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Rest in Peace #GeorgeFloyd . this has got to stop. it’s hard to watch a video so foul. It’s hard to think that this is still happening. but it is reality. And These police officer need to be accountable to the maximum degree for their obviously disgusting and horrific actions. I feel so sick, sad and sorry for George Floyd and his family. There is nothing anybody could say to me that makes this encounter even remotely ok. He was a peace activist and a man of respect and promise. There is no reason for anyone to be handled like that especially someone that is so unaggressive. Please spread this message. We can’t forget his name #GeorgeFloyd thank you always to @shaunking for the flow of information .


My horses neighing at me when I walk into the barn to feed them dinner


Wow...Merci @emmanuellealt & @inezandvinoodh .. it’s hard to explain what a dream it is to work with you every time...I can’t wait to see you again 🖤 W/ Two incredible Artísts @fulviafarolfi @pureward100 🖤 French Vogue May 2020

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🖤🖤🖤 Eid Mubarak my friends and family عيد مبارك ❤️As Ramadan comes to a close, my thoughts are with families and children around the world without a safe place to call home. I remember the beauty of Ramadan, and fasting with my father and my Teta when I was young. Eid was so special for me, to be able to celebrate together. It makes my heart break thinking about the children and families that are separated and unable to unite during this time. I wish there was a way that I could take the pain away or more that I could do...But for this week, I will be supporting and donating to three charities that are working endlessly, in different ways, to help support Refugees, displaced families, families in the front lines of conflict and very importantly, the powerful and beautiful Middle Eastern children across Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other affected regions. @preemptivelove @unrwausa and @mecaforpeace I would like to explain to you exactly what these amazing organizations do... ❤️The Middle East Children's Alliance works for the rights and well being of children in the middle east. They support dozens of community projects for Palestinian children and refugees from Syria. MACA has been dedicated to making sure the children get direct aid like food, water, clothes, toys, books and school supplies... Financial Support and assistance in the West Bank and Gaza that helps children get basic needs such as accessible parks, kindergarten classes, libraries, sports, MUSIC/ art programs etc! They also offer university programs to help Palestinians grow up to be everything they can be. I will be supporting this organization for a very long time 🖤 I want these children to know that they are so special and that there are people here that care about them.. ( if you would kindly slide to the right to see how Preemtive Love Coalition & UNRWA USA have dedicated their time as well ) ❤️ my Preemtive Love Coalition donation link will be in my Bio Thank you for reading ❤️ I would love for you to join me to help these incredible charities, and if not, spreading the word will always help.. We can and will be the voice for the ones who cannot be heard❤️ ‎عيد مبارك

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Miss it🖤

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❤️Missing you out there❤️ I woke up thinking so much about this city. I miss you New York ❤️I’m following up on my latest donation to @foodbank4nyc today.. through the help and generosity of people like you, @foodbank4nyc has served 12.5 million meals during this global emergency. With the link in my bio, we have brought in 12,500 meals and that’s without my donations. So incredible...❤️I feel so proud of the people who are following. The link to donate is still in my bio, if you’re in a position to i’d love if you’d join me... Even just $1 can provide 5 meals to someone who needs it. If not, spreading the word helps too! The reality of all of this is that 1.2 MILLION New Yorkers were already without reliable access to nutritious meals. Through this global emergency, Food Bank Nyc is now seeing a 50% increase in need, with no immediate slowdown in sight. the best thing we can do is continue to increase awareness , for now and post- COVID, to help support the families of NYC who are struggling.. Nearly 40% of New York’s soup kitchens and food pantries are closed. This is why we need to stick together and help in any way we can. Whether that is donating or just spreading the word. Let’s continue to think about the ones around us. Love you all so much.

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had some time .... @diormakeup ☘️

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We finally re-Planted our 1500 lavender babies😇Proud❤️

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My rider! @gigihadid 25...big girl!!!

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Happy birthday to my best friend, leader, teacher, parter in crime... I wouldn’t be able to do this life without you by my side! Thank you for being the greatest big sister to me that I could ever ask for. I couldn’t have dreamt you up...😇I am so grateful for everything that you are and I celebrate you not only today, but everyday! Obsessed with you foofoooo Happy 25th @gigihadid 🌻🌻🌻💛💛💛💛

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@jacquemus 2020 @ Home / by my angel friends Simón& @blackpierreange ... Best few hours... 💛 Reconnecting.... 💛

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What’s up guys 😇

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Little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest... 💛💛 @julietjohnstone 💛