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Kirdaaron mein uljha uljha jag saara 22 | KMC🎓

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2 weeks ago

Desperately need some golgappas, momos and China boxes in my life right now.

3 weeks ago

I don't think one day is ever going to be enough to honour what our mothers do for us. But there is no specific timeframe that would be enough in the first place. So, thank you for being who you are. I love you. Oh, and I promise to eat ghar ka khana more often. #ServingSomeNostalgiaForDinner

last month

I've been thinking about how safely sitting at home, worrying about not enough groceries or medicines stocked up, being able to scroll through the gallery and post old pictures on social media is a privilege in itself. If you are sitting at home cribbing about what to do with so much time on your hands, count your blessings. You are safe under your roofs and not everyone is.

Feb 2020

"Kon hai vo, jisne dubara mudke mere dramatic hairflip ko nahi dekha? Who is he?"

Feb 2020

The Lorelai Gilmore to my Lorelai Gilmore ❤️ Thank you for existing and making my existence better. Here's to your 22nd 🥂 I love you 3001 @akansha_05

Jan 2020

I shared this on Facebook a long time back. Now it seems more appropriate than ever.

Dec 2019

Nov 2019

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting ever since this song came out to say I'm feeling 22.

Nov 2019

Nov 2019

I could write books about how awesome this person is and how many people I would kill for her. But that is also why I won't write a long sappy caption for you here. Happy Birthday, Epcita! Thank you for being who you are. It makes the world a little more bearable.

Nov 2019

Can someone please teach me how to photoshop my eyes so that they look, idk um, barely visible?

Oct 2019

Major Geet-from-Bhatinda vibes ✔️ #KoiDoubtMatRakhnaDilMein

Oct 2019

Felt a little extra useless today, so here you go.

Oct 2019

A friend once told me He wanted to paint the sky. He said “it’s too white it doesn’t make me smile anymore.” It seems as if it’s running out of blue. He wished he could colour it purple, though he liked pink more. He said it’s because purple is neither too dark nor too light, a perfect mix; a shade everyone will like and a sky everyone will love. And I wonder how many times we mix our palletes because either one is too bright or another doesn’t glow. I wonder how many times we fill ourselves with colours hoping to be someone everyone will like but not one we love. #FeltLikeSharing #WillDefinitelyDeleteLater #GoodbyeToTheWriterInsideMe #AnxietyIncomingHahaha #Pride #SelfLove Ok, bye.

Oct 2019

A series of poses that should(but won't ) make me want to disown myself. #DramaticAF

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Sep 2019

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Aug 2019

Ever seen someone willingly upload old embarrassing pictures?

Aug 2019

Never too late to post pictures, I guess

Jul 2019

Happy-go-lucky ray of fkn sunshine