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I went to a time travel convention tomorrow. New @TFIL Series is up! Support our clothing line! @SendIt

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2 weeks ago

Sorry for being a “bad social media person” & not posting that often. We’ve been living in the motorhome taking it day by day & life has been pretty wonderful. Still so many beautiful places left to see in this world with my beautiful lady.

3 weeks ago

We needed some shade 😛🐶🐶

3 weeks ago

Someone PLEASE make a Wikipedia page on “how to ruin beautiful pictures with bad poses” & make this the only thing in that article. I will give FIVE WHOLE united states dollars as reward.

4 weeks ago

Can’t wait until we can see the world again. Stay safe everyone & come out of this stronger with more ambition to chase your dreams than you’ve ever had.

last month

He loves me - He loves me not - He definitely loves me not ☹️

last month

The best my girlfriend has ever looked in a pic 😍😍

last month

Our 8 Day trip in 80 seconds. Starts April 12th at 10AM! New vid every Sunday!

last month

Two of these lovebirds will mate for a lifetime. Can you guess which? 🙃

last month

Times are strange right now so we’re giving away $1,000 to 20 people 🎉🤙🏼 Just follow @SendIt & tag some pals on their post. That’s it! (Ps. That’s our clothing line’s account )

Mar 2020

She wanted a cute picture. I gave her this. Double tap for true love 😍😍😍

Mar 2020

What you ate last + your street name = my superhero name. Ready. Set. Go!

Mar 2020

Instead of “resting bitch face” it seems we have “permanent thumbnail face” // Never thought the day I’d go back to the Grand Canyon we’d bring our Dennys’ waiter. Part 2 of our Throwing a Dart at a Map series is up!

Mar 2020

Welcome to the family, Thunder! Almost exactly 10 years from when I got Sparta at spcaLA, we adopted another fluff = )

Mar 2020

The newest TFIL series has started! We threw a dart at a map & DROVE to where it landed... 7 days of amazing people & adventures. It’s something much different from us but I hope you’ll tune in! (Link in bio to Episode 1 )

Feb 2020

I guess I started making TikToks even though I have no idea what I’m doing. Feel free to follow me & my stupidity. 💁🏻‍♂️

Feb 2020

It’s pretty amazing that I get to spend the rest of my life with you ☺️ & if things ever get rough or break down, I know my mechanic can fix you.

Feb 2020

Got about 1/2 an inch away from losing an eyeball but hey, i’m still golden. This was the only bad moment of a trip that spanned 14 days, 3 continents & 7 countries - so I’ll take that as a victory. Quite excited for you all to see the upcoming TFIL vids!

Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day expectations vs reality

Feb 2020

I dare you to tell us we ain’t cute

Feb 2020

Asked her to paint a portrait of me. How talented is she?? 😍

Jan 2020

Waiting for Sports Illustrated to put me in the next swimsuit edition

Jan 2020

She loves me 😍😍😍

Jan 2020

Hey! We want YOU to challenge TFIL! Comment below with an absurd task you want us to do during our next 7 day road trip! Keep it PG, reasonable, CREATIVE & $0 to do. We’ll put them all in a hat & pick a new one each day. BRING. IT. ON. 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

Jan 2020

I was told their names are Orion & Cocoa. More like Terror & Vile☹️ **Leave an emoji & say hello! I haven’t posted a pic in a month 😅