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Mar 2020

brown eyes, golden hair & some red.

Mar 2020

big 1 8. thank you to those who were able to make it to my birthday party. i hope you all had an amazing time. i still can’t believe that i have officially made it to the big 1 8, I. DID. THAT!! i want to crucify young and naive alissa for thinking otherwise. (it won’t let me tag everyone ahh! ) anyways, i don’t wanna keep this too long, but thank you to everyone that has wished me a happy birthday, i’ve felt more loved than ever before, all of the birthday wishes meant the absolute world to me. (oh and of course i want to thank my amazing family, i couldn’t have done it without them. 🥺 ) ❤️❤️❤️

Mar 2020

*time travels to the 70s*

Jan 2020


Jan 2020

here’s a sappy new years post, read if u want to lmao • 2019 has been a tough one, but what a way to end a decade. this year has been one of the hardest of my life, maybe even the hardest, for many reasons. one being the fact that i’m going to be turning 18 in 2020 and idk what it is about that, but it makes me feel really bittersweet 🙃. or another being the fact that i graduated from high school this year, and that makes me rlly sad because i miss seeing my friends everyday. or another one out of the many more that come to mind, this is the last year i have before beginning the next stage of my life which i know will probably make me work harder than i ever have before, but i never give up and i know i will do the best that i possibly can. there are more, but they’re personal reasons but y’all should just know that it has been toughhhh. i know that everything happens for a reason, and i know that all of the hardships that i’ve faced in 2019, will stay in 2019. in this decade i’ve come to know some of the most amazing individuals, you know who you are. i’d like to thank you all for your part of the chapter in the book named “alissa’s life.” thank you for the amazing memories we’ve had, thank you for the times that you were there for me, and vice versa. thank you to the families that i’ve spent time with, there are many more things but, t h a n k • y o u, and i love you. i’d also like to thank the many people that i’ve spoken to even if we may not have been that close, you have all given me an opportunity to get to know you and i’m very thankful for that. i know that we’ve all endured many hardships this year, and especially this past decade, and i know that everyone was struggling with their own battles, and yet we’re still going strong and we’re still here today. here’s to the end of this decade, here’s to the beginning of the new decade, and here’s to the many more years of our lives that we will live, we did it y’all! ~ 01/01/20.

Dec 2019

scroll 2 last slide 4 a surprise

Nov 2019

i bet y’all thought i would wear black well hahaha jokes on u. no lmao in all seriousness this was an amazing and unforgettable night. i tried to make the most of it haha, even tho i’m sad that it’s really over i know that eventually we will see each other again. ❤️✨

Oct 2019

i wish i could time travel to different eras :c

Oct 2019

first pics w/out grain? wow alissa :o

Sep 2019

imma miss my absolute favs, all of y’all in these photos + a few more. there are more photos i wish i could’ve posted but the limit is 10. • 🎓 it is 25/09/19 and today is the day that i graduated high school. my high school experience hasn’t been the easiest. for almost the entire experience from year 7, to year 12, i’ve went through a lot in my life, it’s actually insane. there were times that i thought my life was over, and times that i wish i had a different life. but here i am, today, graduating high school. i’ve been to school with some people for almost 13 years, it’s surreal to me how that has ended in the blink of an eye. so many emotions have been cruising through my brain, everything was coming to me all at once but you know what? there’s this quote that has left an impact on me: “life is like a book, some chapters are sad, some are happy, and some are bad, but you cannot skip these chapters, if you never turn the page, you’ll never know what the next has in store for you.” i’ve met my bestest friends that i could ever wish for during these 6 years of high school and i would never take that back. i’ve lived my life to the fullest until now, and i can honestly now say that i’m proud of the person i’ve become and that i’m proud of the person i will be. thank you everyone that has come into my life, you have all impacted my life astoundingly and i am so very thankful for you. whatever your dreams, goals, and desires may be, i believe in you. i know you will all do amazing things and i am so very proud of each and every one of you. here’s to more memories. ❤️❤️❤️

Sep 2019

yeah dude i know, same old mirror pic

Sep 2019

idk man

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Nov 2018

🌻mellow yellow🌻

Jul 2018

tb to Sarajevo. I miss it so much. :’c

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