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guitar and whatnot..Vulfpeck and others CLICK LINK 4 NEW ALBUM!

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3 days ago

new single today! Bluebird feat @christhile . FUNNNNN!! scope it wherever you listen to music and tell me if my experiment of ‘funk goes acoustic’ works or not!

2 weeks ago

the fearless flyers recruitment office has issued a challenge called #FrontTheFlyers ...green screen yourself fronting the flyers and let’s see whatchugot!

3 weeks ago

hey @tommisch remember this tune we wrote in 2 minutes because we didn’t wanna quit jamming after recording Cosmic Sans?!? demo for our own memory sake. let’s cut it when we’re in the same country again. *side note. #guitar is really fun to play with friends. this reminded me of being a kid again. just hanging out and playing music with no real agenda

4 weeks ago

the artistic pursuit sometimes reveals different sides of a person when going through the creative process. this music reflects the contemplative times since sequester started in mid march. my guiding light as an artist has been ‘joy’. although that normally manifests as something overtly energetic and fun...’joy’ is not a one dimensional target. i hope this album is something to help you reflect on joy in a different way. — also. sometimes my friends will say, ‘hey u see what that guy said about you in that video’ 🙄...in february petar showed me a rant of some guy saying i was a ‘one trick pony’...to which i had to ask myself. ‘am i a one trick pony?’....i guess i had to make this album to prove it to myself

4 weeks ago

yogi horton inspired groove. F minor 122bpm let’s see those overdubs. winner gets hired. #guitar gear nerds are always asking about gear so i will oblige...so... @fender stratocaster @nordstrandaudio bass @neuraldsp archetype CW amps @petarjdrumss on drums/perc @avidtechnology #protools for tracking @lululemon pants ( #comfort ) #shermanwilliams paint 😂😂😂

4 weeks ago

COME ON!!! i will be live on my FB page at 1pm CST TODAY to go through a bunch of guitar AND bass sounds using this plugin. there’s a 14 day free trial of u wanna try it. I DARE YOU. #guitar #plugin

5 weeks ago

I’VE GOT A PLUGIN! so stoked to introduce the Archetype: Cory Wong. link in bio. for guitar players who want clean guitar tone heavennn 3 amps *d.i. funk console *the clean machine *the amp snob 3 cabs wah envelope filter compressor tube overdrive big overdrive delay verb FUN

last month

experiment in vulnerability. my speaking voice has always been really loud. BUT. i found that when i SING in a softer almost…speak singing way…it has a distinct character to it. so i’ve been exploring it and trying to lean into it. i don’t plan on singing much. i’m a guitar player, and i realize that’s currently what’s most compelling about my artistry. but it’s fun to experiment and sing one of my favorite songs 1. the target i shoot at while i’m singing is = Kermit meets Ringo meets Cake 2. i’ve never taken a piano solo on an album and that was fun to do 3. i tried doing the upright bass part and it just was NOT happening. so i had @sethtacks do it. d.i. and an sm57. actually turned out sounding really dope after i used some mixing wizardry. 4. i decided to add a little instrumental hook to give it a more ‘cory wong’ feel. make it more of my own thing. but still honoring the incredible original @paulmccartney vibe

last month

HOLD UP! @theokatzman put the larry carlton kid charlemagne finger tap lick AND the joe walsh whole step bend and slide IN ONE LICK?!! (he actually did the walsh thing as the alternative hammer-on and slide ). ALSO. keep the guitars d.i. and it’s all of a sudden NOT a punk song. #shorts #stripes

last month

fearless flyers behind the scenes action 1. last hit of the session/album for the horns. with celebration and hugs (Jan2020 ) 2. D.I. sounds tracking ambush 3-4. rehearsal 5. between takes producers notes 6. boots 7-8. axes 📷: @pashariger 🔥🔥🔥

last month

my dads been there through thick and thin! always the first to encourage, first to say congrats after getting off the stage (at MSG second photo ), and even the first to tell me when i’ve gotta step up my game🙄.....happy father’s day dad!!

last month

B7. 120bpm. shedding some slap bari. takes 1 and 2. someone add something cool to it? #guitar players where u atttt

last month

live at first ave. video premier on my FB tonight. 8pm CST. highlight reel here so u can see what i are in for. 2 sets. backstage antics. there will be a donate button which will go directly to Billingsley School of Music and Arts. “BSOMA empowers underserved youth in Minneapolis with a transformative, high-quality, and urban music education experience that develops the behaviors and artistic skills needed for a successful life and artistic career. Our Impact We love music more than anything. But lessons are expensive and the music learned does not reflect our cultural experiences. Music mentors give discounted lessons with major performance opportunities. Original music groups are created and perform around the World. Students gain deep love and appreciation for the arts. Something that is cool is that this Fall we are solely focused on serving kids in the inner city who have lost their parents to gun violence, death, or police violence. We’re focused on giving free lessons and instruments to Philando Castille’s kids, George Floyd’s children, and many others.” @davidbillingsleykeys

last month

“if you don’t have a concept, you’ve got a misconception” #scofield this dude is a ledge!!!!

last month

a message for those of you feeling “fatigue” from the current news cycle if you are fatigued from one week of people posting to fight for racial justice and social change... imagine the generations before you having to go through slavery segregation several civil rights movements seeing video after video of people being killed or chased down because of the color of their skin…. THAT’S what you should be “fatigued” of! these past couple of weeks are a culmination of so many things. this isn’t the first time this has happened in the Twin Cities (Philando Castile ). and there’s endless accounts from around the country. (Ahmaud, Beonna, Trayvon, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, Micheal Brown, etc )…all of these in the last few years?! if you’re feeling tense about taking about these injustices. maybe its a sign for you to take a deeper look within yourself to see how you can GROW and LEARN. if you don’t feel compelled to take action. the least you can do is educate yourself on the injustices people are fighting for, what people mean when they say they want drastic changes in law enforcement. and maybe after you’ve absorbed all of that...you most likely WILL feel compelled to get up and ACT. many of the great lessons in life can be learned from nature. one of the most incredible lessons in growth is the life cycle of a butterfly *i explain in the video i personally am continuing to grow; absorbing information about antiquated policies and laws that have been place for years. learning about my privilege. learning about ways that certain cities have applied techniques to drastically reduce physical force from police. but also how i can use my passion and calling as an artist to help make a better more loving world. last week i posted that i’m committing to give away all my income from this month to organizations and communities that are helping the cause. but some of you have shared other great organizations that could use help as well. so i’ll put them in my stories and pin to my profile so u can donate if you want. or just to learn about some programs they are out there. ☮️♥️cory

Jun 2020

i stand with the Black community and for the equal treatment of all people regardless of race. personally i commit to these things: LISTENING. to the community leaders and people who have been effected by years of inequality being physically present in the community to help and support those in need. prayer and intercession for the entire situation. and to examine my own heart/intentions raise funds for organizations in my community and around the country fighting for justice 100% of my streaming royalties for this month will be donated to organizations around the Twin Cities to help Black community organizations and other organizations who are providing support for POC. some examples are…George Floyd Memorial Fund, Black Visions Collective MN, Reclaim The Block, We Love Lake Street, Know Your Rights Camp, Campaign Zero, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (medic station and resource for those protesting this last week ), Asian American Organizing Project, Migizi, and others. i’m going to do a couple live stream shows on Live From Out There, 100% of the money i get from that will go to non-profit organizations helping our community i’m going to do a premier of “Live at First Ave” from my minneapolis show feat. Antwaun Stanley and Caleb Hawley with an option for people to donate. all donations and income from that album will be donated to non-profit organizations helping our community all of my income from June will be donated. YES i mean it...even in the midst of the pandemic, i think it’s important for us to force ourselves to be stretched and uncomfortable. the fight for justice is much more important than money

May 2020

@jonbatiste and i have a new album out today. it feels a little weird to talk about an album when there’s so much hurt going on in the world….correction. that there’s been so much hurt going on in the world that is now being brought to the forefront of our minds and the storefronts of our cities. I biked around the Twin Cities yesterday and saw building after building boarded up. There’s smoke and debris in the air coming from both Minneapolis and St. Paul. my heart aches in solidarity for those who have dealt with systematic oppression and the communities that have been torn apart. This album is one that Jon and i had a concept for built around duets between he and i, but with the atmosphere of a hammond b3 @sam .yahel , and an earthy and organic rhythm/heartbeat @natesmithdrums . it’s actually feels oddly fitting to have this record come out today because of the contemplative, healing nature of the music. if you have 30 minutes to reflect today, please put it on and let it take your mind to a new place

May 2020

a podcast. yes. @premierguitar and @fender asked me to host it and i’m stoked! link in bio. episode 0 is up now and the season officially kicks off next week. weekly interviews w people like... GEORGE BENSON JOHN SCOFIELD MOLLY TUTTLE ERIC JOHNSON JAMES VALENTINE BELA FLECK ROB HARRIS SEAN HURLEY YVETTE YOUNG JOE SATRIANI AND MORE....

May 2020

we recorded this a year ago after @vulfpeck was playing red rocks. i found a place called decibel garden that looked like a cool little studio in denver. (we tacked in a couple days of recording around each gig we did last year ). i remember thinking everything about the tune felt like it should be a hook and that’s what we’re always striving for. darts bass line was going to be such a signature thing and we knew jack and antwaun had something tite cooking up for the melody. woody found a little ocarina sitting next to the keyboard and just decided last minute to throw it on. it was incredible the way it worked with his keyboard part. i wanted to have some sort of iconic line that could match and give momentum to the chorus so i did a line that reminded me of “its your thing” by the isley bros. after the first take, joey said ‘that’s the kind of line everyone’s gonna have to play on instagram’....ok guitarists. let’s see those descending 6ths lines!!

May 2020

found the one thing harder and more rewarding than practicing m7b5 arpeggios. #parenting #momblog

Apr 2020

FEARLESS FLYERS ARE BACK. vinyl preorder available at vulfpeck.com so stoked about this record.

Apr 2020

have we tried injecting triplets?

Apr 2020

lars speaks. i listen. €onsummate rhythm #guitar player loves riffs. @codyfry left hand on lock

Apr 2020

friday! i’m doing a live stream at 7pmCST/8pmEST. one lucky viewer will get a free @fender Vintera series guitar! FOR REAL! purchase tix link in bio. proceeds for show benefit artists, crews, and @sweetreliefmusiciansfund @livefromoutthere let’s do thissss