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Mar 2020

The fish kept their distance too, but we still had a good time #bearcatbaitco

Feb 2020

This guy is finally hitting his stride. - 📸 @derek_helms

Jan 2020

I love when pictures don’t work out like you plan

Dec 2019

Like a bullet out of a gun @wildrosetexas

Oct 2019

Watching my dad struggle to hear a conversation with his grandkids and the memories I have of my granddad having those same struggles prompted me to find something to end that cycle. I have tried many different hearing protection devices, from acoustic filtered to battery powered. Custom molded to over-the-ear. Finally after using the TETRA Alphashields, I look forward to the conversations that I will have with my grandkids one day. @tetrahunt 📸 @derek_helms

Sep 2019

Good walks with good friends. @wesmorrison_ 📸 @twellsimage @737duckcalls @737duckclub @737fanpage

Jun 2019

The smell of a shotgun blast gets me pretty amped up. Gotta love that type of aromatherapy. 📸 @b_harper5

May 2019

The @yeti rig makes a perfect place to pluck an Oklahoma Rio turkey @s_l_brown

May 2019

Go follow @lifetimedecoys . Something big is about to be released that you will not want to miss. #innovationinwaterfowl 📸 @dhruska1

Apr 2019

Opening weekend @sroutfitters in Southern Oklahoma didn't disappoint. Any success elsewhere?

Mar 2019

I miss the cold mornings...oh wait. Third half of duck season anyone? 📸 @b_harper5

Jan 2019

The season has been a grind this year. A true test of passion and perseverance. The light that leads shines brightest in the dark. I'll keep chasing it with @sroutfitters

Jan 2019

Just a few of my favorite things! Hide well, call them in with @737duckcalls and knock them down with @bossshotshells

Dec 2018

As the sun sets on a great year, I can only get excited about what lies ahead! Here's to 2019 and all it's adventures. Happy New Years

Dec 2018

Hitting those weary pintails on the corners with 📸 @sroutfitters using the @737duckcalls "Savage"

Dec 2018

"Did somebody say bouncing hen?" Probably what @sroutfitters was thinking here.

Nov 2018

📷 @gncast doing a little late night fall cleaning in Oklahoma! #diverge7

Nov 2018

Arm workouts are my favorite! The big boys can't resist the @737duckcalls Nitro Goose Call.

Nov 2018

Oklahoma Zone 2 officially open for business. I hope everyone has a little success this weekend. 📸 @wesmorrison_

Oct 2018

Anticipation at its finest! The morning finally arrived with some 🦆🦆🦆

Sep 2018

'Tis the season...FINALLY! I love the views @737duckclub . 📸 @twellsimage

Jun 2018

Go check out @sroutfitters for a free hog hunt! #Repost @sroutfitters with @get_repost ・・・ As a Thank You for 2k followers, we decided to give-a-way a hog hunt. The hunt will for one day and one night and two hunters. It will include lodging, guide service, transportation on the ranch and cold storage. It will not include meals, cleaning. The winner can add days and hunters for full retail price. . To be entered be sure to follow our page, comment on this picture and tag a few of your friends . The winner will be chosen at random Monday 6/18 at 5 pm CST. Ready set go!

May 2018

I am thankful for each and every sunrise I am able to witness. Sharing it with friends and my sidekick is just icing on the cake. 📸 @wesmorrison_

May 2018

I may not be up in a treestand, but bearing down on an Oklahoma Rio gets me pretty elevated too! 📸 @wesmorrison_