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6 days ago

•im writing this @ midnight so warning if some of this doesn’t make sense as may is coming to an end, i want to remind everyone that may is not only the month that brings flowers after april showers, but it is also mental health month. mental health is so so important. it’s so important to check up on yourself, especially in times like these. it’s okay to feel like you’re not yourself, or that you’re not 100% on your A game. everyone needs to have a mental health day. go outside, call a friend, paint your nails, clean out that drawer you’ve been meaning to do this entire quarantine but haven’t already. self love is something that everyone needs to focus more on. whether you’ve found yourself or you are still finding the map, you are important. sometimes i forget that im the only person who is me. is that not crazy? nobody else will ever be living your life. nobody looks like you. YOU are your own person. here’s some random pictures of me living my life. social media shows only the happy moments, but there’s tears behind every smile. AND THAT IS OKAY!!! it’s okay to not have your life 100% together yet. if you’re reading this, i want to challenge you to call some people and check up on them. even if you just talked to them yesterday, call them today & just tell them you’re thinking about them. to add something else, check up on yourself also. 2020 has not turned out the way anyone has wanted. make sure to always check up on your happy friends. happy mental health month. you’re not alone 🦋🌈🌻☀️

1 weeks ago

Bust some moves out at the end

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Feels good 2 be back <3

3 weeks ago

@euphoria called, they want their look back

4 weeks ago

Swipe to see how we feel about graduation being a drive thru 😳

4 weeks ago

To the friends that turned into family, I love you class of 2020 🥺🥳🥰 #BOLTUP 💜⚡️

5 weeks ago

Excited to announce I’ll be attending Cape Fear in the fall to study FILM!🎥 (& living @ the beach 🤩 ) #SEADEVILS 💙

5 weeks ago

My wisdom teeth are now gone....... need some more wisdom!

last month

Yeah senior year didn’t go as planned but did @johnkrasinski host your prom?? #2020

last month

Decided to finally post a video talking about how I’ve been struggling with acne for so long & how I fixed it!! ☀️🌻 link in bio : ) )

last month

getting ready for no reason is now a hobby lol. hoping you all are staying positive & safe !!

Mar 2020

If lauren stays any longer my hair is going to get shorter 😪

Mar 2020


Mar 2020

Sorry I got shy at the end 🥴

Mar 2020

closing a chapter in my life that i never thought i would close #WV 💔

Jan 2020

MAN! I feel like a Woman! #WOMENSMARCH2020 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

Jan 2020

You were the best but also the worst year ever. 2020, I’m READY 🥳 #2019rewind

Jan 2020

They took friends off of netflix so 2020 is already off to a bad start 💔

Dec 2019


Dec 2019

There’s 363 days till Christmas and everyone already has their lights up?? #DEDICATION

Dec 2019

posting this so my mom knows where i am

Dec 2019

2 week break has me feeling good 😎🤝😎

Dec 2019

The last picture represents how I feel about losing to the redskins 🤢