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I love the LORD, Jesus Christ with my whole heart and music with my whole diaphragm. ❤️ Symphony Slayer College Girl’s Intern @idlewildcollege

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23 hours ago

Did I drive over 45 mins out of my way to go to Disney Springs for half an hour?... that’s a secret I’ll never tell 😉 #xoxo

3 weeks ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIA!! You are growing UP so fast!! I hope you feel so loved on today💕 Miss you sweet girl! 🥳

3 weeks ago

In case y’all forgot✨😋

4 weeks ago

🪐✨Selfie game outta this world✨🪐 #maythe4thbewithyou

5 weeks ago

I was bored so I decided to cover a Billie Eilish song because I love her and it doesn’t require any bar chords 😗✌️

last month

***posting in sweatpants and a messy bun that’s incredibly overdue for wash day***

last month

Happiest of Birthdays too one of my bestest friends!!! I had plans to come visit you this weekend, but because of the craziness that is a Pandemic, I’m not able too 😭 Praise the Lord, we have technology to help fill in the gaps! I love you and miss you sooo much!!! As soon as this quarantine is through, I’m coming over! Have an amazing birthday, Love!!!

Mar 2020

I’m coco- NUTS about my girls 😋

Feb 2020

This gurl is getting Godley-er by the second!!! Lol -O N E W E E K- till two of my best friends say I Do!!

Jan 2020

Hey Everyone, Meet Frankie! 💙 His hobbies include modeling, cuddling, and singing the song of his people. And in case you were wondering, yes, He IS the good-est of bois 🥰 📸: @_ssanch_

Jan 2020

You should see her in a veil... . . @billieeilish is quaking!! #shegotagodleyman #bacheloretteparty

Jan 2020

I love my little Nacho 💛

Dec 2019

There’s this many days ‘till Christmas!! What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Dec 2019

Over the moon because I won a cookie baking contest!! 🥰❄️ Swipe to see my cookies! —>

Dec 2019

My face knowing that Christmas is 9 days away and I still have 7 Christmas parties to go to #TisTheSeason

Dec 2019

@iamsogodley liked it so he put a ring on it and that’s a cause for celebration!! So happy I got to spend the day showering this smokin’ hot bride!

Nov 2019

Took my first dance class since my car accident 3 years ago. For those of you who don’t know, I used to be a dancer and up until my accident, instructing was my chosen career path. After everything happened, I was told I couldn’t dance anymore. They said it was “too hard on my back” and could “further damage things”. Fast forward to a year ago, I switched to a doctor who saw my desire to dance and instead of using what I have since learned where scare tactics in order to keep my business, he taught me about my injury and helped me get to a place where I can do what I love again. Sorry to the choreographer from last night for crying lol I promise they were happy tears❤️

Oct 2019

“Waka Waka Waka Waka...” -Pac Man

Oct 2019

Very rare photo of me not smiling followed by 2 “normal” photos to balance it out 🧡

Sep 2019

This gal and I have been through many a milestone together. So incredibly happy I get to be a part of another one! Can’t wait for you and @isaacjcabrera to start your ✨“Happily Ever After”✨ #moviendoacabrera

Sep 2019

“You better walk your butt out there and get your picture taken, you look cute as a bug” - Mrs. Barbara 15 photographers later and my mom snapped the one I’m posting 💛

Sep 2019

Hi! This is my shortened cover of Taylor Swift’s newest single “Lover”. This song has been stuck in my head since it came out! It’s so sweet and romantic. I’d be fine if it stayed stuck forever lol 💗

Aug 2019

Pictured: Me clutching my raincoat, pretending to be unbothered by Dorian Not Pictured: Me internally freaking out because I procrastinated buying water and sand ✌🏽 #dorian

Aug 2019

Obrigada, Brunno! 🇧🇷 I had so much fun this weekend! I’m so glad I got to show you around “ the lid”😉 Thank you for helping makes this such an awesome birthday💕 I’m so grateful to have such a sweet, funny, God-loving, friend like you in my life. See you soon, okay? #WheresBrunno