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‘All Work No Play, Makes Jack A Dull Boy' He draws now too.

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3 days ago

I’m so excited to announce that my bestest pal ever, and he goes by legendary tidings, @zacharylevi !He will be joining me for this very special event. For all of you fans that ask me about my start in acting, this is the awesome and magical place where my love of acting and the stage began. This life changing place cultivated my courage, my commitment, my discipline, the forum and the freedom for me to live out loud. I found my people there. I found my voice. I found my home. @ADDERLEY_school #adderleyschool #adderleyredtalks #theatrelife #livestreamtheatre #converswithus

3 days ago

Thank you for your amazing support. Today is the last day of the SAVE campaign for @nokidhungry We can all feel good about making a meaningful difference in the lives of the many kids that we’ve been able to provide meals for. The Dull Boy shop closes tonight. I love you so much.

3 days ago

Salivating Wonderstorm. @maximillianburger @stefano .defeudis

4 days ago

Fs shuvs and kickflips only. And also a fakie heel. (Vexing Peyote Connoisseur )

4 days ago

About SAVE, I thank you all so much for your amazing support for SAVE and helping to feed kids in need of meals during this pandemic @nokidhungry You’ve got until Friday 11:59pm to get your merchandise before it’s gone. Love and gratitude 🌎

6 days ago

@emmyperryxo is SAVING up on sauces. @nokidhungry This is the last week to order from the SAVE collection. I’m so grateful for all the support so far. Link in bio

2 weeks ago

Südma’s Greenberry Haberdashery. @stefano .defeudis @maximillianburger

2 weeks ago

Cryptic Launch Code Extraction.

2 weeks ago

DBD. Link in bio.

2 weeks ago

Happy Mother’s day to you mama @angelalafever . Thank you for never retiring. Not even for a day. The most resilient queen, you are. I LOVE YOU!!!

3 weeks ago

I am ecstatic about this! Check out @chosenjacobs new EP!!! He’s so insanely talented and he is already an icon. Since birth, baby! Go give it a listen 👂💞🎶🎵 #Repost @chosenjacobs ・・・ ... IS OUT NOW!!🔥🔥🔥 what’s ur favorite? use an emoji 📱 = PHONE TAG 🎲 =ENOUGH 💣 = BANG ❓=ABCD 👈🏼= YOU Link in bio

3 weeks ago

Sterling Forceps. @maximillianburger

3 weeks ago

Hey Everyone....so I will be finishing up the Meet and Greets that we missed this past Sunday, on Saturday May 9th at 2pm EST. There were about 82 people that we never got to because of technical issues and running out of time. There are some fans that GalaxyCon is reaching out to that we did a video with but I couldn't hear you, so some of those we are doing over. This isn't a new thing, we are just finishing what we didn't get to. Also...please please please check your equipment before you log in. A lot of the issues that we ended up having was devices that didn't have a microphone at all (lots of tablets ) or didn't have their mics turned on. See a bunch of you on Saturday.

3 weeks ago

Today is Double Impact Day and #GivingTuesdayNow means Kellogg’s will match your donations today so that @nokidhungry can feed more kids. Did you know that $10 equals 100 meals to hungry kids? I’m grateful to all you for your support because today I’m making my donation from a percentage of my merchandise sales so far. So when you wear your merch, please know that you’ve made a positive difference in the lives of a hungry kid. I love you all. Thank you for all the support and look at the difference we can make together. ❤️ • If you want to make an impact, you can offer your donation by visiting the @nokidhungry website. Step up because it’s your time to SAVE.

4 weeks ago

My birthday gift to you is this #nationaldoakickflipday edit featuring only kickflips. Also @maximillianburger is in it but he’s mostly on his phone the whole time. • (Fabricated Macaroon. )

4 weeks ago

Save your breath. @nokidhungry

4 weeks ago

@stefano .defeudis @maximillianburger

4 weeks ago

SAVE your salvageable sources. @nokidhungry Link in bio.

4 weeks ago

Burgeoning Vermin Mildew.

5 weeks ago

SAVE yourself(us ). Link in bio.

last month

What does Dull Boy do when he’s bored (in the midst of quarantine )? He doodles on lined paper and creates poetic wisdom in a single doodle. SAVE. SAVE’S message to the world was written by me long before COVID-19 struck the world. However, SAVE’S words couldn’t be more relevant in a time like this. The proceeds of Dull Boy’s SAVE merchandise goes towards supporting the life-changing work of @nokidhungry . It’s miraculous what that community of dedicated saviors do for the world. The link to the shop will be active at 9AM PST tomorrow. So get ready!

last month

An Enigma To The Stigma.

last month

Herpe-Glazed Hydrocombs.