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6 days ago

When you’re taking thumbnail pics but also like “I do look cute tho” EDIT: Hey but do you wanna know what’s not cute? Derek Chauvin stamping the life out of George Floyd. We need justice. Our country can’t heal from this unless we make strides in protecting our citizens, especially those who are marginalized.

2 weeks ago

I’m taking a shit, wbu?

3 weeks ago

O shit, who is he? Is he sporting a brand new hoodie from smosh.store?

3 weeks ago

I miss Frank sometimes 😌

4 weeks ago

o shoot he back

4 weeks ago

Went to your mom’s house the other day

last month

This little dude just randomly flew over and jumped on my shoulder and proceeded to make out with my ear. Jealous? Check out our Australia vlog on Smosh Pit for more animal-on-human action 🥴 (Yes, this was from before quarantine )

last month

Can’t believe I saw the Leaning Tower of Eiffel in person. I miss Austria 😫

Apr 2020

Felt too shy to try My Favorite Coffee? Take 20% OFF your order thru May 1. These are tough times, and we want to make it a little easier for you : ) Promo code: Spring2020

Mar 2020

Throwing back to some of the best times spent in close contact with humans. We went to this awesome pizza joint in Sydney that has Hard Rock Karaoke with a live band. Many songs were sung, many drinks were drank, many laughs were... laughed?

Mar 2020

Every time I look at this picture, it warms my cold damn heart, and I hope it does the same for you. This picture was taken at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The related Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in 2019 alone saw over 12,000 injured, burned, sick, or orphaned animals, including 600 koalas admitted to their facilities. It’s good to remember despite the scary things going on, there are good people doing truly great work out there.

Mar 2020

Buzz’s girlfriend... woof

Mar 2020


Mar 2020

3 doofuses go to the Singy House in Under-Down Land

Mar 2020

Sippin brews and keepin it Goochi in Melbourne 👌

Mar 2020

Bae caught me looking at that Budae

Mar 2020

Told her I wanted that D.... Vitamin D that is, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Feb 2020

Am I Instagram basic yet?

Feb 2020

POV: You and your wife are taking a leisurely stroll through Iceland, and you encounter this creature. Wyd?

Feb 2020

When she calls you daddy one too many times.

Feb 2020

Went with my friend to race Subarus on a frozen lake. This kind of fun should honestly be illegal. I’ve never laughed like a maniac this much. Can I just stay here forever??? 😫 Huge shoutout to @subaruwinterexperience and @flatoutsweden for putting this on and allowing we to thrash some brand new STIs and BRZs 😈 #subaruwinterexperience #flatoutsweden

Feb 2020

I’m spending Valentines Day with my first love: SUBARUUUUUUUU! Huge huge thanks to @flatoutsweden and @subaruwinterexperience for putting this awesome ice driving event on. Very weird to think I’m driving sideways over a lake 😳 #flatoutsweden #subaruwinterexperience

Feb 2020

If you go to Iceland or one of the other northern countries, you’re not guaranteed a view of the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis ), but if you’re lucky, you’ll be treated with one of Earth’s most spectacular phenomenons. It’s one of the few things I really wanted to see before I shuffle off this mortal plane, and during my stay in Iceland we were treated to cloudy skies or beautiful starry skies with no aurora. I began to worry the #1 thing I had hoped to see in Iceland wouldn’t come to fruition. On the last night we were set to be there, at 2am with a storm coming in, and 30MPH+ winds, the aurora tracker told us we had a good chance of seeing them. We ran out of our Airbnb, I saw the northern lights, and made the most idiotic loud scream of my life. Holy shit. Yeah.

Feb 2020

Tonight is the last show of our little Try Not To Laugh Live tour. Our first ever time touring has been quite an experience and everyone has been very awesome laughing our our dumb jokes. What city should we come to next?