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This is a great resource from @campaignzero , #8cantwait outlines 8 policy changes that can reduce police violence by 72%. You can look up your city and see what changes still must be made. I used it to see what New York City has done and still must do. #8cantwait also gives resources to contact your city government so you can tell them what is important to you. Please get the information and donate if you can to @campaignzero

2 days ago

I support and donate to organizations that fight racial injustice. Please do the same. I’ve posted a couple in my stories along with a link to register to VOTE.

1 weeks ago

If you long for the era of hard hitting interviews like Frost/Nixon. Watch me on #NotTooLateShow with @Elmo on @hbomax . I make a VERY RARE public appearance. There was also a tricycle race and sheep!

3 weeks ago

Oh Hello the P’dcast Episode 7: Gil violates a restraining order to chat Princess Diana Beanie Babies with Anna Tendler Mulaney. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear social media avoider and utter recluse Anna Tendler Mulaney talk on the record. Also an Uber ad to the tune of Sugar Magnolia!

3 weeks ago

Happy Birthday Petunia! You rule beyond words! You are the greatest little friend and weirdo and contessa and constant companion and little shadow. Living with you is like a TV show that is all bloopers. Happy 7th Birthday, I love you.

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

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Yeahhh King Cool says thank you @teerico_linman for selling these incredibly soft and supple sweatshirts. All money goes to @bcefa COVID 19 Emergency Fund. For decades Broadway Cares has given support to the sick, the ostracized, those without enough food to take their medication, those who struggle alone. They meet challenges head on and they do incredible work. Please support them. Model is 6’0 and is wearing a Large.

last month

‪Oh, Hello The P’dcast ‬ ‪aka DI TOWN. ‬ ‪Episode 4 is now up. Apple, Spotify, Everywhere. ‬ ‪Pete Davidson joins the Studs to talk Princess Diana, Conspiracies, and his advice for Queen Elizabeth II. Kathy Ireland is mentioned as is Halloumi Cheese.‬

last month

EPISODE 3! Princess Diana, Ira Glass, George St Geegland, Sarah Koenig, Gil Faizon Charmed I’m Sure, Farhusha the psychic, And the very old Queen Mother. All are on this week’s @ohhelloshow P’dcast. The Life and Death of Princess Diana aka Di Town. Stream Episode 3 now. Produced by @lina .misitzis art by @stiggreve

last month

Watching @rhonybravo from Season 1 onward. Gloria knew the future, okay?

last month

Forget what you think you know. OH, HELLO THE P’DCAST EPISODE 2 “OLIVER!” IS NOW LIVE GO GET IT WHERE YOU GET PODCASTS. (Gil Faizon pictured here yesterday, is performing on David Geffen’s boat all week. )

last month

I was not told they were going to edit in some of my 2008 SNL audition. I had never seen the footage before last night. Emotions!

last month

Me and Hal Willner 2009. Photo by Jason Sudeikis

last month

Hal I love you and I loved knowing you were in my life. When I got horrible reviews you sent me a long email telling me the joys of being disliked by critics and then a long list of Lou Reed quotes on what he thought of journalists. It meant so much to me. Our last email chain - ten days ago - was trying to break down the lyrics of Dylan’s Murder Most Foul: you said “I want to know who ‘the three bums’ are.” I hope you found out. You changed the way I thought about making things. You made what you liked with the people you loved. You’re so cool. I can’t believe this. I know after all the adventures you had some part of you would find it funny that it took a global pandemic to take you away. Thank you Hal Willner. Thank you. Goodbye

Apr 2020

Game Changer

Apr 2020

Oh weird, it’s the best photo ever taken. TONIGHT 7 pm EST A Sack Lunch Bunch Rewatch Party! Live on @twitter and @netflixisajoke . Join me and my close personal friends: the Bunch. If you have questions that is UNDERSTANDABLE. I will answer them. #SackLunchWatch

Apr 2020

Me & Mr Music and the Sack Lunch Bunch invite you to our TWITTER LIVE REWATCH PARTY Thursday April 2 7 PM EST. Comedy, noodles, Jake Gyllenhaal, a song about my Nana’s bf that got me in trouble with my family. And a calm discussion of anxiety. #SackLunchWatch Follow along @NetflixIsAJoke

Mar 2020

Watch a livestream table read of @bigmouthnetflix TONIGHT and help us raise money for @feedingamerica and their efforts in the face of COVID-19. 8 PM EST/5 PM PST on @youtube @netflixisajoke channel.

Mar 2020

Caught ya

Mar 2020

Happy 90th Birthday Stephen Sondheim! Allow me to be the FIRST to say you are the best composer, lyricist, and dramatist ever. (I demanded this photo with him and the wonderful Hal Prince and they obliged )

Mar 2020

Happy March 20. Here is @davidbyrneofficial giving me David Byrne lessons. I enjoyed shooting this more than you can imagine. Thanks @maryellenmatthewsnyc

Feb 2020

That’s just two sentences. Ernest Hemingway was very good at writing. (I am sure he had some flaws of which I am ignorant, but I was impressed by the sentences and so I retyped it all on the Notes app, and then, here, alone, at the DMV, I screen shot the Notes page. And then I squared the image to make it fit. )

Feb 2020

We're on a road to nowhere Come on inside Taking that ride to nowhere We'll take that ride Maybe you wonder where you are I don't care Here is where time is on our side Take you there, take you there Congratulations @americanutopia @davidbyrneofficial @alextimbers I was never happier. The show was bliss.