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I make concept art, build things, and work on cars. 🏎: 71’ Datsun 240z 🚜: 13’ WRX 🏍: 88’ Ninja 600R . Build Videos ⬇️

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14 hours ago

New video up on YouTube! In today’s episode, I get all the damaged parts off of the WRX, stripping it down to some mad-max-looking-thing. Link in my bio!


I’ve been on a bit of a mission to build my own widebody kit for a while now. I don’t talk about it much, but on the sidelines I’m learning new software and tinkering with production processes. I’m 100% torn on what to do with my Datsun. Part of me wants a stock body with perfect fitment, and part of me wants to say fuck it and go all out. It’s a truly beautiful platform that has so much untouched potential in terms of body work. . If not this car, the next, but I can’t wait much longer 😂😭 . HDRI by @tikistudiosdetroit

2 days ago

When mafia meets tuner...

3 days ago

Just a peachy boi 🍑

4 days ago

I’ve always thought the Pagani Huayra was an ugly car with beautiful accents. For example, the front end shows some strong resemblance of a blobfish, although the headlights are these futuristic James Bond looking things. . In all seriousness, I really like how this one turned out! I think the updated aero and over-fenders brings a whole new look to the car. Feels like something Batman would drive 🤣 . HDRI by @tikistudiosdetroit Wheels by @1221wheels

6 days ago

I love details. I can’t wait till I can shoot cars again in the real, digital is fun, but it’s nice to get out sometimes 🌞

2 weeks ago

Full set of the Ram from my Drift Truck Series a couple weeks ago. Featuring some new (WIP ) over-fenders that I’ve been tweaking with. Also love this thing in black! . . On another note, hope you guys enjoyed that new episode I uploaded yesterday. I can’t wait to get the WRX fixed and on the road again; might have a few (bigger ) plans for it down the line ; )

2 weeks ago

Meet my new car. Reveal on YouTube, link in my bio. Learn how I picked up a 2013 WRX for $4800!

2 weeks ago

New Build Reveal going up on YouTube tomorrow at 8AM PT! I’ve been dying to share this new car with you guys but I’ve been backlogged on editing Datsun videos 😭. I CAN’T WAIT! . . Also, here’s an RS6 wagon I rendered up a while ago. It’s pretty thic 😝 . . HDRI by none other than @tikistudiosdetroit

2 weeks ago

Some detail shots of the widebody Vulcan from a few days ago. Really loving how the the carbon fiber sticks out here. . . Tried some new lighting techniques here too. I definitely like the results of trying to replicate the environments lights, but these images took 4X as long to render 😅 . Wheels by @nxs_wheels HDRI by @tikistudiosdetroit

2 weeks ago

When it’s the apocalypse, but tuner is life 😭. Absolutely love the meaty tires here by @falkenaustralia . What would be your go-to ride for the end of the world?

2 weeks ago

Thickest booty in the business ☠️ . Full set of the Bugatti Veyround. Featuring a slightly wider body, some updated lights, and most importantly... chopped springs 😪. Couldn’t find any aftermarket coil overs for this thing, so I had to resort to drastic measures ✂️✂️

2 weeks ago

Something cool I got to work on with @trillbillswagginz , last picture is of the real car. He reached out to me a while back looking to see what a chrome wrap and some alternative fitment would look like on his 240; I’d say it looks SICK. . Happy Birthday bud 🎂🎉

3 weeks ago

Now that I’ve had a taste for hypercar, I figured I’d try out one of my favorites. Introducing a OE/molded widebody Vulcan 🥶 . Dropped a new episode yesterday as well, link in my bio 📺

3 weeks ago

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! Here’s a slammed Bugatti to burn your eyes with ☺️🎉 . New episode dropping today at 1PM PT 😜

3 weeks ago

Yeethaw 🤠 . . I wasn’t too ecstatic about how my last poll turned out, but I figured I’d make the best of it; introducing the Drift Trak! . . It’s an all purpose tractor that can’t do tractor things besides pull your other tractors to do tractor stuff on your tractor farm. Tractor that!

3 weeks ago

$200 eBay coilovers on a $2,000,000 Koenigsegg, life is good 😭🤣 . . I think its about time to ruin some hypercars, because what’s more fun than making a bunch of Karens cry? In my last post I asked you guys what car you wanted to see done, and you gave me a f*ing tractor... So we’ll see about that....... but more of these are definitely coming

3 weeks ago

Full set of the AWD Integra from yesterday 😈 Comment what cars you want to see next and the highest voted comment will get kitted and dropped ☠️ . ALSO, today is the last day to get entered to win a sticker pack/poster of your choice. Just like/comment on my most recent YouTube video (link in bio ) and you’re all set. I’ll pick winners tomorrow morning 🤘🤘 . HDRI by @tikistudiosdetroit

3 weeks ago

Rework of my Teggy from a LONG time ago. Always thought these cars were some of the better looking Hondas/Acuras. Full set coming soon ☠️ . . If any of you guys didn’t see my post from yesterday, I’m doing another Poster Giveaway! Check the post before this for details on how to win a poster of ANY car I’ve ever rendered, and a pack of my die-cut stickers 🤑

3 weeks ago

Teardown of the 50 year old L24 engine is up on YouTube! Link in bio 📺 . Alsooo, I’m doing another POSTER GIVEAWAY! - What you’ll get - . - 1 poster of any render I’ve ever made (13” x 19” ) - 1 sticker pack (1 of each of my die cuts ) . - What you have to do - - follow the link in my bio and Like/Comment on this video, that’s it, I’ll pick 2 winners in 72hrs 🤘

4 weeks ago

New YouTube episode dropping again on Tuesday at 8am. I’m pushing to make this a weekly thing! 🤘 . Also, a lot of you guys wanted to see more of the Focus from a few weeks back, so here it is in a color that’s easier to look at 😜 . HDRI by @tikistudiosdetroit

4 weeks ago

Drift Truck 3/4! The 620 is by far my favorite of the trucks picked for the Drift Truck Series. I absolutely love small pickups and obviously have a thing for Datsuns 🤪

4 weeks ago

Drift Truck 2/4. Finally able to get back to this series after a bit of a break! This Ram features a new open fender design I’m working on (which I’ll have more of to share when I do a full set 😜 ), some extra deep TE37’s, and aero from the last time I did a Ram. Turned out pretty sleek/mean imo, but let me know what you guys think! - Also, thank you @tikistudiosdetroit for this incredible HDRI 😍

4 weeks ago

Some progress shots of the 240z! I absolutely love this project and am having so much fun tearing it all apart. . For those of you who don’t follow my YouTube channel (same as here... BradBuilds... link in my bio ) the cars interior has been stripped as well as the engine is out and has been disassembled (engine tear down video coming next week ). . . More about YouTube... I was off to a slow start with uploading videos (once a month ) but I think I have a good enough workflow to say I’ll be uploading once a week from now on. More than that... I will be starting ANOTHER build on the channel very soon. It will be much more tame, but it should be fun to make/watch. Datsun videos maybe put on a slight hold (we’ll see, maybe I’ll just make more videos ) as the new car needs to be finished ASAP for daily driving purposes. . I’m very excited to share the new car with you guys and if you haven’t seen the previous 240z build videos, check out my YouTube channel. If you have seen them, thank you for watching! I appreciate you guys 🤘