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Hey boo 👻


Cultivation. It’s been a theme lately for us. Our church has been preaching about suffering and the pruning work of God. Real exciting stuff 😂. Honestly though it’s been really life giving. An illustration was given that we cut flowers and put them in our homes and do everything we can to manipulate them to give the illusion of life. But once they are separated from the vine, they are only on their way to death. So we abide. We abide in the life giving vine. But that also means there’s times for pruning and cultivation. And it can be painful to be pruned. It hurts to endure suffering and trials. But the Gardener doesn’t do this to punish the plant, He does it to allow it to thrive even more in its season. And right now it feels like everyone is enduring a certain level of suffering. For us we’ve seen it while watching our beloved pup Charlie lose her front leg function over the last month. It hurts to see her struggle and to field the questions that Rosabella has about death and what comes next. It hurts to feel the pruning scissors, but in the same moment you feel the hand of the Gardener tenderly taking the hold and preparing for what comes next for us. // On a side note, Nick stopped in to the new @shopverdant and surprised me with a vase and flowers, which just felt so fitting to everything already blooming in our lives.


The love you feel should make you want to dance! Photo @nagelportraits

2 days ago

It’s hard to know the trajectory you’ve set them on is to leave. To grow up and to go out there alone. It’s the most bittersweet thing. (I only used the word trajectory because Luca can’t stop watching Blaze Monster Machines )

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Went to the ol Wonder Space today and it was super cool! Shout out to @wendyalinanolasco & @sal_lee_from_the_valley for gifting us on this lil date night! Happy Anniversary guys!

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LAZARO coming in hot with this new stunner! We cannot wait for the new collection to drop. #repost @lazarobridal NEW by Lazaro 💘. See the big reveal of the #lazarospring21 collection tomorrow during an exclusive live segment with designer himself! ⚡️ Tune in at 3pm EST.

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Go on those impromptu drives, because they might just lead you to a place like this 🤭 ____ #vsco #vscocam #vsco_daily #vscokingdom #socality #colorado #visualsoflife #artofvisuals #liveadventurously #snapseed #wanderfolk #createcommune #instantvisio #explore

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Daisha got #downwiththegown today and her ladies cheered her on when she did!

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Осторожно!!!⁣⁣⠀ Можно ослепнуть от нашей красоты😻⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ #galaxy #jwonly #shadows #door #beach #igers #igerspoland #instagrampl #poznan #mobilephotography #urbanexploration #jw #glass #vsco #vscocam #vsco_allshots #vscopoland #vscogood #vscokingdom #vscoboss #vscolike #polishgirl #polishboy #spring #poland #iphoneonly #likeforlike #photooftheday

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Still loving this @tara_keely we got in a few weeks ago. Style 22609

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I did it. It feels good to take a deep breath and know I hit my goal. When I started the month of September I needed to sell 27 boxes to qualify for a trip to Mexico next year for Nick and I. I remember being in our bedroom and saying to Nick “I’m not sure I can sell that many.” He said he believed I could do it. So I hit the ground running and today I sold enough boxes to qualify with 5 days remaining. I’m super appreciative to everyone who decided to buy and I’m excited to slow down and unplug from work for a bit, which is one reason I love doing this. I get to decide when to press the gas and when to pump the brakes. Tonight we took the kids to the park, followed by some ice cream at Andy’s and my heart is full. Thank you for everyone who bought one! I literally have the best customers! And thank you to @heatheraellis , @beka .fox & @nickallenphoto for pushing me and cheering me on!

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Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed Rosabella struggling with giving. She would become upset that whatever was given was gone and she wanted to keep it. I’m sure it has something to do with a summer devoid of birthday parties or holidays to give things to people. So we told her that she would have a break from getting gifts until we developed some excitement for giving. We’ve made a few trips to the store so she could pick out gifts for other kids and yesterday she picked out some for the neighbor kids. We planted them outside for them and hid and waited for them to find them. Rosa’s excitement seeing them get their gifts was infectious. Before bed she said “I love surprising kids! Let’s do more!”. I know this pandemic will have unexpected fallout that we will likely deal with for years, but for now we are trying our best to keep reminding our kids that life is best lived when you give it away for others.

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The @legendsromonakeveza Trunk Show begins tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited for it. So here’s this stunning photo @aneeatelier as seen in @blackbride1998 with @itsovodrenth wearing @legendsromonakeveza . Additional shoot credits: @pejykashevents @iviejoyflowers @fedeinsieme @nikkiavanzino @iamfaithwarren @aj_ingoglia_films @7linestudio

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Anyone have anymore white coveralls I can borrow? I’m running out. 📸: @djbeatsmode

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Dressing you for all the important moments of your life is our greatest honor. #repost@tservestea Just in case you all need a lesson, here’s my parents killing it in their 70s. #youcouldnever Congratulations are in order for my friend MRS. Jackson. Wish I could’ve been there boo. Wishing you and Tyran a lifetime of happiness! @krissypoo265 #jacksontherestishughestory

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This Takeout Wednesday we're enjoying an Aloha Yumburger from our local @jollibeecanada 😋 What's the BEST thing to order at Jollibee? 🤔 . . . #visualizetoronto #vscokingdom #burger #burgers #igtoronto #blogto #thesix #torontolove #torontoigers #toronto_insta #torontophoto #toptorontophoto #torontolife #6ix #6ixside

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Loving this look in two color options from @lazarobridal ’s new @tara_keely collection!

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I heard someone recently say that being a parent is like getting to have a childhood a second time. Except now you have the wisdom and perspective to truly savor it. This is the moment they discovered the grasshopper outside the back door and Nick and I spent the whole time savoring their wonder and excitement at it.

2 weeks ago

Don’t we all feel this way when we finally get to @target ? Take note that I accidentally only grabbed a kid sized mask, so that’s what I got to wear into the store 🤦🏻‍♀️ Nick will probably start making sure I only have kid sized masks when headed to Target, cause I left a lot faster than usual. 😂

2 weeks ago

Beautiful fall days in the bridal loft.

2 weeks ago

Last night we stayed up late to watch @thesocialdilemma . The irony of posting about this on my Instagram is not lost on me, but seriously everyone should watch this. Like as soon as possible. I live in a strange tension with social media. Nick and I have multiple businesses that have a foundation of growth through social media. On top of that we actually manage social media accounts for small businesses. So there’s plenty of positive benefits to these platforms, but anyone using them doesn’t need much time to determine the ways that they suck up your time. Demand it even. I want to keep this tool in its rightful place. Allow myself to be present in the real world. On a side note, this painting was made by @kellykrusecreative . I got it last year and it’s the first real piece of art I’ve ever owned. It’s incredibly special to me.

2 weeks ago

It’s so fun and different with just the boys at home. It definitely feels like Luca has WAY more to say than usual (Rosabella tends to be the chattiest one ). We took a walk through the neighborhood and he was thrilled to find the fire hydrants and Mílo loved seeing the “kitty cats”, which are squirrels of course. I’m just doing my best to find ways to grow in relationship with each of my kids in the dynamics before me. It’s a little easier with only two home, but I want to soak it up before that changes.

2 weeks ago

#gowngallerybride Mackenzie looked incredible in @misshayleypaige #elkegown !

2 weeks ago

Thank you Craig Sole for allowing us to take over your studio and secret garden for this epic Lookbook shoot! Stay tuned for the Lookbook drop.

3 weeks ago

Angela and Luna🤍 These two love and enjoy each other so much. They fit together perfectly. They are home to each other. @angeladodsonphotography you are such a talented photographer and an incredible mother. Thank you for trusting me with these.

3 weeks ago

Blindfolded on this road, watch me faith walk Just hold on to your brother when his faith lost 📸: @drewelainephotography Threads: @whiskeyrivervintage clown shoes: @pagenotfound________

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Our new look book is about to drop, so here’s some BTS from @autremgmt of @manuelaenama wearing @johnpaulataker getting makeup touched up by @carobenitezn at @craigsoledesigns

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Impromptu park visit after we got back in town. We drove into the parking lot of this park we drive by a lot and have never been to and the kids were so excited. We definitely missed our kids. Though I am super grateful for time away to recharge with friends and my husband. This weekend already confirmed what was going on in my heart, that we have to have life with community. We just do. Period. We weren’t meant to do this life alone.

3 weeks ago

So we decided on a whim while in Texas to pop down to @magnolia . We knew they were closed, but figured we didn’t know when we’d be down in the area again and figured we’d check out some other things in Waco. We didn’t quite realize that basically ALL of Waco is closed on Sunday 🤷🏻‍♀️ But we found some good coffee, had a good lunch and a really long drive listening to whatever music we want, talking and then listening to the sermon from church on Sunday. Some day we will go back and and it’ll be open, but for now it was plenty fun to just get away for a bit.

3 weeks ago

Eddy K Bridal Market comes to Kansas City. In an exclusive showing, 2021 gowns will be featured at The Gown Gallery for 5 days only. Bridal markets are closed so Eddy K decided to ship their collections around the world. Appointments available 9/17-9/21. Book yours now to shop these brand new gowns!

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Texas lovin’


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Jan 2020

коли зникає пам'ять тіла зникає все що було з нами коли зникає пам'ять тіла земля зникає під ногами зникає сонце із сітківки а в мушлях вухне чутно вітру все що прийшло не знати звідки відходить тихо й непомітно... Іздрик . . . . . . . #photoukraine #s1mple_shots #deserteam #creativeoptic #mrfreemax #vscoportrait #freemax #лучковзацени #вставайиснимай #делайпикчи #thecanmax #vscokingdom #illiahlad #ukraine_pixel #ukrainegram #insta_crew_ukraine #ретачукаксигач #мобильнаяфотография #shotnmi_ua #canon60d #yonguo50mm #ourvisualvibes

Dec 2019

Snow is my favorite. It makes everything prettier and the kids think it’s pure magic. ❄️❄️❄️ . And if you think we have it all together on this little Instagram page. Just look at my unmatched pillars we haven’t finished and feel better about yourself. 🤣

May 2020

The other day I was sitting on the front steps with Rosabella while the boys napped. She noticed a bug on the steps and then proceeded to ask me what must have been 5,000 questions about this bug, bugs in general, how bugs die, what is inside bugs, and all sorts of other stuff. Honestly, I was exhausted and definitely done talking about bugs. I just wanted to sit quietly for a minute. But bug talk we did. Every night we ask the kids three things. What their favorite part of their day was, what a funny part of their day was, and one thing they didn’t like from their day. That night I asked her what her favorite part was and she said “talking to you about bugs”. God just smacked me with a ton of bricks. That conversation that was going on and on and driving me slowly bonkers was her favorite part of her day. She just wanted to talk to me about bugs. I think about the thousands of prayers I’ve said that would certainly be excruciatingly annoying to listen to, but he doesn’t see it that way. He saw a chance to sit with me on the stairs and listen to me ramble. So I’m going to do my best to remember that spirit.

Mar 2020

I got all emotional today as Nick and I set out 100 cupcakes, one by one (made by @camiscakeco of course ). I never thought cupcakes would make me cry, but it struck me how wild it is that we are celebrating 9 years as a business. We never dreamed after we got married that we would own a shop quite like this. I always thought it would be a bridal shop or something with the wedding industry. But here we are! Still slinging vintage and loving being apart of the Kansas City community. Thank you for everyone who came out to celebrate and support us. You will never know what that truly means to a small business owner. Our hearts are full! . One more day tomorrow to come see us! Open 11-4 💙

last month

Support Small Businesses. More than ever, this season has shown just how vulnerable small businesses are in times of difficulty. We’ve personally been trying to find ways to support small businesses here in KC. We own multiple small businesses that have all been affected by the pandemic in one way or another, but it’s been incredible to see the ways that people have shown up and given their love and support to help see us through it. I hope that when I get on here and talk about selling makeup everyone sees that purchasing makeup through me actually supports me directly. We’ve used funds from those sales to help us during this season and when things were good it allowed us to go on our first beach vacation since having kids. So just putting this out as reminder before shop Amazon, get Starbucks, or any other huge corporation, to consider spending money at local brick & mortar shops, restaurants, and online small businesses for your needs.

Mar 2020

As you know, the province has declared a state of emergency over COVID-19 and has ordered all bars, restaurants, theatres, child care centres, recreation centres and privates schools to close immediately. This announcement will lead to a number of businesses in our community to close down and/or alter operations. Our prayers are with you all and we look forward to serving our community once again in the near future. Thank you for understanding and keep safe 🙏 📷: @ayaazchandio . . . #toronto #torontocanada #torontopictures #torontopics #torontopixel #6ixwalks #visualizetoronto #imagesofcanada #imagesofontario #cntower #citysunset #citypictures #torontonightlife #imagesoftoronto #vscokingdom

Jun 2020

Last night was my first shoot in 3 months and I spent the entire time shrieking because I forgot how much I missed it.

May 2020

It feels so good to be outside, we are working really hard to FINALLY make our yard prettier. I don’t even want to say how long we’ve lived here, but in our defense we have done a lot of work inside our house (not to mention the two boys born since we moved in ). Excited to see how it all comes together. Crossing our fingers 🤞🏻 patches of our grass grow in nice. If I’m honest, I joke to Nick sometimes that I wish our house was brand new. Not because I don’t love having an old home, but because I just can’t help being overwhelmed by the huge list of things that still need to be done and made better. I just want it all to be done so I can rest and enjoy it. But I know that this is the way God trains those parts of my heart that don’t want to endure the process. While he has surely made my heart new, there’s still work to be done. I’m faced with it everyday in the same way as the cracked sidewalk, the spots that need paint, the patches on the lawn. My heart has all of that still, he’s renovating and restoring me to a place and the process is just as beautiful as the end result.