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Pizza and other pleasantries. I am (probably ) not your dog. No, my username is not for sale.

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May 2020

Another Annual Mt Tam Birthday Ride in the books, this time with special guest appearances by Alpine Dam @mikeyk . Always and forever a great way to kick off the next year.

May 2020

One silver lining of the quarantine: discovering secret neighborhood spots like this on our walks

Apr 2020

Some truly terrible photos of tonight’s pizza. Dough was balls I got delivered from Pizzaiolo last weekend, froze, and thawed. Fired in the Roccbox at around 3 mins each 1 ) crema, shrooms with garlic and thyme, mozz, asiago, sage 2 ) sauce, mozz, sausage, onion 3 ) pesto, mozz, asiago, red onion, cherry tomatoes

Dec 2019

In Chicago, so I had to cross Pequod’s and its famed caramelized frico crust off the list. Verdict? Honestly, the edge was nice but it still was one of those doughy Chicago crusts at the end of the day. 🤷‍♂️ Also, what does it say about me that I felt self-conscious eating pizza with my hands instead of knife and fork?

Oct 2019

Oct 2019

But seriously, though

Oct 2019

Greetings from autumn!

Oct 2019

Sep 2019

Beautiful fall weekend in Sutter Creek

Aug 2019

401 Trail never disappoints 🚵🏻‍♂️🌺 🏔☁️

Aug 2019

Good night, Crested Butte

Jun 2019

Annual Mt Tam Birthday Ride, 35th Birthday Edition ✅. A month late, and a little slower than last year, but feels so good to be out on the bike on the trails on a beautiful afternoon.

Mar 2019

Beautiful day for a Double Dipsea

Mar 2019

Magical forest hike today

Mar 2019

Western-most pizza in the United States? Macadamia nut pesto, mozz, fresh tomato, and at least a whole head worth of roasted garlic on a legit sourdough crust.

Feb 2019

Happy National Pizza Day, from my babies to yours!

Dec 2018

Dec 2018

Dec 2018

Ever since I moved into my first apartment, I’ve wanted a big slab dining table. This summer, I asked myself, why not build it myself, Now, five months after I began, I’ve finally applied the first coat of finish. It’s been really fun working with my hands to make something we needed, and learning/figuring out the skills I needed along the way. One more coat of finish and attaching the legs, and it’ll be ready for the inaugural meal.

Dec 2018

Leaning Tower of Pizza. Honestly, based on the name alone I wasn’t expecting much. But then I saw the pictures. We got delivery. It’s like a combination of neo-Neapolitan and pizza joint pizza...and really quite excellent. I imagine its even better fresh out of the oven, sitting down.

Nov 2018

Excited to teach this little guy about how important it is to get out there and make your voice heard in our democracy

Nov 2018

Celebrating #slaburday by applying the first coat of finish ( @odiesoil ) to the inside edges of the shadow-gap between the two slabs of the dining table. Getting close to done!

Oct 2018

That pizza life #jasperapizza

Sep 2018

Meyer lemon, roasted garlic, ricotta, chèvre, with a jimmy nardello hot sauce-spiked honey drizzle and a generous dusting of parm Che Fico- style. Fired for 1m45s at 900 degrees in the Roccbox.