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🌲 A girl, a husk and a big white Jeep exploring the pnw 👣 Van Island & Kelowna BC 🐕 Nala - 2yr old husky, rescued @nwtspca

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Apr 2020

In love with this coast 〰️↟〰️

Apr 2020

Our new favourite quarantine activity is cycling with this girl! She’s doing so well with her rexspecs conditioning. Kept them on the whole run 🥳

Apr 2020

↟ Offleash structured walk + goggle training ↟ Swipe to see why Nala needs sunnies ↟ Wearing @rexspecsk9 @k9tacticalgear @ecollartechnologies

Feb 2020

Waiting for next weekend like 👀 Reading break is coming up for me so we will be flying to Victoria for 10 days! I can’t wait to be back around family and childhood friends, not to mention the rainforests and ocean! Nala is a little uncomfortable with flying, but she does so well laying at my feet the whole time. We’ve been slowing down on the psych support training since I’m not a big fan of the stress that comes with bringing a dog along in public areas (mainly people being disrespectful ) and the meticulous training that goes along with it. I’m happy to have her as my ESA for this trip but we will probably take a break from all that afterwards. 🥰

Feb 2020

It’s really hard to take a good photo with a psycho dog 😂 she looks so chilled but in reality she was trying to escape my hug to go run around.

Feb 2020

Our mushing gear came in from @nahaksports and we’re so excited to start learning! We’ve been working on commands for left & right and just getting Nala used to pulling in harness for now. Can’t wait to start ski and bikejoring 🥰 thanks @teamrunninghusky for the discount code and advice for us newbies!

Jan 2020

Ours might be a little more suggestive than most 🤷‍♀️ #nsfw #sorrynotsorry

Jan 2020

Grateful everyday for @nwtspca rescuing this pup and letting her live her best life with me! ↟ ↟ #pippi #nwtspca #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #nunavutdogs #husky #huskypuppy #snowdog #fromsheltertohelper

Jan 2020

We are back from our trip and Nala has had a whole week hanging out with her daddy! This cold weather has made her the chillest dog ever. We have barely been able to walk her in the -30 weather and she’s been happy as a clam napping on the couch and just spending time with us 💕 we did manage to get out for some snowshoeing and hiking adventures!

Jan 2020

1 more week until we are back from Asia and reunited with this bean! We saw a street dog get hit by a car pretty bad today. I think rescue organizations have been doing their best here these last few years, most of the dogs we’ve seen have seemed quite happy and healthy. Still it isn’t safe for anyone to have so many dogs roaming in the streets. Cue me brainstorming ways I can make a difference. Let us know if you have any thoughts 💓

Dec 2019

Getting spoiled today because both my pawrents will be away for three weeks starting tomorrow! Luckily one of my favourite hoomans is looking after me and also I get this cookie from @tailblazerskelowna