🌾

Mar 2019

FUCKING HELL! Kinky boots was AMAZING!! Brb just gonna buy all the louboutins in the world!! Shout out to Don! Xxx #brumgetskinky

Feb 2019

#shakespearevibes 🗝🗝🗝