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🇳🇬 1 Peter 2:9 A few of my meaningful moments 🙏🏽

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3 weeks ago

So I’ve always had a particular vision for my life. No matter what path I take or what distractions come about... this particular vision always comes back... it’s what I’m made for and meant to do. Set backs don’t matter, others opinions don’t matter, even the self doubt I harbour at times doesn’t matter. The desire and vision are still there. God’s timing and my willingness to take action and trust His process is everything. He provides the resources, he provides the support, he creates the energy, he gets the right people to believe...Just trusting the process

4 weeks ago

Self-tape chronicles #🎬 no sound. As an actor I used to focus on the words I said and how I said it. I felt that communicated my authenticity in the role. But as you know, communication is 80% non verbal. So I now focus on what I’m doing while I’m speaking and not speaking, Hand movement, eye shifts, posture, mind searching etc.

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

Day 2 #markusblack @markusblackfilm #🎬

4 weeks ago

Being on this set gave me the opportunity to work with very talented local film makers. I got to see some of the hard work it takes to develop an idea into a film and then a brand. I’m proud of what @zombienxg and @kateyez820 stands for from a story perspective and how the subtle message it’s delivering is loud and clear especially in these times of awakening in the world.

4 weeks ago

Every good story needs an antagonist. #film #🎬 #thebadguy

May 2020

#BTS In my zone. Creating. Looking forward to the final product. #film #bts #actor #creative

Feb 2020

Viben. #bahamas 🇧🇸

Oct 2019

If you are in Miami this Wednesday check out the immersive theater production I will be a part of. @speakeasytheaterco written by @rmartian76 directed by @commonthreadentertainment #theater #🎭 phot edits by @brettvaughn

Oct 2019

#theater #actor #thegulf #🎭 #🎬

Sep 2019

@rojahlarue ain’t running... so they called in the big boiz #🎬 #action

Sep 2019

#swat #🎬 A little BTS of today’s project @dir .ever

Aug 2019

20+ years! 🍻 to many more brothas #👑s

Jul 2019


Jun 2019

😤 #🎬

Apr 2019

The creative process invigorates me. This is a short clip of our fight scene rehearsal. This new project is exciting and is going to take me into some of the creative spaces I’ve desired as an actor. Much more to come. stay tuned! #indifilm #pray #focus

Mar 2019


Jan 2019

When the blessing flowin cause u r pursuing your dreams #focus #pray #thankful

Jan 2019

The many faces of @ao_lanre which one do u typically see? #film #actor #focus

Jan 2019

Theatre mojo 🎭 phenomenal team. Blessed to work with each of you. #theatre #acting #1minuteplayfestival #oneminuteplayfestival

Jan 2019

The late night workouts are often the most memorable. #fitness #focus

Dec 2018

#workin @thegreenagency 🙏🏽

Dec 2018

When you are excited about life it’s hard not to smile. Every moment may not be great...we win we loose but in everything there is a reason to be thankful. Thats partly what makes life worth smiling for. 🙏🏽 #thankful