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Custom, handmade duck calls made to order! email or DM for info and pricing. alex @apcallsco .com

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3 days ago

Have some exciting new stuff about to be ready! Will post the new products once they're nice and shiny. Stay tuned!

last month

A hunt is only as good as the company you keep. This one was great.

Mar 2020

A little quarantine and lathe work. First tone board done. Many more to come.

Feb 2020

Mixed it up in the shop a bit to make some garden tools for the amazing @blattanner ! Hybrid blanks were beautiful maple burl stabilized with green and white swirled epoxy made by the one and only @jtp_concepts out of Kansas City, MO. The garden tool kit from @woodcraftgallery is the best on the market. They came out great. Kinda surprised myself a bit on this one.

Jan 2020

First time we are headed to the great state of Indiana. Seems like a fitting place for some Black Ash burl.

Jan 2020

Congrats to our first ever giveaway winner, @texaswaterandwoods ! A red malee burl call is coming your way!

Jan 2020

Looking forward to seeing what these bad boys will be hailing for @wetland_wackers up in Missouri! Some stabilized maple burl from @woodbymohler with a walnut mouthpiece.

Jan 2020

It’s a new decade, so why not add a new call to your lanyard? Rules: like this post; follow @apcalls ; tag 3 buddies in a comment who would want a call as bad as you! Will select a winner on January 2nd at noon. Gotta follow all the rules to win.

Nov 2019

Fresh burl off the lathe. Arguably my best work to date.

Sep 2019

Walnut and Purple Heart coming together in perfectly subtle harmony.

Sep 2019

Next in line.

Sep 2019

African Blackwood looks almost acrylic when finished. One of my favorite woods to turn.

Sep 2019

Cottonwood burl galore! Wish there was a way to safely remove it without harming the tree. Unfortunately, with burl this big, there are no guarantees. Better to leave this beauty alone.

Sep 2019

A bit more Red Mallee burl in the mix.

Aug 2019

Sometimes you have to make your own tools to get the job done. Cheers to @rockler_woodworking for having some beautifully figured Walnut laying around!

Aug 2019

That burl always turns out so nicely. Waiting to find the perfect band to put on it.

Aug 2019

Sanctuary brought to you by @makitatools

Aug 2019

Love the way that Red Mallee burl pops. The figure is incredible.

Aug 2019

What a beautiful sight! A box full of burl woods ready to be turned. Thank you @jtp_concepts for hooking it up!

Aug 2019

Dallas Strong. That thin blue line stays near and dear. Made from an acrylic blank.

Aug 2019

Laminated Padauk boards to make this spicy pepper.

Aug 2019

Refined one step further. The Purple Heart with Maple cores have a nice porous look despite their density.

Aug 2019

They clean up well.

Aug 2019

Laminating some wood for some patterned calls. Purple Heart with a Maple core next to Walnut with a Purple Heart Core.