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Apr 2020

This is what sucks about the south, when they say this, it's way more tense then up north, and this been going on for the last several months 😬😬

Mar 2020

Went to buy toilet paper and they were sold out, over in aisle 9 I seen this baby, looks like this should do the job ! LOL

Jan 2020

Got some cool ass hoodies from my boy @bigesco270 from Konkrete Jungle today. COOL ASS LOGO. Thanks bro!!

Dec 2019

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! sometimes I think I miss the cold and snow this time of year,,, NOT LOL

Nov 2019


Oct 2019

Dont think this counts as a 3 wheel, lol had some bad storms come thru here yesterday tore up alot of shit.

Oct 2019

Here's an old pick I found from back in the day, from the left, me, @individualsdarindj , Fred from Individuals Chicago, and @pitbullhydraulics . Dont remember the show or the year but is was in Villapark, Ill. We went as a team and took first in every class, singal pump truck, single pump car, double pump car, and luxury class. Very fun day with old friends!! This is before Pitbull was black.

Oct 2019

Have you ever cut your grass and end up with the perfect last strip? Lol I think I seen a commercial like that once.

Aug 2019

Ya I definitely need a bigger grass cutting machine. Damm my lawn mower back home was like 150 bucks and took an hour to cut. The one I need is like 5G and still gotta spend 1/2 my life cutting this shit

Jul 2019

A little something I came up with if Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry was at the drag strip. Bad impression of Clint.lol

Jun 2019

Here's a little award I made to be presented at the 10th annual Independent car and bike show. All hand made. Thanks for the help @hilowhydraulics @adexhydraulics and @billyjames462 MAY THE BEST HYDRAULIC SETUP WIN! @royaltyclothingcompany

May 2019

I had to do it. Couldn't help my self😁

Apr 2019

New phone check. Just seeing if it works lol

Apr 2019

Today marks 30 years ago that I opened the shop in Northlake, Il. Damit it can't be that long ago cause I think I'm still 30 my self. Lol. Great times at that shop. August this year will be 40 years that I started using the name out of my garage at home. DAMIT. IT SUCKS GETTING OLD.

Apr 2019

Some work after work. Polishing up some parts of a hand made award for a Best Hydraulics for the Independent 10th annual car and bike show in july in Chicago. Sponsered by my self and @hilowhydraulics . I'm hoping it will turn out Kick Ass like I see it in my head. Good luck to everyone going for best hydros and hope you in injoy. @royaltyclothingcompany33rdaww

Jan 2019


Nov 2018

Had my new car delivered a couple months ago. 1980 Datson 280ZX black gold anniversary edition #15 of 3000 made. My dad bought this car new and passed it on to me. This thing is clean he took great care of it he loves this car. I'd like to drop an LS in it but just can't do it.😧😣😷

Nov 2018

Again I forgot to post one I finished a few months ago. @my63 60 vert. Did some cruiser skirts, 5th wheel, antenas and a bunch more factory options. Skirts are 59 but made them fit the 60 like a glove. No gaps

Oct 2018

@hilowhydraulics Power and style with @adexhydraulics control and Hollywood Kustoms installed. Sorry for the bad pics phone camera lens is cracked.

Oct 2018

Frame wrap time

Aug 2018

Some pics of the ghost stripping on SABROSO I did about 13 years ago. Man it don't seem like that long ago.

Aug 2018

Who's idea was this? "Hey honey let's move to the country and get a couple 2 -3 acres it will be nice" didn't think about cutting grass once a week. Takes 6 gallons of fuel and 12 beers to cut this shit.

Jun 2018

Mail came today. Got the plaque for the PITBULL frame on El Gran Blanco 64 owned by Chris Peca. Lol Thats not the real name of the car, just me trying to come up with a name for it. @pitbullhyraulics #reinforcedframes #frame #lowriderframes #frameking

May 2018

1974 my first car 63 impala ss I remember paying 150.00 for it and had to make payments lol. I guess this was my start in customizing because I see the flames and pinstripes