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last month

Holly @wildrosetexas is always hustling 💯 #wildrosekennels #gundogsofinstagram

Mar 2020

Lightly stuffed Oreo’s... it’s a thing. Katy, Bowie and Holly 😊 @wildrosetexas @wildrosekennels

Feb 2020

Meet Bowie. He’s one proud little fella. @wildrosetexas #gunsofinstagram

Nov 2019

I’d just as well be here as anywhere else. #duckhunting #gadwallsmash #greyduck #backwaterparty

Jul 2019

@derek_helms is the creepy guy in the background 😂😂 For real though, take joy in the little things like the tiniest of the tiniest waterfalls. #dontgochasingwaterfalls #thelittlethingsmattermost

Jul 2019

Best fireworks around. Straight outta Red. @dustan .b

Jun 2019

We’re already practicing for all those ducks @lifetimedecoys floatflex deeks are going to fool. #innovationinwaterfowl

May 2019

🔊🔊🔊SOUND ON 🔊🔊🔊 Rebel gets her best sleep in the middle of the day. Sometimes, as a guard dog, you gotta work the graveyard shift. #lazydog

May 2019

Do yourself a favor and wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. It’s good for the soul. #earlybirdgetstheworm @sroutfitters @stuartranch

May 2019

It’s calf fry season ain’t it? #leancuisine @stuartranch @yeti @sroutfitters

May 2019

Thanks @aaronrdavis for the 💥🔥foodie info. @loriann .kidd and I are absolutely addicted to this place. @nashbirdchicken has got some dang good food. #yumyuminmytumtum

May 2019

Thanks for the love @brian_call Go give the Gritty podcast a listen @brian_call @matthew .b.davis @igetducks @s_l_brown

May 2019

It’s hard to beat springtime. Gathered a bucket full of pokweed and a bouquet of wildflowers for my wife @loriann .kidd #pokeweed #wildflowers #springisintheair #wholefoods #kiddieland @rusticandfancy

May 2019

This gobbler has picked me out of the green briars three times this season . Lance shot him in the face about 5 minutes after fly down. Sweet justice for me. @sroutfitters #gobbler #turkeyhunting

May 2019

@brian_call first turkey was a true limb hanger 🦃🦃

Apr 2019

This week I had the privilege to pair up with this bad dude. The turkeys weren’t cooperating with our sweet talk so this guy just belly crawled to them a total of about 300 yards and gave ‘em a surprise. I had nothing to do with the actual death of these turkeys, I just said point and shoot. @brian_call is not only willing to do anything to harvest an animal but he is a stand up dude and one of the wisest hunters and people I have met. It was an honor and pleasure to guide him to his first turkey harvest. @mtnops @yeti @s_l_brown @sroutfitters @derek_helms @igetducks @sitkagear @brian_call

Apr 2019

Scouting turkey last night I jumped the creek in a questionable spot when I climbed up the opposite bank I crawled right through the jackpot of wild onions. @derek_helms thought it was funny until he had to jump the creek as well. Moral of the story, if you power through life’s muddy and boggy creeks there just might be something good waiting for you on the other side. #mtnops #mtnops90daychallenge #organic #stuartranchoutfitters #wholefoods #wildedibles #yeti #traegergrills # #sitkagear

Mar 2019

Spotted these two old cutters from a ridge on the north end of @sroutfitters and we put the old prairie sand plum stalk on them. Roger and T.J. Harvested these two and a couple of their younger brothers this evening. #swinethirty #wildboar #jeffco

Mar 2019

Since I haven’t seen the sun in a few days, here’s a sunrise from a few weeks back @sroutfitters 😲😲 #sunrise #jeffco #home

Jan 2019

Gotta get creative when you forget them goose flags 🦆🦅🦇 #goosehunting #waterfowlhunting #stuartranchoutfitters #jeffco