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Nursing school. Probably the most challenging four years in terms of the workload and time management ⏰ . When I first entered the nursing program, I struggled with the exams. NCLEX style questions are very different from your standard knowledge based questions. These questions required you to not only know the content, but be able to apply it to a scenario and be able to critically think which answer is most appropriate. The way I studied in nursing school definitely changed. At first I would read through every chapter - it was super time consuming. By the last year, I would type my notes from the text book and then add the class notes into the document. Then I would go and review all of it and highlight the key words of the section to help me remember it. The most important thing ❗️ to succeed in nursing school is doing practice questions. I hated doing them. I thought I would be able to get by with a few here and there and pass the class. In my last semester, my advisor told me that I should be doing about ~150 questions in one sitting. That way I could prepare myself for potentially answering the max number of questions that you could get in the NCLEX of 265. She was sure that if I would practice practice practice, I would be not be getting to question 265. I would do these practice exams a few times a day and then go back and review the sections that I got wrong. Sure enough somehow the computer shut off at 75 questions and I found out later that I passed. The amount of knowledge in textbooks is overwhelming, but in nursing school you learn how to study effectively to maximise your time. Don’t give up and don’t forget to do practice questions. They are the 🔑 to passing the NCLEX. Feel free to comment or DM me any questions about nursing school or working as an RN in the NICU! Scrubs: @wearfigs in teal

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🤍 Love all the street art. #iculovetravel

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big smiles bc nursing school orientation has been scheduled!

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Hey everyone! Back in February we launched @the_morning_rounds podcast 🎙 This podcast is for current and aspiring healthcare providers or those just wanting to know more about the healthcare space. We’re here to change lives, inspire, motivate and change the game! If you haven’t, be sure to follow out Insta and subscribe to our podcast. Thank you for all the love and support! . Link in bio! Comment below and who or what you like to hear from or about! . “The Morning Rounds is a digital lifestyle brand focused on elevating the lives of the healthcare professional. At TMR, we are dedicated to finding ways to spread positivity, motivate and create culture and community amongst one another. Our focus is on bringing awareness to every specialty in the healthcare field, as well as family, mental health, fitness and anywhere the community takes us.” . . . . #nurse #nurselife #nursing #nursingstudent #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster #healthcare #motivation #mentalhealth #physicianassistant #doctor #emt #ertech #nursepractitioner #pictureoftheday #igdaily #podcasting #share #

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日産 キャラバン 車いすリフト車⁠ 車いす1+1名仕様 ストレッチャー固定装置付き⁠ ⁠ 車いすの方の利用人数によってレイアウト変更できます!⁠ 衝突被害軽減ブレーキ付きです。 走行距離も少ないですよ♪⁠ ⁠ 各種スイッチです。⁠ ⁠ 【スペック】⁠ 平成30年 4ドア 修理歴なし 車検R2年5月 走行距離1,500km⁠ 外装色 シルバー 定員車いす1台+9名  車いす2台+7名⁠ ⁠ ABS、運転席・助手席エアバッグ、キーレス、衝突被害軽減ブレーキ⁠ ナビ・テレビ、アラウンドビューモニター、ETC、ストレッチャー固定装置、でてくる手すり(左右)⁠ ⁠ #福祉車両 #全国販売 #オアシスジャパン #介護車両 #車いす#中古車 #日産 #キャラバン #バックカメラ #ストレッチャー固定装置#アラウンドビューモニター #ETC #衝突被害軽減ブレーキ#Welfare #vehicles #Nursingvehicle #Nursing #Welfarevehicles ⁠ ⁠ ----------------------------------------⁠ 株式会社オアシスジャパン⁠ 福祉車両の新車・中古車販売業⁠ 〒702-8005 岡山県岡山市中区江崎210⁠ 電話:086-277-4030⁠ 定休日:日曜⁠ 営業時間:午前9:30~午後7:00⁠ https://www.oasisjapan.co.jp/⁠ ----------------------------------------

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GANGLION CYST ✨ A ganglion cystis a small sac of fluid that forms over a joint or tendon (tissue that connects muscle to bone ). Inside the cyst is a thick, sticky, clear, colorless, jellylike material. Depending on the size, cysts may feel firm or spongy.... . . . #nursingtees #nursesunite #nursinghome #nursing_universe #nursingtops #nursingschool #nursehumor #nursesrock #nursetobe #nursingstudent #nursepractitioner #nursing #nurse #nurseonduty #nursingteam #nursesofinstagram #nursesofnewyork #nclex #nclexstudying #nclexprep #registerednurse #proudnurse #medschool #medicalaesthetics #medics #medicalvideos

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SALE - SALE - SALE - SALE LINK IN OUR BIO --> @nurse .clothing.store . Save 15% on selected summer items if you order today, find out more at the link in our BIO . . . Sumer sale runs throughout JULY. . . #apparel #nurse #summersale #clothing #nursing #sale #summer #fashion #shopping #ootd #promocja #style #love #polishgirl #sales #wyprzedaż #nurselife #discount #onlineshopping #wyprzedaz #shop #zakupy #fashionblogger #fashionista #instafashion #bikini #nursingschool #moda #summervibes #beauty

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Can’t you tell I’m happy? 😊 Kinda sucks that I won’t be able to walk across the stage or have a cap and gown.. or not even sure I’m getting my honors cord 🥴 But during these hard times, I am just fortunate to be healthy, surrounded by family & friends, and am able to hold my diploma and start my nursing career 🎓🩺 #countyourblessings #nursing

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Ready to tackle this night shift in Charlotte! Miss my friend a lot...... Hope y'all have an awesome night!. - - - #nurse #nursing #nurselife #hospital #nigthshift #nigth #scrubs #scruffy #seifie #bathroomselfie

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Below⬇️ . . . Follow: @nursesgang Follow: @nursesgang . . . Do Share With Friends↗️ Turn on post notifications to never miss a post↗️ 🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️ Comments below👇 . . . Follow: @nursesgang Follow: @nursesgang . . . . Disclaimer ©️ Credit owned by content  creators.,This post is not used for illegal sharing or profit making, IF any Credit issues please DM & the post is immediately removed . . . . . . . #nurses #nurse #nursinglife #nursing #registerednurse #nursingschool #doctors #hospital #healthcare #rn #medicine #medical #health #enfermeira #perawat #enfermero #nursesrock #scrubs #nursepractitioner #nursesweek #futurenurse #scrublife #nursingstudent #nursinglife #surgery #medicalquestions #instagram #nurses_gang

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When you and your work bestie are scheduled together!⠀ Tag your work bestie 😊😊💕⠀ 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉⠀ Adar Uniforms available @bornouniforms https://bornouniforms.com/collections/adar⠀ 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉⠀ #nurse #nurselife #doctor #nclex #nursing #hospital #medical #nurses #medicine #rn #healthcare #nursesofinstagram #health #lpnstudent #doctors #nursingschool #nursingstudent #medstudent #love #registerednurse #nursesrock #surgery #medschool #nursepractitioner #medicalstudent #cnalife #scrubs #bsn #medicalschool #bornouniforms

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Lets Talk CPR on 👶🏾👶🏻 ❤️ For babies you need to do compressions with 2 fingers just below the nipple line(some people like to use their thumbs so its just based on your preference! ) ❤️ When doing your compressions you need to go 1.5 inches in depth, yes you feel like you’re going too deep but depth is needed for proper CPR! ❤️ Each cycle is 30 compressions and 2 breaths therefore totaling to 100-120 compressions per minute. 💡 Remember that the surface underneath is hard and flat to make sure for accurate depth and proper compressions! If you’re interested in taking a CPR/ Basic Life Support course, please feel free to contact us! Healthcare Science Academy 330 Oxford Street Suite 208 Chula Vista, CA 91911 (619 )882-0242 www.HealthcareScienceAcademy.com #Healthcarescienceacademy #bls #cpr #acls #nursing #nursingschool #nurseassistant #certifiednurseassistant #cna #chulavista #sandiego #sanysidro #jamul #santee #kearnymesa #clairemontmesa #nationalcity #imperialbeach #bonita #otayranch #otaymesa #eastlake #miramar #lakeside #springvalley #missionvalley #coronado

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Preparing for the eventuality of the time when you will pass on is priceless gift you can leave your loved ones. But pondering medical what-ifs and choices regarding care when death is near may not be easy conversations to have. Join Hope Hospice as we discuss Five Wishes, an easy-to-understand advance healthcare directive that helps you communicate your desires in critical areas of concern. This presentation is offered via Zoom at no cost. We go live on July 29, 10-11:30 a.m., and on August 5, 4:30-6 p.m. The program is the same on both dates. Visit HopeHospice.com/townhall for details and webinar logon information. #hospice #hospicecare #hospicenurse #life #caregiver #nursing #rn #nurselife #seniors #seniorcare #fivewishes #endoflife

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Last week I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Plexus. Why am I still passionate about them? Because they work. . I decided for my 2 year anniversary to list all the benefits it has done for my health: · Increased natural energy · Taken minimal naps, used to be a big napper and got one in whenever I could · Sleeping deep and wake up rested – I used to get anywhere from 6-12 hours of sleep and still felt tired · No more bloating - major bloating issues in the past and always went for the loose fitting shirt · Better digestion (you are supposed to go to the bathroom 1-4 times a day ) · Being the mom I want to be – more energy to play with my kids instead of putting on a movie · Clearer skin, less wrinkles, less red spots and less sun spots · Back to my pre-baby weight in half the time · Better immune system – I haven’t been sick in 2 years · Sugar cravings gone · No more dandruff · Less joint pain · Seasonal allergies are less - I need way less allergy medicine than previous years, I used to spend $7-10 a week and that adds up fast · Hair is thicker and nails are stronger · More motivated to work out Pregnancy/Nursing/Postpartum · Milk supply increased · Lost all my baby weight in half the time · No acid reflux · No more PPD – I had it with Maddie and cried most days · Hormones balanced · No constipation · Controlled cravings / leveled blood sugar · No leg cramps – with Maddie I woke up to one a few times a week · Nursing was a more enjoyable experience · Healed faster from second c-section · Still nursing 11 months later Don’t even get me started on what it has done for my family and friends, those would be long lists too 😊 . #2years #guthealth #rootoftheissue #happy #healthy #acidreflux #hormones #controlledcravings #nursing #postpartum #csection #digestion #skin #sugarcravings #dandruff #jointpain #allergies #motivated

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What does life look like for the essential workers who continue to do their jobs through this pandemic? From healthcare to financial advisors, and office clerks, we invited our community to share a story and a photo about their lives as frontline workers. #ICYMI , read this photo series at the link in bio. Article by: @ckwoklet Edited by: @jamson127 Photos from: Kimisha, April, @karenn_nguyen @chowbyron @kenjamin604


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Classy, boujee, ratchet


56 Months of breastfeeding & still going strong! Did you know, mothers who breastfeed have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, & postpartum depression. And, the longer a woman breastfeeds in her lifetime, the more protection she receives. . . I never would’ve imagined nursing Addy this long, but here we are, & wouldn’t have it any other way! I knew I always wanted this journey to end organically, & if she’s still nursing in 6 weeks when our baby boy is expected, I’m happy to tandem nurse. . . Adding a sibling to the mix is a huge change for a family. Breastfeeding connects children with their mothers in an emotional and physical way and also bonds siblings as they “share” their mother’s milk. . . Children who wean themselves typically will continue nursing from 2 to 6 years. In the United States, only 27% of children are breastfeeding at 12 months, though the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding AT LEAST until two years of age. Breastfeeding provides nutrition, comfort, normal development of the immune system, and social and intellectual development for as long as it continues. Breastfed toddlers are also less likely to be picky eaters because of the ever-changing flavor of breast milk! . . Of course, not everyone can breastfeed, but just sharing information for anyone curious about extended breastfeeding as well as tandem nursing, & all of the amazing benefits! . . #modernveganfam #nursing #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmom #extendedbreastfeeding #tandemnursing #veganpregnancy #plantbasedpregnancy #pregnancy #normalizebreastfeeding #breastmilk #bonding #mama #motherhood #breastfeedingjourney #breastfeedingmama #breastfed #dropthecover #nursingmom #growingfamily #siblings #breastfeedingbenefits #health #nursingwhilepregnant #veganpregnancyandparenting #normalizebfing #normalizebreastfeedinginpublic

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This time last year we sat on this same beach wondering who the little person in my tummy would be 🤰🏼 It’s hard to believe it was this cheeky little boy the whole time (we were convinced we were having a girl! ) . You were everything we dreamed of and more Hexy pops ❤️

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As a Geriatric Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner, the impact of COVID-19 has been life-changing. #ad My usual week consists of visiting multiple long term care facilities to provide services, however, in a effort to protect my patients I have been limited in my abilities. I really miss the one on one contact, but I have found Telehealth to be the next best thing for my practice! As we begin to reimagine what opening up looks like for our country, it is important to note the special place that essential workers have in this conversation. We need to protect them, as we begin to move back to this one on one contact we all are looking forward to. Before we open up, we should hold our government accountable for its shortcomings. If they had handled this situation better from the start, the problems likely would have never gotten this out of hand. With our collective voices, we can push to get essential workers the support they need in order to continue working safely. Go to @healthcarevoter to learn more and show your support for those that need it most. #Sponsored by @healthcarevoter


Oi gente! Uma nova fase vai começar aqui no meu Instagram. Uma parte da minha vida que muitos de vocês não conhecem. Eu sou estudante de Enfermagem, apaixonada pela área. Mais especificamente pela saúde da mulher, Ginecologia e Obstetrícia. A partir de agora eu vou estar compartilhando com vocês esse lado da minha vida, os meus estudos, as minhas vivências na área e o quão grandioso o corpo de uma mulher pode ser, as transformações em um organismo pra que ele possa gerar a vida, e tudo que envolva todo esse processo será compartilhado aqui. Espero que gostem e me acompanhem! ❤️ O que sou agora e pretendo ser é graças a uma pessoa maravilhosa, minha maior inspiração! @naylamazzetto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #nurse #enfermagem #nursing #enfermeira #saúdedamulher #obstetrícia #ginecologia #maternidade #mulher #estudantedeenfermagem #tecnicodeenfermagem

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It’s time for a reintroduction! ⠀ 👋🏼 Hi, my name is Ariel. I was going by Ari at first because I wanted to protect my privacy as much as possible but it just got weird when I started making actual friends on here 🇭🇰 My first language is Cantonese and I’m fluent in sarcasm. If your next question is where am I from and “my mom’s uterus” doesn’t satisfy you, please refer to my bio 🩺 I’m a newly minted RN and will be starting in an ICU in September 🌶 I’m small but spicy like a Thai bird chili 🤤 I love all things stinky in Asian cuisine: durian, fish sauce, shrimp paste, stinky tofu, you name it 📍 I drive stick ✊🏼 Passionate about social justice (if you can’t tell ) ✨One of my goals for this page is to normalize conversations about traditionally taboo topics in Asian American culture such as racism, sex, and mental health ⠀ Alright this was just an excuse to show you guys my @goclove hat before I sign off for our mountain getaway hehe. Use my code 𝑪𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆𝑨𝒓𝒊 on your first pair of Cloves 👟 for free compression socks and to donate to the National Black Nurses Association. See you all in a couple days!


I'm currently on day 11 of my 2 week-quarantine and public health has been calling me everyday to make sure that I'm home. They also ask me questions about my health and if I have any symptoms from traveling. I also have to text them everyday and let them know that I'm doing fine lol. I can't wait to finish my quarantine.. I have major cabin fever and want to go out already 😫 On the bright side, I was able to review a lot of chapters for my NAPLEX exam and I also edited a few videos! New video will be coming out tomorrow 🥰💕!! - #studydesk #ipadnotes #digitalnotes #studygramcommunity #newstudygram #studystudystudy #studyaesthetic #goodnotes #goodnotesapp #goodnotes5 #digitalbooks #digitalnotes #digitalstudygram #studygramvietnam #pharmacyschool #studynotes #prettynotes #pharmacystudent #desksetup #medicalnotes #medicalstudent #studygram #medicalnotes #pharmacylife #nursing #nursegram #studyblr #studymotivation

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GUYS! I just registered for my last year of graduate nursing school and I’m ecstatic. I’m so excited to finally be back at clinicals in the next coming weeks. ⠀ I’ve been nervous about having to wear a mask for 12 HOURS! Sooo... I decided to team up with @HeadButtonBand . They make the cutest button headbands so you don’t put so much stress on your ears. They are life savers... & the best part is, they made a discount code for you all! Use NURSE50 at checkout and you will receive BOGO 50% off. ⠀ I’m so in love! They are so comfy and stretchy (I like to tuck my ears 🐵 so I was so happy it wasn’t at all painful like other headbands ). They also have so many cute colors and patterns! I’m so extra that I can’t wait to wear the headbands to match my badge reel. Don’t miss out guys! 10/10 recommend. ⠀

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Karen’s inspiring breastfeeding journey ❤️ #repost @urban .earthmama __________________ I thought I would share a little of our breastfeeding journey so far...but want to also say, everyone is on their own journey. No matter how you feed your baby, no judgement here. Only you know your baby and what is best for you. Everyone has different circumstances and the best thing we can do is support Mamas to be the best Mamas they can be. For me so far this time it hasn’t been smooth milky sailing because after an initial skin to skin when he was born Reef and I were then separated for two days while I had 2 blood transfusions and fluid replacement (more on my birth story another day ). What followed next was feeding on a schedule while Reef was in the special care unit and a hard road of asking my body to feed him to his requirements while the nurses were readily giving him formula. I had to advocate for myself to be allowed to feed him while I recovered, with me on a separate floor of the hospital to him, separated aside from our feeding times...but, it was worth it. Since coming home from hospital we’ve fed on demand which at times has left me exhausted and in tears but also feeling our bond grow together as we have navigated this journey so far together. We’ve had lots of skin to skin, I’ve consumed my body weight in galactagogues (foods that help you to produce milk 🥛 ), I was able to seek help from our paediatrician whose nurse spent an hour with me answering my questions and helping me with our latch etc. And finally I have the support of some amazing friends who have brought food, helped me and supported me...as I always say, it takes a village. Every single time I feed Reef I am thankful for my body, that even after everything it went through to birth my baby and recover, it still makes milk for him. I think of my darling boy, I hold him close and the whispers of our skin create a warmth and closeness that is shared just between us, as I did with his sister. I also think of the people who are supporting me to feed him and remember that through it all, even in the wee hours of the night, we’re not alone ❤️ #bandofmothers @milkitrainofficial 📷 @hashtagholt .