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5 days ago

Keep applying pressure on ‘em!!💪🏾😤 “ They don’t care about us “ out now! ✅ ( Link in my bio ) #Discipline4TheWin #TeamUlysse 🤜🏾🥊1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ @jrulysse

2 weeks ago

More luv and power to everybody supporting my last video, but most importantly for supporting the message✊🏾✊🏻✊✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼.. With that being said, I just wanna know why Instagram and Facebook won’t let me promote it???

3 weeks ago

First things first, R.I.P. the king of Pop who passed away 11 years ago today 🙏🏾🕊.. I dedicate this song to everybody fighting the fight against racism, police brutality and to all the fallen heroes we lost since the beginning of time.. Shouts out to @rj_cham for producing this fire beat🔥.. Stand for something or fall for anything ✊🏾✊🏿✊✊🏻✊🏽✊🏼.. “ They don’t care about us “ Out now! ✅ ( Link in my bio☝🏾 ) 🎥: @houseofanubisproductions #7AVEHOA #TheyDontCareAboutUs #NoJusticeNoPeace #ICantBreathe #BLM

4 weeks ago

If my big bros holla “ get ‘em B!! “ you know I’m gon’ get ‘em! 😤.. New video on the way⏳... 🤞🏾💙💪🏾1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ @biglou7ave @pridebarrow #7AVEHOA 📸: @houseofanubisproductions

4 weeks ago

DEAD PRESIDENTS 🎥... @jewelzmunroe 📸: @houseofanubisproductions MUA: @ask4lola

last month

Some of us are still too pissed to even find the words, so i’m a just leave this here.. No likes needed, just pay attention...

last month


last month

“ For every ni**a in the streets tryna feed the babies / The single mamas workin’ hard not to miss a payment/ “ - Nipsey Hussle .. Shouts out to @shopashgotit and her big giveaway! 💪🏾.. Tap in with my homegirl and see how you can get a chance to win a Nipsey Hussle ( R.I.P. 🕊 ) crewnecc 🏁.. The winner will be announced on May 24th, 🗣don’t miss your chance!! 🎯💯💯

Apr 2020

Shouts out to the big homie @dbornready .. I got my bottle 🍾💪🏾💯💯 @blackbottleboyscanada #BBBC #7ave

Apr 2020

I like to get fly after a nice workout.. So fly, sometimes it’s hard to recognize myself🚶🏾‍♂️😂😂🎲🎲🎲... #DontRushChallenge #StayHome

Mar 2020

#TMC 🏁

Mar 2020

We drink🥃, we smoke💨, but most importantly, we work 💪🏾.. Shouts out to @long_life_productions for this 🎯💯💯 @pridebarrow @azpersian68 @tdh .ziggy @misaofficiel

Mar 2020

Free all my niggaz🤞🏾💙... #Message #WashYourHands 🤲🏾 #CoronaVirus

Mar 2020

A wise man once told me, A diamond in the ruff is still a diamond 💎... #AgainstAllOdds 🤞🏾💙💪🏾💯💯💯 @pridebarrow 📸: @houseofanubisproductions

Mar 2020

“Luv me when i die” out now!! I dedicate this one to all the legends we lost 🕊.. Link in my bio 🎯💯💯 #LegendsNeverDie 🙏🏾 🎥: @houseofanubisproductions

Mar 2020

What they hate in you, is missin’ in them.. Keep shinin’ ✨👑 💪🏾💯💯💯 #bts 🎥 @houseofanubisproductions

Mar 2020

03/08/20 ⏳... @houseofanubisproductions

Feb 2020

This a #ValentinesDay gift from me, my brotha from anotha @pridebarrow and the homie @thankyouivan on the keys 🎹.. I dedicate this one to all the REAL solid ones.. And to the girlfriend I never had🤞🏾💙🌹💯💯💯.. I hope y’all make babies to this 😉😎💦💦... Link in 👉🏾 @biglou7ave 👈🏾 bio ... #WhereDoIBegin #HappyValentinesDay 🌹 #7AVEHOA Artwork: @djcrowd

Feb 2020

New video ft @pridebarrow Out on YouTube now!🔥🔥🔥.. Link in my bio☝🏾, let’s get it!! 🎯💪🏾💯💯 @houseofanubisproductions @dino_cesar_production_ @jamal_jackson_filmmaker @acebankz_ #FuccThatRapShit 🖕🏾 #HOA #7ave

Feb 2020

New video droppin' tomorrow⏳.. Let's get it!! 🎯💪🏾💯💯 @pridebarrow @acebankz_ @houseofanubisproductions @dino_cesar_production_ @jamal_jackson_filmmaker #FuccThatRapShit 💨 #bringinbaccTheOldMe 🖕🏾 #HOA #7ave

Jan 2020

This too much smh... #RIP 🕊🖤

Jan 2020

Haters don’t count☝🏾... #Mood4Life #bts #HOA #7ave 📸: @jamal_jackson_filmmaker

Nov 2019

We come from a place where gun smoke💨 is more common than cigarette smoke💨 @traditionel .apparel #LookForMe #DaKid #FootOnTheyNecc 📸: @1206_studio