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Oct 2019

I apologize for not posting yesterday my weigh in day after 3 months of weigh loss journey. And here it is ladies and gentlemen, I got good news. I kinda do look like I lost some weight, but if you guys swipe right, you guys will see my actuall weight. It will show you how much kg I weigh now. I think I am proud of myself. Did you guys see it? What did you guys think about my weight? Leave in the comments below. Last time I was 85 kg. I haven't been posting in long time, but here I am. I probably will be posting stories every week to show you guys how much did I lose weight for the last 1 week. Maybe. Hope you guys are taking care of yourself and have a nice day!

Aug 2019

Faze is Awesome. Shoutout to @fazeclan and to all faze members: @fazerug , @banks , @thefazeadapt , @fazekay , @fazejarvis , @blazifyy , @teeqo , @temperrr , @fazesway , @nordan , @apex , @faze_censor , @cizzorz , @fazenikan , @mito , @fazeorba , @mongraal_ and more faze members. Go follow them all on youtube and their social medias. #fazeup

Jul 2019

Well, let's start this again. The weight loss journey. Yepp. I know my last weight loss journeys failed but this time it is going to work. Some of my friends gave me many tips about losing weight. Go follow his snapchat. His snapchat is hsandnes88 and follow his Instagram account too. His Instagram account is heikesandnes. And I decided to take a picture of myself and show you guys how I look like now. Now I am at about 86 kg and then after 3 months I am going to take a picture of myself again and show you guys and myself how I look like and how much did I change myself. So my goal is to get down to 70 kg. So wish me luck guys. I will see you guys after 3 months.

Jun 2019

Happy birthday my favourite youtuber and youtube rapper @ksi . You have been inspiring me so much since the joe weller fight. You are one of the most funniest youtuber I've ever seen in my life. I am still watching you everyday. Keep up the good work, JJ. And please squash the beef between you and @comedygamer cause I am tired of seeing you guys fighting each other. Brothers never fight each other. Please squash the beef between you two. Again Happy 26th birthday bro.

Apr 2019

🍕🍕🍕Guess the toppings on the delicuous pizza. If you guys want me to do food review videos, then if this post hits 100 likes and 50 comments, I will definitely do food review videos and eating challenges on my youtube channel.

Mar 2019

1 month later - I think I need to train more, but I do got trainingplans, but that time when I was at 85.0 kg, I didn't have trainingplans and in the meantime after I posted that picture that I was at 85.0 kg, I was trying to find some training but I couldn't, but I do got some trainings. But why am I at 85.1, cause in the meantime I was eating some snacks but not on Monday till Friday and when weekends started, I started eating snacks cause sometimes you do gotta eat some snacks if you want, but don't cross the line with snacks. Also leave me some training suggestions for what type of training you guys want me to do and what type of training I should do. And if you guys know which training will make me lose faster weight and get six packs in 30 days let me know. But don't comment some hard trainings cause I weight at 85 kg, so make sure to comment some easy trainings. Comment for example ''You should 5 push ups every day. Like make sure to tell me how many do I need to do push ups or sit ups or how much time do I need to stretch on plank. Wish me luck and love you guys all.

Feb 2019

Gonna start doing training guys. Wish me luck. My goal is to lose weight to 60 kg. Or maybe 65. Love you guys all have a nice day.

Jan 2019

Just got this Brian's Nissan Skyline GT-R from 2 Fast 2 Furious phone case. I really love it and btw if you guys didn't know, this car is my favourite car. Do you guys like the quality for this, let me know in the comments. And I am going to start posting pictures with good quality. Please get this to 500 likes and Paul Walker would really appreciate that. If we get 100 likes, I will give all of you guys shoutouts. In honor of Paul Walker. #RipPaulWalker #PaulWalkersForLife #TeamPW

Jan 2019

Today is my 16th birthday, can you imagane how high that numb er is. Well Today is my birthday and I didn't expect the ps4 gift cause I never in my life got a ps4, I have played it many times in my friends's houses. Leave some comments below and wish me some birthday comments. You can either use #16th and comment my birthday wish. Let's get this post to 50 likes and I would really appreciate but can we get 100 comments then I would REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE that for my birthday. I love you guys all and happy New year.

Dec 2018

My cousin

Dec 2018

This time is even better and omg this is SICK. My plan now is not cut my hair till at the end of the 2019. Leave some comments below and I know you guys gonna love this. Shoutout to one that made my hair sick, they don't Instagram and I wish they could cause I really wanted to give them a shoutout, but still the one that made my hair sick, is the best ones ever. This picture has to go to 100 likes and I will follow one of you guys whoever liked this Instagram post, but if this picture gets 50 likes, I will give all of you guys shoutouts. Love you guys so much and have a nice New years eve. goodbye 2018 and welcome 2019.

Dec 2018

This picture was photographed by my father on desember of 5th and I was all dressed up for the Christmas party. What do you guys think about me dressed up? Leave some comments below and let's hit 100 likes and I will really appreciate that and I will follow one of you guys whoever liked this Instagram post and give one of you guys shoutouts. Oh and make sure to me follow too. Love you guys.

Dec 2018

Happy birthday @comedygamer . You have always inspired to me and you the best and funniest youtuber i’ve ever seen. I am always here for you and watching every video you uploading. #comedygamer #comedyshortsgamer #deji #subscribeTodeji

Dec 2018

We want you to subscribe to PewDiePie. Don’t let T-series cross. And btw, follow all of his social medias too. #PewDiePie . #SubscribeToPewDiePie #GetPewDiePieTo100MilSubs

Nov 2018

Well guys, today was the day and my last day with my hair. R.I.P hair. This time O got a new and cooler haircut today. Let me know in the comments of what do you guys think about my hair. Let’s get this picture to 50 likes and I will really appreciate that.

Oct 2018

Yeah. Another picture. That’s all I have to say. What else do I have to say? Hmm, good question. Well I don’t know. Maybe you guys know. Comment down below of what do you guys think I have to say more about this picture. It’s just the picture of me smiling to the camera you know.

Oct 2018

Finally new picture. I am now on vacation in Skjeberg, in East Norway. And we have Autumn holiday right now and that means that we not gonna have school in 1 week till next sunday. Hope you guys have a great Autumn holiday.

Sep 2018

Happy friday everybody. So This picture has been photographed yesterday by my dad on my dad’s phone. If you see the hand in the picture, that is actually me. If you are wondering where we bought this ice cream, it was at a small market store where they sell candy’s, drinks and ice creams, like I said, we bought this ice cream in a market store. If you are wondering where that market place is, all you have to do is just go to downtown Sandnes and near the market place there is a bus station. So you just go there and buy this ice cream or whatever kind of ice cream you want because they have different types of ice cream. Good Luck with all you guys and have a nice friday and a nice weekend.

Sep 2018

What’s the different between these 2 pictures? Oh and btw, the pizza on the right side is with pepperoni and the left side is with salami and if you don’t know what kind of food is salami, basically it is a meat food and if you don’t know what salami looks like, you can google it and you will find out what salami looks like, but you can see that there is salami on the pizza on left side and that is what salami looks like. Have good day guys.

Sep 2018


Sep 2018

I just got new haircut today. What do you guys think about my new haircut?

Aug 2018

This one is Modern house 14 and I think it’s really nice house and big. Come watch my Instagram story right now, there is a suprise for you guys.

Aug 2018

I am finally home in Norway and I couldn’t play Minecraft because we were so tired after we came home and we came home last week sunday morning and it was probably 4 am we came home. And couple days ago I was ready to play Minecraft but there something important I needed to do, that’s why I haven’t been posting since last week Tuesday. And why did we come home last week sunday? We were supposed to be here at Norway last week on Friday, because one of my Instragram pictures I said to you guys that it will take 2 days from Kosovo to Norway but it took like almost 5 days from Kosovo to Norway. But why 5 days? Oh yeah, it took 5 days from Kosovo to Norway because we were stuck on a traffic in Germany and actually when we drove in Germany, our GPS said that it will take 10 hours from the beginning of the Germany to Denmark. We had to drive freakin 10 HOURS from Germany to Denmark, that is like almost half day but we didn’t actually drove 10 hours. We did drove actually almost like 24 FREAKIN HOURS from Germany to Denmark, because there were actually so much traffic in Germany, that’s why it took almost 5 days from Kosovo to Norway. God damn this was so much stress man, it was so much stress from Kosovo to Norway. Well that’s why I didn’t play Minecraft couple days ago. But finally I have built the next Modern house and this one is Modern house 13 and it’s REALLY big house and this house has really big swimming pool. too. WELL THIS WAS SO MUCH STRESS. WE ARE NEVER DRIVING TO KOSOVO. KOSOVO IS DONE. I AM DONE WITH KOSOVO, well sometines we have to drive to Kosovo If it is important. MY GOD. Make sure to like and follow. Hope you guys had really fun vacation and hope you guys didn’t have so much stress too well we did actually SO MUCH STRESS. Good Luck with you guys. Love you guys.

Aug 2018

This one is Modern house 12 and same as before: swipe the picture right, you can see two Modern houses: the top one is Modern house 12 and the bottom is Modern house 1 and those two looks almost like similar. About the Modern house 12: I think it’s really nice and this was actually really hard to build. This one was really tricky. And today is the day that we are going home to Norway. This picture is posted on 8 August 2018, Wednesday and on Wednesdy we are going home, that means that this picture is posted at 1 am and that means that it is a new day and when I wake up today’s morning, I will not be able to build more Modern houses because when we wake up in the morning, we will have to start driving home right away. So that’s why I will not be able to build more Modern house today. Good Luck Y’all.