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LaCroix or La Croix (/ləˈkrɔɪ/; ) is an American brand of carbonated water that originated in La Crosse, Wisconsin by G. Heileman Brewing Company and is now distributed by National Beverage Corporation. Some original flavors include pamplemousse, lemon, lime, cran-raspberry, orange, coconut, berry, apricot, passionfruit, tangerine, peach-pear, mango and pure. The mixed LaCroix flavors are melon pomelo, mure pepino, pina fraise, pomme baya, coconut cola, coffea exotica, cubana and lacola.[

Apr 2020

i’ve been having the best week. taking long road trips to the beach, practicing taking very normal selfies, meeting billie eilish, and being crowned king of youtube (all while learning to skateboard ). best week of my life probably!

Mar 2020

social dinstinsting 🤗

Mar 2020

nice vacation good vacation fun vacation

Feb 2020

my biggest fan 🥰 📸 @sarahholickphoto

Jan 2020

bad news everyone, my cousin @zayden_is_long isn’t gonna try to be an instagram model anymore cuz he remembered he was just me in a wig. he asks that you respect his privacy in this trying time and thanks you for understanding ❤️ also new video about this whole thing is up on my channel

Jan 2020

my cousins only birthday wish is to be an instagram model. plz donate as much clout as you see fit @zayden_is_long

Jan 2020

happy birthday nice birthday girl (our knight died a brutal and cowardly death )

Dec 2019

couple of banquet boys ready for a night out on the town

Nov 2019

felt moose might delete later

Oct 2019

😎 (📸 @jakedoolittle )

Oct 2019

And that’s a wrap! The tour is over! Choked on some confetti! I don’t mean to be sappy but damn this was an amazing experience and something I never thought I’d be able to do. Thanks to everyone that took a chance and came to see some youtubers performing the first show they’ve ever written you rule 🥳 (📸 @jakedoolittle )

Oct 2019

they were playing pitbull at the rock and roll hall of fame yesterday and let’s just say... it was pretty rock and roll 😏🤘 (📸 @jakedoolittle )

Oct 2019

went exploring last night. conquered the wilderness! didn’t get eaten by a rock. had great times with friends. not typing this from inside a rock that ate me. (📸 @jakedoolittle )

Sep 2019

on the news!

Sep 2019

Oh last night? Yeah. It was kind of a movie 😏🤩🎥🔥😎 ( 📸 @jakedoolittle )

Sep 2019

looking for a friend!

Sep 2019

See you soon Illinois 🤩 (📸 @jakedoolittle )

Sep 2019

rehearsing for the big day(s )! (get your tickys link in bio ) pics by @jakedoolittle

Jul 2019

on the way!

Jul 2019

With the guys

Jun 2019

ready to dive!

Jun 2019

YOU FOOLS. I wasn’t really in a grocery store in that picture I posted two weeks ago. I was in JAPAN at TOKYO DISNEYLAND. I pretended to not go on vacation and you all had no idea. You should see the look on all your faces. And so should I, cuz I can’t. But I wish I could 😏 I had a lot of fun in Japan

Jun 2019

I was really excited to post this picture but as I was editing it I realized how dark and soulless my eyes look. The more I looked at it I started to feel deeply disturbed and got chills down my back and now my whole house is cold and my dog is barking at seemingly nothing. I also keep finding drawers and cabinets open that I know I closed. Anyways I had a lot of fun in this little glass box plz enjoy the photo : )