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May 2020

Happy Pilates Day!!! Fun fact: I hated Pilates for about...8 years. I was introduced as a teenager and continued to be brought back to the practice (no matter how hard I resisted ) until I finally turned the corner around the age of 23. It just felt like maybe the world was trying to tell me something 🤷‍♀️ So glad it didn’t give up. So glad I eventually did. Almost everything I have today is in some way tied back to Pilates. It’s kind of a big deal and I’m so thankful - @pilatesppl . . . . . #pilatesppl #movementmedicine #centered #focused #aligned #justmove #pilates #matpilates #inhomepilates #inhomefitness #lovewhatido #norules #workwithwhatyougot #livepilatesclasses #privatepilatessessions #grouppilates #perspective #pilateslover #tbt #pilateslife #pilateslover #pilatesbody #pilates #pilatesday #funfact #joinus #pilatesstrong

3 weeks ago

• Meet yourself where you are, right now, today. Thread the needle of self care, that will stitch together a reservoir of higher quality energy, for your future self. @stacie .martin ____________________________ Image Noah Buscher

last month

• Walking the fine line of both edges. Where the darkness of my soul, meets the light. Resembling a shoreline waves roll in from each side. And I have found myself with one foot submerged in each depth at the same time. Wanting to know them both equally. So they may coexist in a balanced duality, instead of crashing against one another. @stacie .martin Sketch by me. Inspired

Mar 2020

Those lights aren’t actually wired and that bench arrived damaged with a black base and I hated it. Our entry lacks natural light and this room with the dead cow on the floor used to be an awkward formal dining space. But all I can see are those sweet frozen in time faces that greet me on the daily thanks to some of my favorite talented 📷 friends and @mpix . #takethepicture #mpix #workwithwhatyougot #shareyourhomestyle

Apr 2020

Versalock at it’s best. For budget reasons we relaid existing block wall to the proper grades and for bench height relationship. The floating bench ties into the steps as the final support. The concrete plinth is for a pot or art or negative open space. The gravel is for drainage and a sense of calm.

Aug 2020

The other day I had some pretty high goals set for myself and I knew that if I was going to meet them I would have to focus. So I hung this sign on my door and turned on a focus music playlist and got stuff done. 🙌🏼💪🏼 Also, ever since I learned more about the enneagram, I thought I was a 2w1 BUT, I have done a lot of evaluating and I really think in this season I have been a 2w3. And as @yourenneagramcoach says, a bird flies best with both wings. #dailygoals #dowhatyougottado #knowyourself #workwithwhatyougot #enneagram2w3 #enneagram2w1