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Reality is that Life can be hard. But getting this settlement confirmation letter in the mail just made my day. I don't know who needs to hear this, but DON'T GIVE UP on the dream of debt freedom. Stay the course, my friend. You might not be completely out of the woods YET, but the end is coming, if you faint not! 🙌🏾

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6.7 million renters face eviction this month. By September, it could be up to 20 million. We need to guarantee #housingforall !!! We also need rent freezes and rent forgiveness so we don’t have a homeless crisis worse than what we already have! If the government fails to do this, the revolution may happen in the next months to a year. 🤭 #evictionmoratorium #eviction #affordablehousing #humanitarian #activist #activism #socialactivism #socialjustice #democrat #liberal #progressive #nojusticenopeace #icantbreathe #equality #eattherich #taxtherich #democraticsocialism #socialism #blm #blacklivesmatter #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #nativelivesmatter #fucktrump #rentstrike

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Hi! I’m sure most of you will be coming from my other account, but I’ll give a quick intro anways- my name is Alice, I’m seventeen, bisexual, English and Irish! My hobbies are video games, reading and debating. I’ve been away from politics for a month because of my mental health but I’m terribly impatient and I’ve had a good time debating people in comments sections so I’ve decided I’ll give it another go. I’m going to try and do some things differently, i.e. not associate with certain communities (if that’ll be possible lmao ), not respond to petty drama, not invest too much time and energy into politics like I did previously, make more in-depth content and approaching things with a more nuanced perspective. I also want to try and be a bit calmer and not get so worked up over stupid shit, as well as not making repetitive content. Don’t expect a lot of posts since it takes me ages to put things together, but hopefully things will go better and I can try to improve myself along the way! _______________________________ [tags do not represent my views] #lgbt #transgender #advocacy #feminism #gay #lesbian #bisexual #bi #info #activist #activism #change #feminist #psychology #philosophy

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Patience and Consistency... progress vs. Perfection♡ #detox #cleanse #optimism #selfjourney #change #newlife

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“In over for our stories to be authentically golden, then that also means that we have to be in those rooms, creating the space for it. The importance of being able to see a Black trans man in a writers room! It would change everything…” - @marquisevilson Just like Marquise Vilsón Balenciaga has been creating space for himself in #TV and #film , I’m holding space for this conversation with #transmasculine folks, centering #BIPPOC voices in the entertainment industry, on what significant representation of us could look like. Marquise Vilsón is an #actor , #activist and man with #trans experience. Marquise was introduced to TV audiences when he guest-starred in a critically acclaimed episode of @lawandorder .svu that addressed the issues faced by #transgender military service members. He made his New York stage debut Off-Broadway as Beta in @mcctheater ’s CHARM, then his feature film debut as Leon in Peter Hedges’ @benisbackmovie opposite Lucas Hedges. Other projects include @thekitchenmovie , @nbcblacklist , @talesofthecity , @disclosuredoc , and @nbcblindspot . As a young trans man, Marquise was featured in the documentary THE AGRESSIVES (2005 ) and is featured in and serves as producer on the follow-up that is now being filmed. Marquise is a long-standing member and participant of the underground #ballroom scene. He has walked numerous categories and is a well-respected staple within the community. Currently as a member of the @houseofbalenciaga , in 2018 he received the Octavia St. Laurent Trans Activist Award, the Masquerade Blue Print Award, was acknowledged as a #Transman #ICON and in 2020 was inducted into the Dorian Corey Hall of Fame, one of the few #Transmen to have had such an impact in and outside of the ballroom community. In 2011, Marquise was given the Eric Christian Bazaar Award for his work with Safe Horizons Streetwork Project as a Sexual Health Coordinator doing both pre and post counseling as well HIV testing focusing on homeless youth, many of which in #NYC are a part of the #LGBTQIA + community.

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Your vision is for you and nobody else 🏙 #TheDailyWisdomForWomen

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You can be happy and sad, simultaneously. But don’t ever give up on making the best of what you’ve got. 💪🏽 • • • #TheDailyWisdomForWomen

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Amazing thread from @sharon .li 🖤 Great talking points for when someone tells you that your argument is invalid because it contains factors that are deemed “emotional”. #genz

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Let me think creatively about your future and enable you to build a future of wisdom hope integrity and prosperity. Time to book my consultation skills #radicalcripp #activist #creative #outside_project #outsiderartist72

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✴️ “[One positive experience I’ve had during advocacy is] after an event to educate people about sex trafficking, a woman came up to me and said, "I don't have much money, but I can bake and my whole neighborhood knows it. I will sell 10 loaves of bread every week and contribute that money to the fight against trafficking." And, she did! ✴️ My “why” for what I do is I believe that we are all part of a big family here on earth. When I hear of my brothers and sisters hurting at the hands of others, I want to help them. Helping those who are dealing with the trauma of sex trafficking requires specific skills and tools that I've either been blessed with or developed. Because of this, I want to help them face the next day, feel that they are loved, and create a life worth living. If I can lift or ease their burdens, I will. ✴️ A "fun fact" about me? I love to ski the greatest snow on earth in the winter and ride horses in the mountains in the summer.” -Caroline M., Dahlia’s Hope I am a #FaceOfTheFight moving #BeyondAwareness because #FreedomRequiresAction . I am in it to #EndIt with @dahliashope .

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This is what the city doesn't want you to realize! As of today the number of people who have called for the resignation for Councilman Bob Kellar has surpassed the total number of voters that turned out in 2016 and 2018 respectively. While the momentum has appeared to slow, news coverage is diminishing, and the city stops holding meetings with organizers we still have the power to demand change! Our collective strength is tangible, and it is up to us to keep fighting for what is right✊🏼 #blacklivesmatter #nojusticenopeace #brownpower #wethepeople #activist #sisepuede

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How to Get Away with Greatness- the incomparable Viola Davis gracing the cover of @vanityfair . . . #covergirl #activist #actress #icon #legendary #tv #film #broadway #oscarwinner #howtogetawaywithmurder #vanityfair

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And I’m always going to remind people that she was killed for a traffic code mistake millions of people make on a daily basis: not indicating when turning. Fuck 12. Rest in power, Sandra Bland. ——————————————————————————————— #fucktrump #fuckracism #terrorismhasnoreligion #colourism #muslimappreciation #activist #blackexcellence #lgbt #humanrights #loveislove #blacklivesmatter #blm #fairness #explorepage #refugeeswelcome #protectblacktranswomen #protectblackwomen #blacklivesmatter ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #blackwomenmatter #blackgirlsmatter #justiceforsandrabland #sandrabland #sandrablandcoverup

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Could you use more humour to get some walls down and reach people? In this past week’s Changemakers Livestream, we were joined by Denise B. McLeod who is a queer Indigenous stand-up comedian, to talk about "Humour as a Tool for Change". For the changemakers out there who want to weave humour more into what they do, we discuss the opportunities, challenges, and some rules-of-thumb for using humour as a tool for social change -- from bigger-scale initiatives to your social media feed. Go to the link in my bio for the WHOLE replay #activist #socialactivist #humanrightsactivist #changemakers #socialchangemakers #selflessservice #socialchange #socialchangemakers #compassionforall #compassionate #choosecompassion #compassioninaction #worldchangers #worldchanger #worldchange #bodymindspirit

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Mommyhood realness with a touch of surrender, acceptance & 💩. It’s one of those mornings, it’s x-treme. So much so, there’s not even an “E” on extreme b/c it’s like the Winter X Games up in here. A battle of wills and brains…my brain losing & exploding b/c I’m trying to be the best Mom I can be, a conscious, compassionate communicating Mom, but I have boundaries. Some of which have been in place awhile like “boobies are sleeping while Mommy’s stretching/meditating”. He knows, but he still always asks, of course. I’ve taken the time to make the world’s best oatmeal, (it’s really good y’all ). But THIS morning, my son has a full throttle meltdown & I feel bad, guilty. I feel bad about feeling bad aka weak b/c where is my conviction for my boundaries? I start thinking how he had a massive poop in his sleep last night, something he’s never done and he isn’t eating his oatmeal, so maybe he doesn’t feel well. He begins asking me to lay down with him, he’s tired. So on one hand I’m thinking, he may actually not feel well and be tired, on the other hand I feel like I’m being played b/c he knows he gets boobie when we lay down in bed. Then my “conscious” brain kicks in and starts telling me that “every behavior is him trying to get a need met”, that it’s not possible for him to “play” me. I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of kids being methodical monsters, there’s science backed evidence that their little brains aren’t developed enough to create a master manipulation plan like that. So I just sit there for a moment, silent and confused wondering wtf to do. Am I going to turn into a pushover Mama? Am I an evil Mother for saying no? I don’t like judging my kid, I don’t judging myself and I don’t want to feel bad for wanting to have my brief morning me time that I’ve worked on for years to cultivate. I have never been a natural morning person and I’m waking up between 630-730 “before the kids” to have this time. This early morning flow literally sets my mental & emotional balance for the day, but what is happening right now is so not good for my mental. So what do I do? (Cont’d in comments )

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@devanshi .desaii & @jumanji_bay : It is a sickening world we live in; one that turns a blind eye, for example, to the genocide of the Uyghur Muslims and their current imprisonment in China. Practicing faith is a crime; that is- performing religious pilgrimage, worshipping at a mosque, wearing a hijab- are all considered grounds for capturing Muslims and forcing them into concentration camps in an effort to ethnically cleanse Uyghurs from the world. They are subject to dehumanizing physical and psychological torture. Infertility shots are administered to women. Perhaps the most horrific is the harvesting of the prisoners’ organs. Muslims are forced to recant their identity and faith because Chinese officials ensure that they suffer if they do not pledge allegiance to the Chinese Atheist Communist Party. Uyghur Muslims are not allowed to work in China, yet are used as cheap labor for companies that mass-produce products, ensuring that they have no place economically, politically, nor socially in China.                   While all of these atrocities are being committed to the Uyghur Muslims in China, the rest of the world remains silent with little to no media coverage. Despite only recently signing the Uyghur Rights Policy Act, Trump allegedly told President Jinping that building the concentration camps was “exactly the right thing to do.” It is time that we stop looking away and start standing up for this blatant disregard of human rights. Here’s what you can do to help: Sign petitions demanding justice for the Uyghur Muslims and to boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics (link is in our bio under Petitions for Uyghur Muslims ). If you can, donate to the Uyghur Rights Project, which is providing relief to Uyghur refugees and interviewing concentration camp survivors and helping tell their story to the world. Try your best to research and boycott companies that are using Uyghur labor to manufacture products including Nike, Apple, Dell, Adidas, BMW, Gap, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen. Most importantly, keep staying informed and educating yourself and others about what is going on right now: we can make change if we all work together to address it.

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Hey Sparkplugs 💥 This Covid season has definitely brought to the forefront things that we take for granted and would much rather ignore. One of those things being mental health. As you read "Table of One" I hope you're inspired to be more intuitive to yourself and others. So Click on the Link in my Bio and Happy Reading. Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section, or simply Inbox me, Hit that like button 👍 and Share Share Share. Let's all Plug In 🔌 . . . . . #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetryofinstagram #poetrylovers #poetryisnotdead #wordporn #poetryislife #poetrysociety #poetryofig #poetrygram #poetryslam #poetryaccount #poetryflow #poetryworld #poetryaddicts #poetrytribe #poetryoftheday #poetrytuesday #poetrybyme #instapoetry #igpoetry #poetryblog #blog #blogpost #guyanesewriter #penpassion #poet #blm #activist #blogger

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Following Cocktail Hour. Stay for a special ‘After Party’ July, 17 2020 - 7-8PM featuring Alexandra Newman, Violinist. Newman recently organized a Vigil for Elijah McClain. Alexandra will discuss the inspiration for the vigil and will play a solo tribute to Elijah McClain. LINK TO REGISTER IN BIO Description of the Chicago Violin Vigil in heartfelt memory and in honor of Elijah McClain: On Saturday, July 11, string instrumentalists from across Chicago and the greater Chicagoland region gathered together in Oz Park for a peaceful musical assembly to commemorate the life and mourn the tragic death of Elijah McClain. McClain, a 23-year-old Black massage therapist who played the violin, was walking home from a convenience store last August in Aurora, Colo., when police stopped him, then tackled him and put him in a carotid hold. He was unarmed and had committed no crime. McClain was taken to the hospital, suffering a heart attack on the way. He died several days later. Horrific details are only now coming to light. musicians playing the violin, viola, cello, bass, and other stringed instruments have gathered together in "Violin Vigils"

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Join us tomorrow for the last of our summer Webinar series on that popular fashion buzz word, Sustainability. Let’s learn what it is from industry experts @magpiespeacocks and @couture_junky of @inclanstudio ! Scan the QR code fo attend or via the registration link. See you there! #sustainablefashion #sustainability #fashion #activist #influencer

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Gracias @sonoradeluchar y a toda la gente que andaba el sábado con todo la energía y motivación en L'epoque Bar ❤ Les cuento que me dio mucha melancolía presentar la revolución de la bata sin @toni_musicpic @maeva_nkankala @mc_speacy_jam Volvemos a la escena con toda! • #rap #rapunderground #rapfemenino #afrocolombiana #raper #rapoldschool #activist #rapfrancais #hiphop #hiphopculture #culture #art #artparis #hippiestyle #hippie #musicrevolution #revolution #déconfinement #paris #emigrante #mujeremprendedora #mujeremprende

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Queen! I'll flood y'all with her beauty all day! @violadavis 👑

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Gotta love this lady! "My whole life has been a protest." - @violadavis 💪🏽


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neutral about racism is basically racism🤓

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We Americans could only imagine 🥱



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Credits to the tweeter! Imagine putting so much value over whether or not a girl is a virgin but you’re not one 🤡🤡 check out my account for more similar posts 😌

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“What can I do?” That’s the question we hear the most from our white friends who have joined us in the movement to #ShowUp . Swipe to read some suggestions from Kesiena Boom, and go to the 🔗 in our bio for the whole article. We’re happy you’re here. Tag a friend to join us! Michelle + Melissa ✊🏿✊🏼

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TikTok is a form of free speech but I guess it’s only acceptable until people start using it to expose this country’s racism, corrupt government, and people of powers negligence to act.

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if you haven’t already signed the petition or called the louisville officials, please do so. the link in my bio on BLM resources gives u all the info. no excuses for not keeping breonna’s name in the spotlight. black women in particular are overlooked in this country and we can’t give up on getting justice.


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just remember that blm and other human rights issues aren’t political opinions. they are moral values. deciding that black people are less deserving of life isn’t “politics,” so when you’re choosing to be neutral, you aren’t apolitical, you’re immoral.