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You deserve healthy relationships! That voice that tells us that we deserve the mistreatment that we get from others is wrong. As domestic violence awareness month comes to a close, remind yourself that you are deserving of love, honesty, trust, and respect. But first, give all of those things to yourself! The relationship you have with yourself is the most important.

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Healing takes time and it doesn’t look the same for everyone. Be compassionate to yourself as you heal. You’re doing the best you can with the information you have right now. This journey is unique you. Celebrate your progress, acknowledge your setbacks, and keep going.


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Day 3 of the Hypnotherapy Certification Course - The challenges that come with teaching are honestly unparalleled and so is the fulfillment that comes with it. There is nothing quite as rewarding as being able to transfer knowledge in a useful way for the recipient to be able to see how this applies to their life (and their future practice ). To see the dots connect. It’s worth absolutely everything. #hypnotherapycourse #hhhypnosis #hypnotherapy #teacher #knowledge #groupenergy #lovinglife #fulfilled #student #mentorship #themind #heartfield #feelingswheel #insights #intuition #communication

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Repeat after me: A COSTUME IS NOT CONSENT. . No matter how: ▪️short ▪️tight ▪️low-cut ▪️see-thru ▪️ripped ▪️playful ▪️attractive ▪️sexual ▪️”suggestive” ▪️”slutty” ▪️or any other descriptor that might suggest you are aroused by its appearance, no Halloween costume (or any clothing, for that matter ) EVER indicates consent. Only a person’s explicit consent can indicate their desire to be sexual with you. . People often use Halloween as a chance to be creative and try on new styles and aesthetics; to step out of their comfort zone and express themselves in novel and possibly taboo ways. It’s an opportunity to safely explore the intersections of identity, sexuality and fashion in a public forum where your exploration will be celebrated in good company. . What costume a person chooses to wear is simply an expression of their creativity and desire to present themself in a new way. It is NOT an invitation for comments, touching, or any other non-consensual sexual advances. What complicates this simple concept is that people often engage in intoxicating activities on Halloween. Let’s remember that being intoxicated isn’t a valid excuse for violating someone else’s boundaries, either! . Attracted to a person’s Halloween costume? Talk to them like a decent human. Engage in direct conversation and gauge whether the attraction is mutual. If they appear uninterested, leave them alone. If they appear too intoxicated to consent, make sure they have a friend to care for them, then leave them alone. All of the normal rules of consent apply on Halloween, just like any other day of the year. . A costume is never consent. Have fun expressing yourself, communicate your wants, needs and boundaries and respect the boundaries of others! . 🎨 @pleasurepie . #givingthetalk #sexpositive #halloween #consent #costume #expressyourself #sexpositiveparenting #communication

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Anger is a secondary emotion. It only comes from hurt or fear. Anger can bring you to a place of truth and healing. Anger is better than depression. Depression usually tells us we aren’t good enough. Anger can catapult us out of depression and tell us we are worthy and deserve better than that. The problem is that once we are in anger, we stay there too long. Anger should evolve into frustration and then further up the ladder toward positive feelings; content, etc. What is your anger telling you? Are you stuck in pain or fear?

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Everything on social media is a reel: a reel of happiness and never ever sharing the hard. Some days we say I strongly dislike you, jokingly but with some backing to it [usually over snoring or when I poke and poke and poke at her] There’s times where we miscommunicate, trigger one another, get flustered, slam a front door and roll our eyes. With that, we don’t yell. We don’t insult. We don’t aggressively argue. We just have little kerfuffles. Usually when one of us is hungry or overly tired. Going through this pregnancy I would not choose anyone else to have those kerfuffles with. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to be growing another human with. She shows up day in and day out, annoyingly (because let’s say I’m not used to this so HELLO it’s hard to be nagged to do basic human care sometimes ) She rubs my neck every morning. Brings me food in bed every night. Makes my breakfast. Gets up multiple times before I fall asleep because “hunny I forgot ____”. I’ll take you, us, over and over and over again. I’ll take you every day. 🖤 #samesexmarriage #samesexparents #lgbtq #twomoms #lesbianpregnancy #healthyrelationships #communication #pride 🌈 #ICI #IUI #athomeinsemination

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Держите в тайне тех, кем дышите ❣️ . . . . . #liketime #likesforlike #like #comment #communication #comments #beauty #makeup #nature #комментарии