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Get access to a life changing SOLUTION that can get you where you want to be. That can retire you mom, that can get your dream car that can get you your dream house AND impact lives around the 🌎 ! Dm me right now to learn more.

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I remember the person I was and now look at the person I’ve become⁣ -⁣ -⁣ You can do the same thing It’s a matter of understanding that ignorance is Expensive⁣ -⁣ -⁣ The most expensive thing you’ll own is closed pockets and closed pockets means closed minds.⁣ -⁣ -⁣ Once I committed to that $225 that’s when the transformation Occurred 💫⁣ ⁣ #entrepreneur #HFX #FRX #ECX #DCX #Sacramento #kaicollective #tradeempire 💮 #impact #PeopleOverProfits

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What does your company wide training look like? It has taken us years to get our training to where it is today. In the past, we had the wrong people working on it. Other times we started in the wrong place and had to try again in the next version. This last year, we had an idea to bring our Ambassadors into the project and “WOW!” it made such a difference. I mean, our ambassadors are in the trenches daily with our team members. They know what we need... often, more than we do, even though we are the “people in charge”. We can’t recommend enough the importance of talking to your employees and bringing them in on the decisions being made. Recently within Student Maid, this has looked like us holding focus groups. We bring in a group of students and get their feedback or ideas on a topic we want to maximize. We are always blown away after those meetings and leave feeling incredibly grateful for their candor. Is there a decision you can bring others into instead of relying on yourself to have all of the answers? (Another awesome view of our conference room! )

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👨🏾‍💻📈📉 ‼️What HAPPENS ... HAPPENS TO US ALL‼️ 🌀But it is not about what happens ..... ❗️It’s about what WE DO, About what HAPPENS ❗️ That DETERMINES our OUTCOMES🧭 @fam .fx 🚀 Who Executed on XAU/USD?? #entrepreneur #growthmindset 🌱 #cashflowquadrant #dallasstars #lifeonyourterms #impactoverprofits #peopleoverprofits #businessfromhome #xauusd 🔥🔥🔥🔥💰💸

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If there’s something I’ve learned in the last 15 months it is that the faster you become comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE, the faster you’ll see the results & success you want. If you’re chasing your dreams you can’t be scared to fail, you can’t be afraid to grow as a person because those same hard experiences are what will build you up to become the best version of yourself! LOOKING TO MENTOR THE NEXT 10 STUDENTS. I will show you how to build a business straight from your 📲 And from home! 🚀⭕️ #sandiego #caligirl #youshouldbetrading #mmosandiego #theonlybrandofceos #investinyourself #letswork #forexlifestyle #peopleoverprofits

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🔝 🔹 Freiheit Annerkennung Miteinander In allem das Gute erkennen Lachen als gäbe es kein morgen Immer teilen und schwachen helfen Ein reines Herz haben 🔹 #peopleoverprofits #switzerland #business #lifestyle #happy #younity #retiredyoung #family #travel #changeyourmindset #changelives

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We are a real estate solution company. Call us today if you or someone you know owns a distressed property and would like to sell. Benefits of working with investors like us: ✔️We will buy your house in AS IS condition. You do not need to do any repairs to the home. We are educated and able to make any repairs necessary to fix the home or bring it up to code. AS-IS means just that, don’t worry about anything - trash, cars, overgrown landscaping, broken windows or pipes - we will take care of it! Have tenants in the home, THAT’S OK! ✔️We can make you a CASH offer within 2 days. ✔️We can close on your timeline OR as quick as 10 days if necessary. This is helpful for individuals in need of cash fast or want to avoid foreclosure. Once an agreement is reached sand contract signed, you can have a check in hand within 2 weeks. ✔️There is flexibility and options - No cleaning, contingencies, or long inspection periods, no stressing about the condition of the home and whether it qualifies for traditional financing. We are equipped to take on a variety of situations and walk through it together. Call us 808-375-1045, let’s talk story! #hawaii #realestatesolutions #hawaiirealestate #stopforeclosure #financialsolutions #foreclosuresolutions #investor #peopleoverprofits #realestateinvestor #webuyhouses

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In Chapter 1 of our Impact Investing for Everyone course, we cover what it takes for spending to be socially responsible. It always begins with a decision, and the decisions we make each day are far greater than the sum of their parts. 💸

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Did you know … that Rob Kinsman almost went to Culinary school instead of Law? 🥘⚖️ When we asked Rob WHY he became an attorney, he said: “I became a lawyer when I realized I was the best version of myself when advocating for others. I enjoy pushing myself to think critically. I saw/see law as a competitive arena where some of the brightest and most thoughtful minds go to advance positions we believe are just. I have always admired how law touches every human and shapes the way we interact with one another. Lawyers are there to advocate for others when they need us most.” Also another thing to mention is, he can make a mean scallop dish… anyone hungry?! 🍽😋

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We’re just weeks away from election day. Voters are learning more about candidates and their stances. #JAPACIL aims to seek out bias and racist judges in Cool County so that we can #unelect them. . Stay tuned for the announcement! Its almost time to #DumpAJudge in the 2020 elections. . #CookCounty #CrookCounty #NoRacistJudges #NoBiasJudges #SchoolToPrisonPipeline #PayToPlay #ProfitingFromProsecution #JailLabor #SlaveLabor #BLM #PeopleOverProfits #LegalMatters #Vote2020 #MightyMadeIt #DumpCoghlan

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Start each day with a grateful heart. 💛 If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure, you can do it say yes, then learn how to do it later. ✨ Limits only exist in you mind. What will you become? 🔥💪 #forex #tradingforex #immasteryacademy #peopleoverprofits #youcandoit #mindset

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In previous post #kylerittenhouseisamurderer Is defended as a #ScaredLittleBoy (Because he is white and the US is racist )... but the media will not defend the reputation of an unarmed sleeping Black woman? #defundthepolice #RebuildItBetter #Repost @philosophy_of_keyboard_praxis • • • • • • Only one officer is being indicted for a 4th degree felony of wanton endangerment for the bullets that went through the walls, endangering their neighbor's lives. Another 4th degree felony in KY includes unauthorized credit card between $500 - $1000 and doesn't even require mandatory jail time. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE #BreonnaTaylor #ACAB #KeyboardPraxis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #LateStageCapitalism #CapitalismKills #FuckCapitalism #DismantleCapitalism #BLM #Intersectionality #ACAB #FuckRacism #AntiFascism #AntiRacism #Marxism #AnarchoCommunism #Anarchism #Communism #Leftism #LeftIsBest #Socialism #DecolonizeYourMind #PrisonIndustrialComplex #EndMassIncarceration #PeopleOverProfits #Praxis

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Only one officer is being indicted for wanton endangerment--a 4th degree felony. They are only being charged for endangering her neighbor's lives with the bullets that were shot through her apartment walls. To put the charge into context, another 4th degree felony in KY includes unauthorized credit card use between $500 - $1000 and doesn't even require mandatory jail time if convicted. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE #BreonnaTaylor #ACAB #KeyboardPraxis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #LateStageCapitalism #CapitalismKills #FuckCapitalism #DismantleCapitalism #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #Intersectionality #ACAB #AbolishThePolice #DefundThePolice #FuckRacism #AntiFascism #AntiRacism #Marxism #AnarchoCommunism #Ancom #Anarchism #Communism #Leftism #LeftIsBest #Socialism #Classisism #DecolonizeYourMind #Decolonize #PrisonIndustrialComplex #EndMassIncarceration #PeopleOverProfits #Praxis

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Ethylene oxide (EtO ) is in the news again. This time test results show that the negative pressure systems and other pollution control equipment fail to adequately reduce the amount of EtO being emitted. ——————————————————————————— Meanwhile the communities near these plants continue to be guinea pigs while these companies continue to test new equipment which keeps falling short. ——————————————————————————— The only logical answer is this: If you are a company who chooses to use EtO, a carcinogenic chemical, then you need to move to a remote area and stop emitting next to schools, homes and daycares. ——————————————————————————— #endethyleneoxideemissions #peopleoverprofits . . . . . . . . #environmentalracism #systemicracism #environmentaljustice #environementalracismisreal #climatejustice #racialjustice #stopsterigenics #cancer #cancersucks #cancerfighter #cancerrisk #danger #protectourkids #stopeto #lakecounty #ethyleneoxide #environmental #cleanair #LifeintheW #gurnee #waukegan #libertyville #grayslake #villageofgurnee #cityofwaukegan @stopsterigenicsga @stop .sterigenics @govpritzker

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This story is yet another example of how governments that are corrupted by corporate interests inevitably fail to provide for the public in times of crisis. Yes, the wasting of one billion dollars of taxpayer money meant to manufacture PPE on building military equipment during a global pandemic that has killed 200,000 Americans is utterly insane. But so is spending $888 billion on the military while giving just $11 billion to the CDC. So is spending $4 trillion on a bailout of corporate America while refusing to spend the $20 billion it would cost to end homelessness. So is the fact that the death of a single octogenarian justice on the Supreme Court can call into question the basic human rights of the LGBTQ+ community and women all across the country. The way our society is organized is utterly insane, the things we let those in power get away with without facing any accountability are utterly insane. Once enough people wake up to this fact and realize that our institutions are completely illegitimate the revolution will become inevitable. - #BipartisanEstablishment #CorporateRulingClass #Oligarchy #Corruption #Trump #ExecutiveOrder #CampaignFinance #CorporateControl #CoronavirusBailout #PeopleOverProfits #DefundThePentagon #DefundThePolice #DemilitarizeThePolice #DefundThePentagon #RefundSocialServices #RefundEducation #UniversalHealthcare #MedicareForAll #UBI #UniversalHousing #EndHomelessness #StopEvictions #BuckTheEstablishment

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As a small business owner, Fern is voting #YesOn15 because better-funded schools help build prosperous communities. 🏫 #Prop15 provides the largest small business tax cut in a GENERATION while closing corporate tax loopholes benefitting just a handful of the wealthiest corporations!  Join Fern in supporting #Prop15 !

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Observe - Orient - Decide - Act ⠀ This cycle of operations, or “loop”, is a US Military principle taught to be used as both a principle for high level strategy and a tactic for combat & high stress #decisionmaking ⠀ The OODA Loop represents the foundational process of taking consistent intentional action while continuing to integrate new relevant information. ⠀ When under incredible stress, people begin to react impulsively by shortening the Orient & Decide steps. Adrenaline surges and blood is pulled from the organs & decision making centers of the brain and pours into the muscles to prepare for a fight or flight response. ⠀ Whether you’ve made contact and are taking enemy fire or you just got home from a long day at the office and find your wife upset with you; the body’s response is almost the same. ⠀ Stress short circuits the OODA Loop and takes us straight from observe to act; an instant reaction fueled by emotion, adrenaline & the immediate stories of the ego. ⠀ It’s important to know that taking intentional aligned action requires you to focus your energy and attention on every step of the OODA loop in order. ⠀ The key to this tactic in combat, and in life, is to practice focusing on the loop, master all the steps, and improve your overall tempo. ⠀ Create a conscious response to all of life’s situations instead of constantly reacting and dealing with the consequences.

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Gostavas de saber como estar presente no próximo LIVE a lucrar connosco no conforto da tua casa junto da tua família ? mp @gladiators .ig ⚜️📈 Requisitos: - WiFi - PC e smartphone - Respeito pelo próximo #peopleoverprofits #achanceforchange #togetherwerise #youshouldbetrading #financialeducationmatters #itstime

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Hope won’t take donations from developers, police associations, or big corporations. She works with the community. It’s that simple. Workers and residents in Concord deserve better than an untrustworthy developer like Lennar and what it was offering. That’s why Hope was against Lennar as master developer from the outset. Concord needs a leader who will ensure a transparent process for our residents and support our local labor workforce. #LivingWages #LaborRights #ResponsibleDevelopment #BudgetTransparency #FiscalTransparency #ToxicCleanUp #CNWS #NorthConcord #ConcordCA #Vote #DVC #BlackLivesMatter #ReimaginePublicSafety #ReinvestInCommunities #PeoplePower #PeopleOverProfits #ProgressiveWave #ParaElProgresoDelPueblo #NoCorporacionesCorruptas #DerechosHumanos #DerechosLaborales #JusticiaSocial . #TenantRights #AffordableHousing #EndHomelessness #RacialEquity #ClimateChange #EnvironmentalJustice #ConcordCares #HopeJohnson

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Winning is a Mindset! You WIN from the inside out. In the words of @etthehiphoppreacher "You see something that threw you off, see something that throws you back on!" It's #YOUvsYOU #Winning #Wednesday #InvestingInPeopleFirst #PeopleOverProfits Call People's ADE Property Solutions TODAY!! 762-533-0060 or visit www.PeoplesADE.com Instagram: @PeoplesADELLC Facebook: @PeoplesADE Twitter: @PeoplesADE LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peoplesadepropertysolutionsllc #RealEstate #PeoplesADE #ChangingLives #NoWorries #WeGotYou #LetUsHelpYou #HomeBuyers #RealEstateInvesting #DreamHome #RevitalizingNeighborhoods #WeBuyHouses #Agent #RealEstateSolutions #WeSellHouses #FastOffer #Entrepreneur #AsEasyAs123 #HereToHelp #Investors #LetUsSolveYourProblem #Motivation #MotivationalQuotes #PeopleFirst #Mindset


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Greatness is to inspire those around you. It’s not something that lives and dies with one person, it’s how you inspire a person to inspire another person, who then inspires another person to inspire another person. That’s how you create something that lasts forever🙏🏽 #MM ⭕️ #PeopleOverProfits

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On dit souvent que le savoir c’est le pouvoir... C’est faux ! Le savoir appliqué est le vrai pouvoir. Vous pouvez avoir énormément d’idées en tête. Si vous ne passez jamais à l’action, ces idées resteront dans votre tête... et donc ne serviront à rien ! 📚 Ah... et à titre d’information, le millionaire moyen lit minimum 4 livres par mois. Donc si vous êtes en dessous, vous savez ce qu’il vous reste à faire ! ✌🏾


Spent some great time with my Mi60 crew (up and coming leaders in the business ). Lafayette United has so much talent! It’s been a real pleasure seeing how much passion they have about the business and more importantly their people. #PeopleOverProfits #Nolimit24 @edtheman_jr @ashleysterlingrogers @tr_nolimit24_ #callcenterchronicles

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If it wasn’t for the people, it would make no sense. It’s the people. The people & God are the purpose... Thank you Lord for so many blessings, use me as I am here to serve 🤍 Not long ago I used to be the most quiet person in the room when the conversation was about God. Maybe because of the way I was raised, maybe because I’ve seen bad people with bad intentions using the word of God to hurt people... could be many other things! Life has been teaching me quite a lot these last few months tho’ 💭... It’s about time I acknowledge the true power of faith over fear. I promise you, there is no way you’re gonna do this alone. You have to believe much bigger much sooner, and the only way to do it is you gotta have faith... It’ll make the way 🕊 . . . #godsplan #thankgodfirst 🙏 #faithoverfear #faithituntilyoumakeit #purpose #peopleoverprofits #youcanbemore #impactoverprofits #impactoverincome #20in2020

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There come moments in every generation... When the Lord reintroduces Himself to a generation and amplifies His message Whether He says to Moses "Tell the people that I am, that I am" Or whether He says, "Tell them that I am your Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" There come moments where He says, "It's important for you to know who I am" And whenever there's a generation that may forget who He is He allows a message to stir around the world When it's in everybody's mouth at the same time To say, "Hello, I want to reintroduce who I am" "I still do miracles, I still make ways, I keep my promises" This is who our God is And we're in a moment where He is reintroducing His attributes to a generation That's why we say Way maker Way maker, miracle worker You are Promise keeper, light in the darkness That's who He is My God, that is who You are He is still healing, He is still making a way, He is Way maker, miracle worker I've seen Him do it Promise keeper, light in the darkness that is who you are ... William McDowell❤️🙏 #god #blessed #bossbabe #empoweringwomen #peopleoverprofits #ycbm #lovelife #investment #growthmindset #mindset #hapinessishere #believeinyourself #tradingforex

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I maybe never shared this with anyone but the truth is one of my dreams since I was a kid was going to USA at least one in a life time . -I know many people will say that is silly you have travelled a lot . Asia , Africa ,Europe , but that is not it . It was a dream since I watched Britney Spears and Back street boys 😂😂😂 -And let me tell you it was that moment after all the drama before the trip, calls crying to my friends and mentors saying I wasn’t going because a 100 things went wrong, stress in Qatar because of my visa ,and 36 hours between airport time and flights .That I put my feet on the line to stamp my passport and this lady is giving me a hard time about not using my phone ,I put my phone in my pocket and it was all white noise , all of sudden it was between me and God and i had one of my most beautiful moments .. In my Head it was God I made it . Thank you. Many people think that my journey on IM ❤️was financial the reason I am here today is because my journey was emotional and had such a strong connection to God that I can’t deny. I stop complaining and I learn to be more grateful and that is the power of gratitude... when you focus on the result and forget the process you lose the best part that is the process, the daily growth ,the daily gratitude . It is easy to be thankful when things go right , but is necessary to be thankful when things are not so good . And that is the lesson that God want us to learn. So not only I am growing , and learn to embrace the process , but I am grateful that I made it to USA, that I got to share this Experience with the best people ever , that I got to meet people not in a million years I though I would. Stop avoiding your process in life and be grateful , change comes when between the white noise you can be just you thanking God , there miracles happen. ❤️ #ycbm #God #immasteryacademy #blessed #love #investing #tradingforex #empoweringwomen #bosslady #bossbabe #peopleoverprofits #lovelife #investment #growthmindset #mindset #hapinessishere #believeinyourself

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💫 Welcome to the community 💫 We couldn’t be more excited to officially announce the grand opening of our sister company: Evolve Yoga & Wellness To celebrate, we want to give away some goodies - how about a... 🌟 FREE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP 🌟 For your chance to win: ✅ Follow @elevate .evolve.bowmanville ✅ Like this post ✅ Sign up for our newsletter (link in bio ) ✅ Tag a friend that wants a free membership too! (Let’s make each tag an entry while we’re at it ) First draw to be held Friday, Sept 25th. This will be the first of a series of prize giveaways. Grand prize of a membership and accessory pack will be drawn from our mailing list in November 🥰 We have lots (and lots! ) to do in the next 6 weeks, so please be patient with us as we slowly unfold details. We’ll be announcing an epic opening party for November 1st, so stay tuned! We’re super excited, and know you’re going to love it! We CANNOT wait to see you on your mat! With immense love, Amanda and Krystle 💕 📸: @cedarmedia_ FAQ - We’re not moving, we’re growing! - 2 different locations, 1 small town - Address and contact info coming soon - All your favourite teachers will be there, and then some!! - We’re taking all the precautionary steps to be Covid-safe - We might be able to convince Krystle to teach, once in a while 🙃 #bowmanville #bowmanvillemoms #bowmanvilleontario #newcastleontario #courtice #courticeontario #clarington #bowmanvilleyoga #elevateandevolve #elevateyourmindset #evolveyourmindset #itsevolutionbaby #moveyourbody #calmyourmind #communityovercompetition #safespace #comeasyouare #peopleoverprofits #wedontclique

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Let's help Dad win... let's put an end to corporate greed.⁠ ⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣⁠ You know how many times I have seen job applications that require 5, 10, 20 years experience by pay $15- 20 an hour? Anyone with that much experience should be payed much more than that? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below. ⁠ ⠀⠀⠀⁣⁠