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Jesus 1st - Life w/ @michatallah5 & my son Wade & my @birddog_brothers || 1 John 4:16. || Iron Circle || Sports Performance - CHCA HS @chcaperformance

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last month

I’m in. - I will continue the true calling I believe will solve all of this and to teach my son the same. To Love God, and Love People. Period. Be aware y’all - the devil is real and crafty. Please go read John 10:10 - it couldn’t be anymore clear about what we are experiencing on all fronts. The warning is there. Choose love, please. Jesus calls us to love. #YouMatter

last month

My heart is full. Thank you Lord for your bounty and provision.

Apr 2020

Like Father, like Son? @michatallah5

Mar 2020

Gon’ give it to ya. #WorkoutsWithWade

Feb 2020

Praise God - this is an incredible platform to grow the kingdom and impact lives. Will continue to stick to the mission - still work to be done! Thank you @nhssca_oh @nhssca #FAMILY #LeaveItBetterThanYouFoundIt

Jan 2020

Wade William

Dec 2019

Ready to get this party started! You are in good hands momma! @michatallah5 -The Boys

Dec 2019

Very grateful for my experience in this project with some guys who want to grow the kingdom of God! The Grown Man Project is trailblazing a path for what society seems to be missing and yearning for. MEN. I was asked to come in and share and I hope there is something you can take away from the episode as well as the other people who have come on to share in previous episodes. Please get behind this mission if you feel led. First time on a podcast! Pretty cool! #StrengthInHisGrace

Sep 2019

Cats by 90 ... #BBN 🔵⚪️

Aug 2019

So pumped about this new graphic design system @erictaylorchca and our athletic department invested in! This is a GAME CHANGER! @boxoutsports 💯🦅 #EagleNation @gochca

Jul 2019

Love this Woman. #MyGirl

Apr 2019

Hiking the Springs in ‘19 @michatallah5 👀

Apr 2019

The experiences in Gods creation are second to none! Glad I have a solid hiking buddy @michatallah5 to make these memories with! 🏔🌤

Mar 2019

Grateful for this group of men that get up early on Tuesdays to pour into one another and pursue Jesus. Iron Circle has become a significant part of my walk and I love gearing up for our morning hangouts. This guy right here @gr_keith has been a true brother in Christ. Crazy to think that we are almost a year removed from that phone call after @nhssca natcon with an idea to get fellow Strength coaches together and grow the kingdom. Excited for the path God has in store and the belief of a firm purpose - Isaiah 26:3 #IronCircle #Brothers 💪🏽👊🏽

Mar 2019

Happy Anniversary Sweetie. Your vibrant disposition and loving heart makes it easy to do life with. Even when I come to Target with you and you drink my Icee... I love you. Here’s to many more... (years ) #3years @michatallah5

Feb 2019

Farm life with my good friend Tom and this little guy! #TurnerFarms

Jan 2019

Carefree in the Caymans 🐠🐟🏝🛥☀️ #jterm2019

Jan 2019

Carefree in the Caymans 🐠🐟🏝🛥☀️ #jterm2019

Jan 2019

Mutton Snapper - Cayman Islands 🐠🐟 #jterm2019

Nov 2018

🇺🇸 #MyGunDog (s ) @birddog_brothers

Oct 2018

Everyone wore costumes to school today ... my guy Robbie dressed up as “Coach A” Good job bro!! 👊🏽👊🏽 @_r_pinto_

Oct 2018

✊🏼Stapleton in Lexington 🇺🇸 @chrisstapleton @michatallah5

Aug 2018

Happy Birthday to our Niece Amelia Rain! @sarah__513 👉🏼 p.s. @fran__513 crushed the hosting game! Cheers to 1 year! 🎉

Aug 2018

Wedding Season w/ @michatallah5 - Conn/Sweeney Edition! Congrats @sweekneenp and Chase! #BringOnConn