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That’s how you’ll know 〰️🖤〰️ #VibrateHigherDaily 📖 my book Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power is available wherever books are sold. Available as a hardcopy, an ebook, an audiobook, and on CD [Link in my bio] 〰️


Day 1 - I remember sitting in my 8am physics class feeling awake and actually retaining information from the lecture. I didn’t know if it was in my head but noticed immediately I had more energy. Day 3 - I “forgot” to drink my morning coffee. I was driving to school and realized I had not had my normal 3 cups of coffee I always depended on to get my butt moving in the morning. Day 10-14 - I really felt thrive start to kick in. I mainly noticed the energy, improved gut health, not craving sweets, actually craving water, and mental clarity. I started sharing with friends/family how great I was feeling & decided to click the “promoter” button. I figured I might as well make some commission off of the orders that I was bringing into the company. I had no idea that over $4,000 of team sales would happen within the first two weeks. 2 years later & I still look forward to taking these 3 steps every morning THRIVERS - drop below in the comments what your first couple days of thrive were like

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I don’t know who needs these—but I hope you carry close what resonates. These are for us. Swipe > . . These excerpts are from the chapter “Forgiveness: a note to self” in @aftertherainbook . I re-read it almost daily. . . Community: How are you healing today? What reminders of self-forgiveness are you carrying with you? Looking forward to your comments below.

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For us. Circa 2014. The full note to self says: "Please keep in mind that no one can love you as much as you do. If you fall in love with yourself first, flaws and all, you will be able to exude beauty, kindness, and love to others. There are too many instances where we expect to find our love in someone else. Look inside yourself for adoration, confidence, and esteem. You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.” . . I haven't read this in years, and wow, I needed to. I didn't know how much these words would still resonate many moons later. Writing to heal has shown me the importance of self-validation and self-love. It's not a whimsical or easy process. It's hard as hell. I am proud of us for trying our best even when it's challenging to press forward. I see you. . . Thank you all for the outpouring of love around After the Rain. It's been out an entire week, and the messages and pictures and excitement mean more than I can start to explain. Keep them coming! Initially, my main goal for this book was for it to get on the NYT Bestsellers list. As a black woman and writer in this literary space, that felt like the most important (next ) step in my career. But over the past seven days, that goal has shifted. Ultimately, I want this book to be a timeless collection of hope and resilience that people continue to return to over and over again. That folks share with loved ones, near and far. I want @aftertherainbook to be dogeared and marked up and highlighted, over and over—laughed through and tearstained. I want it to be a companion for your healing in book form. I want it to remind you that you're not alone. So, the next step in my career isn't to get on a list, but instead, continue cultivating community in authentic ways. I love y'all. Thank you for supporting my work. . . PS. My last 4-week journaling course of the year opens for registration on 11/1. Link in bio to get on the waitlist. This quarter we are focusing on "Reclaiming Resilience." I cannot wait to journey with you all again in November. . . PPS. If you've enjoyed ATR, please consider leaving a review. If you do, LMK. I have a special treat for you.


I listened to my heart and not my head when I met this beautiful soul. She’d never managed a yoga studio before but grew up in a family of small business owners. We chatted and I felt open, like what she was saying was so pure and sincere. My head fought hard...”she’s never managed a yoga studio before,” it kept shouting. It wanted PROOF that I was making the “right” hire. I’ll never forget, when I asked her if she had any questions about the studio or job, she asked, “what can I do to earn your trust?” For the first time in 8 years, I FULLY COMMITTED and hired from my heart. I can’t even begin to tell you what a blessing she’s been. @lex_____la_fleur you have my FULL TRUST and I can’t wait for this brilliant community to meet you in person when we reopen our doors this Monday, November 2nd. So much love dear soul ✨