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Happy to be out and about, exploring the city again (^_^ ) Fav bit was defo the dinosaur exhibition🦖 Did you know that you need to book in advance to visit the @natural_history_museum now? Don’t worry, entry is still free (just don’t forget your mask )! Just an additional precaution to avoid large crowds and keep everyone safe 🥰 . . . .

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✨One of my favourite things to do in autumn is to walk along the South Bank and admire the views across the Thames and the changing autumn colours🍂✨ ⠀ Post by 📸 @elensham 🔥 FOUNDER: @marknayman 🔥 ✨ Mark your photo with tag #londoncityworld and we'll post it! ✨ #London #Europe #thisislondon #street #londonlife #londoncity #gb #londoner #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #lovelondon #lovegreatbritain #uk #unitedkingdom #britain #bigben #westminster #visitlondon #toplondonphoto #towerbridge #vsco #vscolondon #igerslondon #lovegreatbritain #britain   #mydarlinglondon

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Ничего не понимаю, но мне нравится и вдохновляет. Разве не в этом смысл искусства?! Последний апдейт по галереям: людей немного (плотность примерно как на фото везде ), лишь Ван Гог был исключением. Просят соблюдать дистанцию и движение в одном направлении. На постоянные экспозиции вход бесплатный как и всегда, но необходимо заранее бронировать время посещения.

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In a parallel universe, before time stood still, I would be sipping margaritas on the cruise boat on our way to the Bahamas. Instead, I’m sipping on mint tea, feet crunching the various shades of yellow, orange & red on the Heath. Could be worse.

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Happy Monday and See You Tomorrow 😊🍂

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These are the best neighborhoods to have an ultra-local stay in London, whether you want to explore the creative scene or do some high-end shopping!😍 ➡️ Click on LINK in bio to discover

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Happy Monday from the Barbican Tube station 🚇 . We're loving this cool (pre-pandemic ) photo made by @erenjam 📸. . . . #OneCityLDN #CityofLondon #CPA

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Buoys and Boys! Once the rain had run out yesterday afternoon, I took a lovely afternoon stroll along the river. I was entertained by two young lads searching for bloated footballs at low-tide, on which to practise their penalty shoot-outs, plunging the balls back into the briney. The playful current dutifully, and goalkeeper-like, returned said plastic, dented spheres for another penalty. Quickly bored with this game the boys took to playing ‘avoid the sludge’, leaping about on the ‘ribs’ of path that linked the water to the shores - like parkour on the flat! Invariably they were soon ankle deep in mud and what better antidote than to wade into the Thames to remove the evidence! Sorted! 😀 #strandonthegreen #thamesriver #riverthames #kew #chiswickriverside #chiswickdiaries #downbytheriver #messingaboutonthewater #lateafternoonsun #goldensun #urbancountry #chiswick #w4 #lowtide #boysplaying #urbanbeach #londontheunexpected #britaintheunexpected #londonsolovely #britainsolovely #mydarlinglondon #hiddenlondon #lovelylittlelondon #lovelylondon #lovelondon #bestofbritain #cloudscapes #riverscape #cloudscapephotography #prettycitylondon

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Hey autumn, you're pretty. 🍂 (📸 by @annastravelgram )

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Canal reflections 🤩 • 📸 @ali_thewonderer

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this spot, back at it again 🍂 #omgb #thisislondon #leafpeeping

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J ❤️ film. I ❤️ film. Ich ❤️ Film! Shot on iPhone 😂.


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One of my favourite things to do in autumn is to walk along the South Bank and admire the views across the Thames and the changing autumn colours🍂

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Thank you so much to everyone who is liking, commenting and saving my posts every day! And especially to those who are engaging with the little sponsored content I share🧡 It really means a lot to me and helps me to create all the organic content you see here daily. This year has been anything but normal and there are days when I struggle to find the right words for a caption or decide which image to post. Your positive comments always help a lot🧡 Hope you enjoy this autumnal view of Regent’s Park🍂


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Autumn hues are my favourite🍂 And there’s no better area to capture changing colours than Hampstead. I had a lovely walk there a few days ago so you can expect more photos coming soon!

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This house gets me every time🍁🍁🍁 Happy Sunday!


I have this thing with bikes... Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ✨ . #onmywaytoday #bike . . #prettycitylondon #londonlife #londondiaries #cerealmag #mydarlinglondon #somewheremagazine #tv_living #londonphotographer #exploremore