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4 days ago

#BlackOutTuesday Please donate if you can, or sign petitions and share this link to help https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ I donated to the BLM fund, the George Floyd memorial and the LGBTQ Freedom fund. There is also an option to donate without money on this page!

last month

I lived my dream of being a quizmaster and destroyed the apartment with a confetti cannon for @youtube ’s stream #withme and we raised a load of money for NHS! ..Now to spend two hours sweeping If you missed it you can play it over on the YouTube Originals channel (I’m 28 mins in )❓✨

Feb 2020

I am way too clumsy to have been trusted posing with this incredibly gigantic and heavy buster sword. It is a miracle no one died

Feb 2020

Not sure if my jacket has enough zips

Feb 2020

In Hawkins investigating some sƃuᴉɥʇ ǝƃuɐɹʇS

Jan 2020

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! 🥳 ..If you’re wondering how wild I am my favourite gift was a mug with a photo of my fish on it.

Dec 2019

HE’S BEEN! We’ve had these stockings since we were kids. looks like rudolph has been through a lot. Merry Christmas everyone ✨🎄

Dec 2019

If santa was a Jedi 🎅 Thanks @electronicarts for sending me #JediFallenOrder in an epically huge box including this replica lightsaber!! The tree ornaments better beware of my moves. Check out my stories to watch me unbox it! #AD

Nov 2019

The Dan and Phil shops have combined for the festive season and I’m excited to share with you my cozy browsing collection! Featuring comfy pyjamas in collab with @cyarine , a festive candle, my very own hot chocolate blend and some slightly odd dinosaur socks! 😊🕯💤☕️ Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 10% off! danandphilshop.com

Nov 2019

Trying to blend in with the bamboo 🎋

Nov 2019

More terrifying purikura with @mimeiland @duncanthegreat @danielhowell 🇯🇵✨📸

Nov 2019

Wading around in weird artistic liquid was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Nov 2019

I am actually 64ft tall and trained to take down a mecha if I really have to.

Nov 2019

N̷̗̄̔e̵̫͕̊w̸̞̗͑ ̵̥̚m̷̡̦̃̈ë̵̤r̵̗͠c̷̪̄͘h̴̘̻̒̽ - The glitch hoodie is here! It is super soft and features art by @cyarine . 🌍 amazingphilshop.com 🇺🇸 us.amazingphilshop.com

Oct 2019

Good nature. would definitely nature again

Oct 2019

#Ad Watch the final trailer for #DoctorSleepMovie and see it in theaters October 31st! Doctor Sleep is the continuation to 'The Shining' and my latest video was inspired by the film as I attempt to survive the night in a haunted hotel 👻

Oct 2019

So.. I led a dog around an agility course today! (or let’s be real the dog led me ) 🐶

Sep 2019

My crops are thriving

Aug 2019

Got to pet these tiny puppies today so it’s all downhill from here. Thanks to @rachael__pie (and her bro ) for hanging out with us and @makeawishuk and @battersea for making it happen! Swipe to the next pic for some extreme puppy dog eyes 🐶

Aug 2019


Jul 2019

Last days in the desert 🏜🦎

Jul 2019

Lilac lad

Jul 2019

the view was worth fully melting on the hike to the top ✨🔭

Jul 2019

New merch collection on the AmazingPhil Shop - SPACE EDITION 🚀 Constellation t-shirt, scented Aquarius candle, pastel planet mirror and slightly odd planet socks! I have always been obsessed with the mysteries of space, and what would be out there in the endless expanse of the universe! Galaxies, stars and planets have always seemed beautiful to me and I was so excited to do some celestial-themed merch. Worldwide: http://www.amazingphilshop.com USA: http://us.amazingphilshop.com AUS: http://au.amazingphilshop.com