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Repeat Daily: I will remain focused on my goals even if I have a moment of difficulty. I will not give up. I know success comes with consistency. I know that I will make it. Things will get better. No problem or challenge will stop me. Everything I deserve is coming my way. . . #Success #Motivation #MCAT #MCATstudy #premed #premedlife #MCATcoach #inspiration #FutureDoctor #FutureMD

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❝I have not always chosen the safest path. I've made my mistakes, plenty of them. I sometimes jump too soon and fail to appreciate the consequences. ⁣ But I've learned something important along the way: I've learned to heed the call of my heart. I've learned that the safest path is not always the best path and I've learned that the voice of fear is not always to be trusted.❞ — ✍︎︎ 𝚂𝚝𝚎𝚟𝚎 𝙶𝚘𝚘𝚍𝚒𝚎𝚛 — ⁣ ➪ Picked up the #firstaid for a light read before the semester starts 😅🙈 I love finding out about all the systemic diseases that can manifest in the eye. Did you know that your optometrist may even be the first to diagnose issues such as Myasthenia gravis, diabetes, or even brain tumors? 🧐 Yearly eye exams are so important for more than just renewing CL or glasses prescriptions 😎

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Trophy wife has the word “trophy” in it, so it’s like, an accomplishment, right?

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★Cut, fold & paste at the appropriate sites ★Fill it with cotton . . . #anatomy #humananatomy #bdchaurasia #3Dheartmodel #heart #anatomystudy #anatomylovers #futuredoctor #mbbsstudent #1styearmbbs

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🦷Placing an immediate dental implant • ➡️Follow @dental_artists_ • ➡️DM your cases and memes

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People will talk at your back! Make sure to give them an interesting topic😎😎🖤🖤 . . . Anybody out there who is so obsessed with Black!!? 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . . #ysmu #yerevan #armenia #blacklove #medilife #medicos #medschoollife #medstudent #causalwear #indian #futuredoctor #doctor #stylish #medical #heathlylife #lifestyle #doctorslife #newyoker #staypositive #quarantine #newbeginnings

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Our healthcare system is basically just a shittier version of Groupon. . . . . . . . . . . . #medschoolproblems #medschoolmemes #medicine #medicalschool #medicalstudent #medschool #medstudent #premed #futuredoctor #futuredoc #doctorintraining #murica #🇺🇸 #freehealthcare #healthcareforall

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Follow @med .school.memes 👨‍⚕️⠀⠀⠀ Follow @med .school.memes 👨‍⚕️⠀⠀⠀ Follow @med .school.memes 👨‍⚕️⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ Official Page 🥇⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ Medical School Related Memes every day 👨🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ Follow for more 👌🏻⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ Tag your Friends 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️⠀ ---------------------------------------------------------- #doctormeme #doctormemes #friends #medicalmeme #medicalmemes #funnymemes #doctor #dr #drmeme #hospitalmemes #premed #mcat #30daymcat #premedmotivation #mcatmotivation #doctor #futuredoctor #futuredoc #organicchemistry #chemistry #biology #anatomy #medicalschool #medicine #motivation #study #studywithme

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SO MUCH LOVE AND PERSEVERANCE IN THIS POST!!😍Please give it a read. Julianna in our Latina in Medicina T-shirt. REPOST @julezrulez17 …… This is not only my accomplishment: it’s theirs. My world. My rocks. My home. My peace. The reasons for ALL of my successes. To say we have survived trauma together doesn’t do it justice. Divorce, poverty, abuse, depression, anxiety, separation; we’ve endured all of it. And yet; Love, compassion, kindness, generosity, loyalty: these are what we give to each other, and to everyone around us. Because that’s what these two instilled into me. I got to go to my mom’s retail job, where she has worked tirelessly for over 25 years, missing her family in Panama, leaving everything for a better life here, and tell her that the fruits of her labor have paid off, and her sacrifices were not in vain. I got to tackle my sissy, who even throughout battling some vicious demons has never failed to be the light and love in my life, with the good news. Today, I am happy and blessed and grateful to God to announce that I will be attending my top choice of Drexel University this fall in a dual degree MS/MD program ✨ There are less than 6% Latina physicians in the United States. This new journey starts at a very pivotal time in history, when, the reckoning of centuries of systemic racism has been highlighted by the disproportionate effects of covid-19 and police brutality; concurrent public health crises. Black lives MUST be fought for, defended, and protected. Black health matters. Black reproductive justice matters. Black bodies matter. As a physician and leader in the community: I will listen to you. I will stand with you. I will fight for you. Always. I commit myself to be that physician who serves ALL people, regardless of income level, immigration status, or socioeconomic status. And when the time comes, I commit to lifting up and supporting the next generation of BIPOC med students and all those who believe in equitable care. Healthcare is a RIGHT, and I will always fight for this right for those whose voices have been silenced. I thank my God above all, and all the people who have shown me nothing but love, support, and encouragement ..

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THIRD YEAR ALREADY?! After spending two years in a classroom learning, I’m more than ecstatic to be in the clinic. Just finished my first week of my Internal Medicine rotation, and I can see how important it is for us to gain a good foundation the first two years. There’s still so much to learn, but at least I feel prepared to step up to the plate! Swipe to see the cutest gift that all of the rotating students received at a meet & greet breakfast today. 🥺☺️

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Face the face

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The schedule for our first 3 weeks cam out and I’m so excited!!! Of course, im super extra and made my own version to hand up on the wall 😂 We’ve got a mix of clinical skills, professional competencies, and group sessions! And best of all, I don’t have to go through the struggle of selecting all my classes 😅 Also, this is the back of the shirt I made ☺️ the front’s pretty boring and basic so didn’t really feel like including that but hope you like the back! What courses are you taking this upcoming school year or if you haven’t chosen yet, what do you want to take??? P.s. can you see the specks of white paint in my hair 😏

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Every person, whether from the same culture or not, has been domesticated in a completely different way to you. Everything that they know, every way they interpret the world is based on their own internal schema that was given to them by a combination of their culture, genetics, parental teachings and environment. Therefore, every person sees and interprets life from their own eyes and their own dream. They are almost in a completely different world than what you live in. So when someone says something or does something to you, no matter how personal it might seem, don’t take it personally. Nothing that someone says is because of you, but because of themselves. By taking things personally, we make the assumption that that person comes from your world, and we use our time to try and impose our world onto them. Anything that someone says is because of the agreements that they have in their own mind and in their own world. Their opinion and point of view comes from their own domestication, something that you might never understand (and shouldn’t have to ). If someone says something negative towards you, if you accept what they say, you accept their poison and it will become yours. But if you avoid their offence, you become immune to the poison that is often so filled in this world. Similarly, if someone says something positive about you, don’t take it personally either. Know yourself that you are great and unique before anyone else tells you. At the same time, people often worry about what others think. But if you think about it, every single person sees the world with different eyes, so why worry about something that you can’t control? . So create a movie that you are happy to produce. Create agreements in your own life that keep you at peace. Live a life free of influence from others. See it through a lens that makes you happy.

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LearnMed is a platform where students can teach and learn from each other. Our mission is to give medical students the opportunity to delve into the world of open access medical education. Our soon-to-come webinars delivered by keen medical students across the country promise to be interactive, fun, and thought-provoking: high-yield topics you’ll want to know before the next academic year. 👩‍⚕‍👨‍⚕‍Who better to learn from than a top student a few years above you, who knows the ins and outs of what your clinicians and exams want you to know? 💻Sign up today to get access to future webinar links and exclusive content, including opportunities on how you could contribute to MedEd and teaching as a student! https://forms.gle/ggtPkCCLtHhs5xZn7 📚To stay up to date with all our future webinars, SBAs released daily to keep you productive while you scroll, and exclusive opportunities be sure to follow us on Facebook! #MedEd #FOAMed #MedicalStudent #FutureDoctor #Clinical #NHS #Studying #RemoteLearning #MedStudent #Doctor #Preclinical #Science #Medicine

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**Warning** the gel is much colder than it looks!

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And that they’re usually pricier 😒 Follow 👉🏻 @onequestionadaymcat for free daily MCAT questions. The science is clear the best study method for the MCAT is a through a QUESTION BASED LEARNING model. DM us if you’re interested in a free question Q bank no strings attached 🙏🏻 We’re you able to answer today’s question🤔? Click on 👉🏻 @onequestionadaymcat story to give it a try.

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Announcing PEMQ2021 - 2021 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Live Board Review Course - Registration open. See details. - https://www.challengercme.com/articles/2020/07/2021-pediatric-emergency-medicine-board-review-live-course-registration-now-open-enrollment-pemq2021/

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• Czy na drugim roku jest łatwiej niż na pierwszym? 👩🏼‍⚕️ • Według mnie materiału do opanowania na drugim roku jest więcej i jest on trudniejszy. Biochemia i fizjologia to bardzo obszerne przedmioty, do tego dochodzi jeszcze trzeci wiodący przedmiot - mikrobiologia z parazytologią. Biochemia jest też przedmiotem bardzo specyficznym, który przez jednych jest uwielbiany, przez innych - nienawidzony. W przeciwieństwie do anatomii i histologii na tych przedmiotach nie ma natomiast kolokwiów i egzaminów praktycznych. Jednakże praktyczne umiejętności trzeba opanować na propedeutykach: pediatrii, chorób wewnętrznych i medycyny ratunkowej. Przedmioty przedkliniczne są czymś ekscytującym, ale także zupełnie nowym, przez co wymagają sporo uwagi (aczkolwiek czas poświęcony propedeutykom na pewno jest czasem dobrze spożytkowanym i opłaci się on w przyszłości 🩺 ). Miłą odmianą jest to, że na drugim roku nie ma aż tak wielu „zapychaczy czasu” w postaci mniej ważnych przedmiotów. Na uczelni bywa się rzadziej i spędza się na niej nieco mniej czasu - przynajmniej takie odniosłam wrażenie. Jednakże każde zajęcia z fizjologii i biochemii trwają cztery godziny, przez co są zdecydowanie bardziej męczące niż zajęcia z wiodących przedmiotów na pierwszym roku. Niektóre zajęcia odbywają się poza terenem GUMedu (szpital Copernicus, IMMiT w Gdyni ), co może spowodować, że więcej czasu trzeba będzie poświęcić na dojazdy, ale tych zajęć jest niewiele. Najważniejsze jednak jest to, że na drugim roku ma się o wiele większy komfort psychiczny. W końcu za nami już słynna anatomia oraz histologia, których nie zdaje najwięcej osób, przeszliśmy główny „odsiew” studentów, poradziliśmy sobie ze stresem związanym z pierwszym rokiem - teraz nic nam niestraszne! Po roku spędzonym na tych studiach jest się do nich przyzwyczajonym i przystosowanym do radzenia sobie z trudnościami, a przez to bardziej pewnym siebie. Na drugim roku mamy też większy kontakt z „prawdziwą” medycyną, rozpoczynamy bowiem zajęcia przedkliniczne - to poprawia nastrój i daje kopa do działania! 😁

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Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU ) is a public medical schooll located in Camden, NJ. It was created as a partnership between Rowan University and Cooper University Hospital in 2009 by executive order of Governor John Corrine. CMSRU opened in summer 2012. It is the first medical school to be opened in New Jersey in over 35 years and the only four-year MD-granting institution located in South Jersey.

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It's @jayward4 last day with us! These last 4 weeks have gone by so quickly and we're kind of sad about it haha. . You've done an exceptional job here, Jay and your patients are going to miss you! We're going to miss you too and we wish you the best of luck with the rest of school and your next rotations! . You're going to be a fantastic clinician, keep grinding! Don't be a stranger, you're always welcome here! . If you worked with Jay comment below! . . @marymountpt @marymountu #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #msrphysicaltherapy #physiomemes #futuredoctor #mmaandsportsrehab #rehab #dptstudent #ptastudent #spt #spta #californiapt #fitfam #comeback #calibound #becomeobsessed #baseballlife #mma #wrestling #bjj #mixedmartialartist #ptaides #calisthenics #lovenova #arlingtonva #northernva #novafitness #fitnessjourney #marymountpt #marymountuniversity

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***WARNING: Following content may be difficult for sensitive viewers. Second photo is graphic.*** One year ago today, I was lying on a cold metal table, three hours into an eight hour surgery to resect an arteriovenous malformation (AVM ) in my right parietal lobe. In the simplest explanation, an AVM is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels that has a risk of rupturing over time. It can happen anywhere in the body and is usually congenital. Mine was on the right side of my brain and was brought to my attention when I was hospitalized five weeks into Med school in October 2018. I woke up the morning of, exactly twelve months ago, feeling a sense of calm. A feeling that was the exact opposite of the gut wrenching anxiety and fear that threatened to swallow me whole in the weeks leading up to the surgery. The whole experience of being a patient has truly been eye-opening. I made a conscious effort to journal, take photos and videos throughout the process with the intention of wanting to share my experience with others. More importantly though, I never wanted to forget how vulnerable it felt to be on the other side. In honour of this 1 year mark, I will be posting about my experience as a patient. The first post is up on my blog, click the link in my bio to take a read! 🖤 #sincerelymillie #lifeasapatient #brainsurgery #avm #vulnerability #medstudent #medicalstudentlife #medicalschool #medblog #medblogger #img #imgstudent #rcsi #medlife #medicalstudent #medicine #physician #futuredoctor #physicianassistant #nurses #pharmacist #physiotherapy

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Pharmacy school does that to you

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How will you tackle this common interview question—one that might be more relevant now than ever? How will you contribute to the diversity of your future cohort? What unique perspective and experiences will you bring? How will you use them to impact your peers, instructors, school, and the surrounding community?⁠ ⁠ I'd love to hear some of your thoughts in the comments!

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⭐️WHAT I USE TO STUDY IN MED SCHOOL⭐️ . 💭 Boards and Beyond: Dr. Ryan has definitely been my best friend all throughout first year 😅 I love using BB for topics like physiology, biochem, embryo, and patho. This consists of videos ranging from all topics in the different body systems. My favorite feature of BB is the quizzes at the end of each video. . 💭Osmosis: These short, animated videos are just the best ever! I like using osmosis before class to familiarize myself with the material. Their patho videos are great as well in helping breakdown diseases and making them more simple in understanding. . 💭Ninja Nerd: PURE GENIUS. When it came to breaking down physiology and biochem he was my go to man! I followed his videos along using my iPad and Apple Pencil by drawing as he explains. The best part, it is FREE on YouTube! . 💭Firstaid: This book is the Bible for med student! I used firstaid after I had a good understanding of each topic and make annotations in the book with extra details from other resources. Remembering their mnemonics have saved me so many times during exams 😅 . 💭Pathoma: Of course another favorite! Pathoma includes the most high yield information for each disease and summarizes perfectly! I annotate and highlight as I am watching the videos with any extra details. I use pathoma after having read the text book recommended by my school. . 💭Teach me anatomy: Anatomy is its own beast, but this app has definitely helped me memorize and understand it much better by breaking down all the insertions, origins, divisions, etc. . 💭Pretest and BRS: These are great books for practice questions!! Applying concepts in a clinical settings is very improtant. Practice, practice, practice! . 💭Notability: This is an organization app for your notes, lectures, etc. I like to annotate my powerpoint slides as I am listening to lecture because often times the professors talk about things that are not on there. . ⭐️Try not to overwhelm yourself with using all these resources at once. Focus on them one at a time and make adjustments of which ones to use. Best of luck to you all this new school year and happy studying! 🤍

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CN 12 is the hypoglossal nerve - meaning it innervates tongue muscles from below! It emerges from the pre-olivary sulcus of the medulla, to quickly enter the hypoglossal canal, which allows it to access the neck. It courses around to the front, circumventing the carotid aa., coursing very near the digastric tendon (don't confuse XII for that! ), then dives into the oral cavity by shooting a gap between the mylohyoid and hyoglossus mm. It provides MOTOR innervation to tongue muscles. Any special sense (taste ) on the tonuge is done by CN VII, IX, and X, and any general sense (feeling ) on the tongue is tongue by CN V3 and CN IX. The hypoglossal n. just moves it! PRO TIP: any muscle with -glosso- in it's name is innervated by the hypoglossal nerve. (But there is always an exception to even the most straight-forward rules, and here that would be the palatoglossus m., which is done by CN X ). Both sides of the tongue need to work together to produce smooth tongue movements. So, lesions or injuries of CN XII on one side will show up on that same side - sticking the tongue out (which should involve R & L sides working equally together ) will show the tongue deviating to the lesioned side. That side will also show poor muscle tone, described as fasciculations. Next time someone sticks their tongue out at you, note their proper use of the HYPOGLOSSAL NERVE! 😝 Follow-up PRO TIP: the hypoglossal n. carries (as hitchhikers ) C1 fibers from the VPR of the first cervical spinal nerve. The route of CN XII makes for a convienent way for these fibers to get to their targets: ansa cervicalis (descendens hypoglossi, or superior root ) to infrahyoid strap muscles, the thyrohyoid m. directly, and the geniohyoid m. #anatomy #nerves #cranialnerves #hypoglossal #tongue #wags #med #medstudent #usmle #premed #medprep #pastudent #chirostudent #dentalstudent #futuredoctor #studygram


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AEGD RESIDENCY RECAP: IT IS INTENSE!🤯 . Implant surgeries, molar endo, wisdom teeth removal, advanced prost, digital dentistry, full mouth rehab, complicated treatment planning, it’s ALL HERE! . I only started two weeks ago and our team is already doing and planning really cool cases!🤤 . For anyone considering a GPR/AEGD know you’re temporarily sacrificing ~$100,000+ to be there for the year so pick a program that teaches you what you want to learn! How do you find a good residency program?🤔 . 1. Research the program before you apply there (check my residency guide )💻 . 2. Check their website and ask to speak with the program director and current residents🗣 . 3. Current residents are the BEST sources of information! . A GOOD program WILL make you more profitable as an owner/associate (+Negotiating Power )💥 . Our residency team is super cool and we discuss cases as a group so you learn from everyone’s cases at the same time! . Definitely happy with my decision to go to the UF Seminole AEGD😄 . Scrubs powered by @uniformadvantage Movement by butter soft🧈 . Are you thinking about a residency? If so, what do you hope to learn?🤔

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Follow us for more Interesting posts !!!😇 Tap the Like ❤️& Share🔆 Button if you like this And Tag With Your Friends 🥰 Please Like,Comments,Share & Follow Us 💖 . . . Follow 👉 @medico_lifestyle Follow 👉 @medico_lifestyle Follow 👉 @medico_lifestyle Follow 👉 @medico_lifestyle Follow 👉 @medico_lifestyle . . . #Medicalassistant #medical #medicalmedium #medicalstudent #medicalschool #medica #futuredoctor #dr #docs #eye #eyedoctor #eyespecialist #doctordoctor #nurse #nursingschool #nursing #nursingstudents #nursingschoolproblems #nurse #futurenurse #med #physiotherapist #pharmacist #dentist #dailypost #hospital #mbbs #mci #usmle #dr #doctorapolo


📌 în anii terminali îți dai seama că niște note mari nu încadrează o persoană în nici o categorie. ____________________ 📌 am avut și restanță, am luat și 6, am luat și 10 și cred că fiecare trage concluzia despre mine în funcție de propriul prag. Ăsta este motivul pentru care nu-mi raportez valoarea la opiniile celorlați. Înțelegem poveștile celorlalți în măsura în care rezonăm cu ele și prin prisma propriei experiențe. Nici măcar o notă de 10 de-a mea nu e egală cu o notă de 10 de-a voastră. ______________________ 📌 am colegi cu 10 pe linie cărora nu le-aș călca pragul și am colegi cu note de trecere la care m-aș duce fără să gândesc de două ori. Oamenii nu sunt nici cifre, nici examene, la fel cum nu sunt nici părul lor blond sau ochii verzi. Sunt toate astea adăugate esenței lor. _______________________ 📌 m-am chinuit toată facultatea pentru 10 și acum totul mă costă 175 de lei la două luni ca să repar dezastrul pe care l-am creat. Oamenii își dau banii de bursă pe psihoterapie. E ca și când aș construi o casă și la final aș intra singură cu buldozerul în ea. ________________________ 📌 singura opinie care contează e a propriei persoane. Alte opinii nu-ți dau de mâncare și nici nu-ți vor plăti facturile. Nu suntem responsabili să impresionăm pe nimeni, iar oamenii real impresionați de noi nu vor fi impresionați de note. Nu suntem responsabili să ne facem părinții mândri, nu suntem responsabili de justificarea alegerilor, nu suntem responsabili de opinia pe care și-o creează oamenii despre noi. ________________________ 📌 tendințele astea vin din încercarea disperată de a împlini scenariul altui om despre tine. Mama te vrea astronaut, tata inginer, cel mai bun prieten doctor în filosofie, iar tu nu vrei decât să fii fericit și acceptat fără condiționări. Nu vei fi niciodată suficient de bun pentru toți oamenii, pentru ca fiecare are alte criterii de referință. ________________________ 📌 psihoterapeuta mea mi-a spus că perfecțiunea nu este un țel sănătos and this kind of hit home pentru că încă plătesc pentru ce vedeți în poză . . . . #medschool #medicaluniversity #medicine #medstudent #umfcd #doctortobe #futuredoctor #study #studyinspiration


⁣𝐅𝐈𝐑𝐒𝐓 𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐁𝐀𝐂𝐊 𝐈𝐍 𝐂𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐂!!⠀ It is still so unbelievably crazy to me that we left for spring break without realizing that we wouldn’t be coming back for the remainder of the semester. I still remember that day so vividly… I had one of my toughest days in clinic throughout all of dental school.⠀ ⠀ My morning consisted of a very difficult operative procedure and in the afternoon I began my crown progress exam on my patient. I was pretty confident when starting it since I had done 2 crown preps the day before and was happy with them, but for some reason things were just not going my way in clinic that day. TO TOP ALL OF THAT, we had an exam the next day that I had not even began to study for.. so I knew it was going to be a long night afterward too.⠀ ⠀ I finally finished making the temporary and didn’t even have time to take the final impression which hadn’t ever happened to me before. Thankfully, my boyfriend came up to help after he finished with his patient and said “Did you hear… Our test tomorrow got moved since COVID cases are rising”. 😲 Honestly this was a HUGE sigh of relief but I was literally so distraught from this appointment that I couldn’t even be excited about it.⠀ ⠀ After all smiles in front of my patient and instructors, I got to my car and immediately started tearing up. I had been absolutely exhausting from such a long and hard day. Our friends were planning on going to a happy hour in the afternoon to celebrate our exam being moved but all I wanted to do was go home and decompress/cry.  ⠀ ⠀ I rested up a bit and started feeling a lot better. I ended up going and had such a great time catching up with everyone and felt completely better after hanging out with everyone and taking my mind off of it! ⠀ That ended up being my last day in clinic for 4 months until my first day back yesterday. Such a crazy thought!! Anyway, if you read all of this thank you & I hope you guys know that days like this happen sometimes but it happens to all of us and you will get through it!

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Many people walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. And for some friends, in your mind.⠀ •⠀ ✨New blog post about how to make new friends✨Link in my bio. ⠀ •⠀ Photo taken while studying physics abroad in Ireland. Circa 2015.

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Zoo date with these nuggets ❤️ Aunting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #dior #valentino #valentinorockstud #rainboots #valentinorainboots #meshki #adidas #zoo #philadelphiazoo #auntielife #medstudent #womeninmedicine #futuredoctor


𝗜 𝗦𝗔𝗪 𝗠𝗬 𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗬 𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗦𝗧 𝗣𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗘𝗡𝗧 𝗬𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗗𝗔𝗬🤩 In the past, we usually assisted an upper classmate but this was my first time working 100% on my own. I was in the urgent care clinic, where we see emergency and walk-in patients. The protocol was as usual. Taking vitals, reviewing the medical history and any potential changes, addressing the main concerns. The patient also had to rinse with a hydrogen peroxide solution (a new protocol because COVID ) . The procedure itself wasn’t complicated at all. I did a quick exam and evaluation, and made impressions for a flipper (a temporary replacement for a missing tooth ) . Was I nervous? Of course. Did I know what to expect? Not really. But I told myself, “Charlotte you have been working towards this so hard, you got this”. These thoughts gave me confidence. Luckily, I had the sweetest patient and a simple procedure. After the appointment was finished, patient scheduled, codes approved, lab orders turned in, and my station wiped down, I had a moment when I realized, all the hard work of the last few years was worth it. • #firstpatient

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Guess who traded their short white coat for a long one. 👩🏻‍⚕️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Also... ISSA pager. 😌⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Today I saw my first clinic patient. I introduced myself as doctor 👩🏻‍⚕️. No more “med student” or “student doctor”. It comes with responsibility. 🥼 I was nervous... it was my time to prove my years of hard work and take care of someone.. AND also receive feedback from my attending. I ended up getting assigned a complicated patient as my first patient.. and thought, just my luck🤦🏻‍♀️. But truly, it was the best way to prepare💞.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "I want you as my doctor from now on", the patient told me after the encounter ended. And for a few minutes, it seemed like imposter syndrome was a thing of the past. I believed that I belonged. And I was so honored to know that someone trusted me with their care.⁣⁣ All of our preparation, all of our doubts, all of the long days... they come to this. Seeing that you truly got to impact someone in the best way possible. That they trust you with one of the most important things to them: their health.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Also.. we already know pretty faces get clicks... so I am trying something different. Let's focus on content and erase pretty privilege shall we? 😜⁣⁣ ⁣ Check out these awesome scrubs from @mediclo .official - they’re so stylish! Will wear again 🥰 Can’t wait to rock them and show y’all some more shots.


Not all angels own wings, some own stethoscopes ☺️ . . . #flatlay #flatlayphotography #medicine #medical #futuredoctor