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3 days ago

#blackouttuesday Please check out the link in my bio to find out how you can help those who are protesting and how to protect yourselves while protesting. Please use this time to educate yourself, and support the movement on and off social media by researching, and getting involved.

3 weeks ago

Just got a new stuffed animal and its so soft and so freaking cute and angry lookin! 😂 😊 Also, peep that eyeliner, I think it's getting a lot better then how it was, though I can't get it thinner, any tips?

4 weeks ago

I kinda wanna start posting a bit more, so I think what I'm gonna do is after everything starts opening up, I'm gonna document my time in Florida. Buuuttt for now I'm just gonna post some selfies now and then, sooo here ya go 😂 🔥

4 weeks ago

😂 so like, I did a thing, and it turned out kinda good I think 🤔

Feb 2020

Ngl, I felt kinda cute today, so thank you @alexiarobinson15 for giving me that confidence and doing a bomb job on the makeup 💄 love ya sis ❤❤🌻🐝

Dec 2019

Alright, welp, they didn't give me enough parts, so me and @alexiarobinson15 did this 😂 Merry Christmas and I love you all ❤❤❤❤

Dec 2019

Annndd, heres the finished product, what do y'all think? I freaking love it, thank you so much @hollywoodhollyy for the amazing hair, I flipping love it ❤❤

Oct 2019

I know this is a day late, but I had such a fun time out at the pumpkin festival last night! Went out with my mama and @alexiarobinson15 and had such a blast 😊 can't wait to carve my own pumpkin 🎃 for Halloween this year 😂

Jun 2019

😂 what did I just find?

Jun 2019

I know this is kinda up and outta the blue, but I was going through my phone and found : this 😊. Just looking at this kinda reminds me that not too long ago (like a few weeks ago 🙄 ) I was with these funny and amazing people, and I just can't wait to hang out and be with them again.I honestly couldn't ask for a better year at MHS. But most of all, I couldn't ask for a better friend ( @kodyjay1230 ) and even though your not gonna be here next year, I'm still gonna love you like a brother and annoy the ish outta you like I normally do 😂😂💕💕💕. Also, amazing artwork goes to @that0negirl14 😂😂😂 who never stops doing the funniest ish I've ever seen. Anyways, rant ( or whatever tf this was ) done ✌

Jun 2019

Does anyone else not know what to do with you face when you take a pic? Cause I sure don't. I either have RBF, or I look like an awkward oompa loompa, there's not flipping medium 😤😤

Jun 2019

Was out yesterday with @alexiarobinson15 and I was messing around while we were driving. Guess these are kinda decent, maybe? 😂

Jun 2019

Happy National Best Friends Day @alexiarobinson15 and @halle .lambert! I love y'all both so much, y'all have been there for me through thick and thin, and I honestly couldnt ask for better friends or sisters. I honestly can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us😊 But yeah, I love ya both! ❤❤❤❤❤

May 2019

Welllll, I tried, not the best, but I hope it tastes good at least 👌

May 2019

These are just more pics that I took and didn't really think about posting till now

May 2019

May 2019